Policies and Procedures

 Last Updated November 18, 2011

The following policies and procedures form an integral part of GlobalTmail™’s
business and should be read and understood by all participants. Many of these
policies are referenced by the company’s Membership, Associate and Client
agreements and thus become an integral part of those agreements by that
reference. All policies and procedures are subject to change without notice,
based upon the business needs of GlobalTmail™.

Glossary of Terms



(Client Account)

When a Client wishes to send messages, they must place money into their account. Funds placed into an account by a Client are considered “earned” by GlobalTmail™ at the time the funds are placed.  Funds in a Client Account are not refundable.  GlobalTmail™ has the right to use all funds in a Client account for its overhead and expenses at the time the Client places those funds. 


Although all funds can and are used by GlobalTmail™ for its operations at the time those funds are placed with the company, an “Account Balance” is maintained to show the Client exactly how many messages can be delivered at the current the per-message rate established for whatever campaign, GroupCaller™, 1 to 1 Messaging™ activity or other service or product purchased by the Client.  Whenever a Client’s message is heard by a Member, the Message Fee attached to that message is deducted from the Account Balance.  Message Fees are deducted from the Account Balance until the balance has been depleted, at which time the campaign, GroupCaller™ or 1 to 1
Messaging™ will be suspended until additional funds are added to the Client’s account.  The Account Balance does not represent any amount of cash held by the company on behalf of the Client.  Rather, this balance is merely a number that reflects the amount of funds available to pay the variable Message Delivery Fees as ordered by the Client.

/ Inactive Associate Status

Associates have a status of “Active” or “Inactive.”  Associates
are required to produce some measurable amount of Personal Volume
(“PV”) during a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks, or their Vesting
Period (whichever is greater) to remain maintain an “Active”
status.  When an Associate fails to produce measurable PV during the
stated period (starting at the beginning of any Vesting Period) the Associate is designated as “Inactive.”  Inactive Associates are not
eligible for Part I Commission and Part I & II Bonus payments from their
existing downline.  These Commission and/or Bonus payments are paid to the next Active Associate above the Inactive Associate in the Compensation Plan genealogy tree.  Inactive Associates may Re-Activate by producing any measurable amount of Part II PV during the Inactive period (prior to being Orphaned).  By doing so, the newly re-activated Associate will maintain their position in the Compensation Plan genealogy tree.  Part I PV from first-level Clients and/or Members does NOT automatically re-activate an Inactive Associate.


An Associate is a person or entity that enters into the Associate Agreement with GTM and/or with GTM’s exclusive contracted marketing firm, GTM Sales, and refers new Members to GTM in exchange for compensation.  If the Associate is an entity, the authorized signer must be a Member.


This is the primary fee charged by GlobalTmail™ in exchange for delivering a single message.  The Base Fee as of June 2008 is $0.15.  This fee can be changed at any time by GlobalTmail™ posting the new base fee in this definition, thereby constituting formal NOTICE under the Client and Associate Agreements to Members, Clients, Associates and others associated with the company. The Base Fee is subject to increase based on Playlist Auction activity, or decrease based on discounts and/or promotional offers between GlobalTmail™ and its Clients.


A payment to the Associate defined as a percentage of both Listening Fees and Message Delivery Fees generated by the Associate’s Downline. The amount of this payment is further defined by the current Sales Plan and posted on the GTM website.

Volume (“BV”)

The amount of combined sales activity between Part One and Part Two transactions, expressed in dollars, that was created by other Associates in the Associate’s Downline Group.  Bonus Volume also includes the volume done by break-away Director Groups under the Associate, provided the Associate is a Director qualified to receive such Bonuses.  Also known as “BV.”


When a Client creates a message to be delivered to a selection of Members, having a specific start date and end date, it is known as a Campaign.


This is the software, available to Clients through GTM’s website, through which Campaigns are created, edited and ordered by the Client.


This is a menu selection from the Business Center in the Menu Area that allows a Client to create, set up and control all aspects of message delivery campaigns, content uploads, the Associate Landing Page and other aspects of functionality for Clients and Associates.  The Catalog incorporates all functions of the Campaign Wizard and replaces the Campaign Wizard from the initial concept in the website.


This is the person or entity that executes the Client Agreement with GTM, has the authority to create one or more messages for delivery to GTM’s Members and pays for such services.


A payment to the Associate defined as a percentage of fees paid by GTM Clients together with the requirements needed to qualify for receipt of such payment(s), as defined by the Sales Plan policies as currently posted on the GTM website.


Because the message delivery, online advertising and related
industries in which we engage are very competitive, we must structure our message delivery prices to compete in the free market place. Our highest volume customers pay rates substantially lower than low-volume customers. At the time of this update, our highest message delivery fee is $0.15 per message and our lowest is $0.01 per message. Naturally, our gross margin is far less with smaller fees. Accordingly, we must reduce the value against which we calculate and pay commissions and bonuses in such cases. We call the amount against which we calculate commissions and bonuses the “Commission Value” or shorten it to say “CV,” regardless of whether the CV is 100% of the price paid, or only 20% of the price.  

Value (“CV”)

This stands for “Compensation Value” and is often expressed as “CV” in documents and reports.  When the cost to deliver or produce a certain
commission-able service or product is too high to allow the company to still have a sufficient gross margin to meet its expenses and provide a reasonable profit, the company is compelled to reduce the amount against which commission and bonus is calculated. Therefore, the PV and BV are likely to be lower than the actual dollar amount collected, depending upon which items are included in the mix of services and/or products which comprise the Associate’s income. CV can be expressed as either a percentage of the sales price or as a fixed dollar amount. CV is subject to change without notice from time to time based on the business needs of the company.


When an Associate in your downline fails to create any PV for 3 consecutive months, that Associate’s status changes to “Inactive.”  That Associate is then removed from your Downline and all active downline Associates below that Associate are moved up to the next active Associate above him/her/it.  The Inactive Associate can re-activate and regain the former position in your downline if PV is created within 1 year of the last PV transaction.


Associates are authorized to Sponsor other Associates.  Upon doing so, the Associate has a responsibility to train and motivate their new recruit with respect to all duties required under the Independent Associate
Agreement.  The newly recruited Associate also has the right to recruit,
train and motivate other Associates.  This right is granted to all
Associates.  All Associates thus recruited under the recruiting
Associate, and Associates Sponsored under the recruited Associate, regardless of how many levels away from the original Associate, are known as the Associate’s Downline.

Mail Box

This is one of two voicemail boxes assigned to each Member.  Current messages in this box are available for listening by the Member at any time.  This box contains all current messages resulting from demographic targeting of the Member by Clients.  It is possible for the Member to have a very large number of messages in this box at any given time.  Priority order of the playlist is determined in part based upon fees paid by the highest bidder under our auction system for Clients.


Clients may define one or more groups of Members to whom they wish to deliver messages on a recurring basis.  There is no limit to the size of a Group. These defined groups are identified and recruited by the Client who seeks to have a Group.  Members may subscribe to one or more Groups defined by a single Client, or multiple Groups from multiple Clients. When subscribed to a Group, the Client, messages received from the Group are sorted among the highest priorities in the Member’s playlist, and are thus presented to the Member before lower priority messages delivered from general Client campaigns.


This is the person who creates a Group and who creates the messages sent to the subscribers of that Group.


Members may subscribe to one or more Groups.  As a subscriber to a Group, the Member will receive all messages delivered to the Group as a high-priority message at the top of their playlist.


This is the term that originally described the process of sending a message to a Group of Members who subscribe to the Client’s group.  The GroupCast™ is more fully described in Section Five (5)(b) of the Membership Agreement.  (The term “GroupCast™” was discontinued
in April 2011 and replaced by the term “GroupCaller™” upon discovery that the name is already registered by another company.)


This name replaces GroupCast™ for all bulk voice broadcast, subscription-based voice broadcast, IVR survey broadcast and related services performed by GlobalTmail™.


A Lead as sold in the Company  Store or otherwise assigned to a Remote Agent by the Company, is defined as contact information for a person or company that has responded to a GroupCaller™ campaign by pressing a button on their phone in response to a pre-recorded script.  A Lead can also be a person or company who responded to any other marketing or advertising effort by the Company designed to located prospective customers, Members, Clients, Remote Agents or for any other promotional purpose as defined by a specific advertising campaign of GlobalTmail™.  To qualify as a Lead assigned to a Remote Agent from a transferred call under an outbound dialing campaign, or  resulting from an Interactive Voice Response campaign under which
the called party leaves contact information for the company, the following qualifications must be met for the responding party to be considered a legitimate Lead:   The prospect must (a) intend to press a button on their phone or click on a link in a website to either be transferred to a live agent or to otherwise leave contact information for the Company, (b) intend to receive information about the Company and/or our products and/or services.  Transferred calls, recorded voice messages and any other data received resulting from any Company campaign under which the intent of the responding party is to add themselves to the Do Not Call list, harass the Remote Agent, utter verbal abuse toward the Remote Agent and/or Company, inadvertently
pressed a key on their phone, or otherwise have no intent to get information as stated in the campaign, regardless of the type of campaign, is NOT considered to be a legitimate Lead.

Commission and Bonus

Each time a Member hears a message, a variable fee (the “Message Delivery Fee”) is charged to the account of the Client and deducted from that Client’s Account Balance .  Commissions and Bonuses are paid to the Member’s Sponsoring Associate each time this fee is charged.


Each Member receives a voicemail account, sometimes referred to as a box, a voicemail box or a mailbox.  This is where audio
messages from Clients are stored and retrieved by Members.  Messages may be retrieved by telephone or through GTM’s website.


Both Members and Clients define keywords in an effort to create a match between themselves.  We call these words and phrases  “MatchWords™”. Clients use MatchWords™ in their profile to describe their goods or services in categories similar to yellow pages or classified ad listings (such as restaurants, women’s shoes, movie theaters, etc.).  Clients also use additional MatchWords™ when describing each campaign to further accurately match their message to Members who are seeking them out.  Members enter MatchWords™ into our website to indicate exactly what they are seeking at any given time. Our system instantly matches Member Interests with the keywords of Clients in an effort to match the two Parties who are seeking each other.


This is the Person (as defined below) who completes and submits the Registration Form, executes this Agreement, completes the Activation Process, and is thus authorized to use the services offered by GTM.  Becoming a Member is a pre-requisite to enrolling as an Associate or a Client.


Each Member provides GTM with a limited amount of demographic information such as age, gender and educational level.  This information, known as the Member’s Profile, is used by GTM’s Clients to target which Members are most appropriate to receive their messages.  Members define the type of messages they wish to receive by entering their MatchWords™ on GTM’s website and also by completing their profile.  MatchWords™ can be changed at any time to suit the wants, needs and desires of the Member.  There are no limits imposed on the Member with regard to what words or phrases define their interests at any given time.  When Client messages match the Member’s Interests, the messages appear at the top of the Member’s playlist.


Clients create audio messages that are delivered to the Member’s Mailbox. Messages in the mail box are sorted according to MatchWords™ as well as the profile provided by Members and Clients.

Delivery Commission and Bonus

When Clients enter an agreement with GTM and want to deliver Targeted Matching™, GroupCaller™ or 1 to 1 Messaging™ messages, they must first place funds into their account.  These funds are considered earned by GTM upon placement by the Client, are non-refundable and available for immediate use by the company.  A Commission and Bonuses are paid to that Client’s Associate and Bonuses paid to the Upline Associates based on the amount of money paid into the Client’s account.

Delivery Fees

This is the fee calculated each time a Client’s message is heard by a
Member.  It is the amount against which Listening Commissions and
Bonuses are paid.  GTM charges a Base Fee of $0.15 (as of June 2008, and subject to change at any time) which can increase based upon whether or not the Client participates in the Playlist Auction.   The Base Fee can also decrease based on whether the Client is granted a discount under a promotion or other special arrangements with GlobalTmail™. 

One To
One Messaging™

This is the term that describes our capability of delivering a Client message to a single Member as more fully described in Section (5)(c) of the Membership Agreement.

/ Orphaned

When an Associate reaches 52 consecutive weeks of Inactivity, or 40 weeks AFTER the end of a Vesting Period in which the Associate was Inactive for the entire period if that Vesting Period was more than 12 weeks, the Associate becomes an “Orphan” or is “Orphaned.”  Orphaned Associates still appear in the Downline of Associate, but are flagged with the Orphan status, which means they are permanently removed from participation in the original Sponsor’s downline for commission/bonus purposes. Until the Orphaned Associate is re-sponsored, all commission/bonus payments inure directly to the Company.   Orphaned Associates are placed on an Adoption list under the Associate Tools menu and are available for re-sponsoring by any Active Associate. A re-sponsoring tool is provided which allows all Active Associates to easily sponsor Orphaned Associates by sending a sponsorship authorization email to the Orphan in which the Orphan is asked to authorize and accept the requesting Associate as their Sponsor (by clicking  link in the email).  Any Active Associate,
including the original Sponsor, may re-sponsor Orphaned Associates, on a first-come, first-served basis.


A Person as defined herein is a natural human being, age 18 or older and is not an entity, trust or any other form of legally registered formation, alter ego or straw man that enters into one or more Agreements with GTM and/or GTM’s authorized agent(s).


This is the amount of sales volume to Clients and/or the amount of fees generated by the Associate’s personally sponsored Members which is directly attributed to the Associate’s efforts and is used to calculate commissions to the Associate.  It can be expressed in terms of the current pay period, month-to-date, year-to-date, monthly or annual Personal Volume.  Also known as “PV”.

I & II

These are the two marketing phases the company has defined for the purpose of introducing its marketing plan, recruiting sales people, introducing its services and products, beta testing its services and products and preparing for the full launch of the entire business model which has been under development since November 2005. Phase I is defined as that time period before all applications which are under development or in the planning stages are completed, introduced for users and/or customers to use, beta tested and declared ready for full use. Phase II is defined as that time period after which all such applications have been launched and beta tested. When Phase II is announced, the company will discontinue issuing Ports under the PRG and begin paying the PRG members under the terms of the Port Referral Group membership.  There is no fixed or estimated time frame for Phase I, nor is there a fixed or estimated date upon which Phase II can be announced. Such date is governed by the results of the formula defined below, and is controlled mostly by the sales volume generated by the Company’s Associates and/or Remote Agents.


When Members call our Voicemail Contact Center™, they are presented with two choices:  Listen to the Preferred Box or Listen the General Box. These two lists of messages are known as Playlists.

Sort Order

Our system is unique in that we sort messages based upon priorities.
Priorities are determined by a combination of Member and Client profile
definitions.  When the Interests of the Member match the keywords
defined by Clients who are seeking those Members, the message receives a high priority and is played before other messages.  In this way, we achieve a high degree of accuracy in matching Clients and Members who are seeking each other, and make those messages available at the top of the playlist, before lower priority messages are played. 

Referral Group (“PRG”)

The Port Referral Group (“PRG”) is an exclusive club comprised of
GlobalTmail™ Clients who paid a variable fee between $1,000 and $6,000 to join as a Standard, Silver, Gold or Platinum Member.  Sales of PRG memberships were suspended when the Remote Agent License (“RAL”) was introduced. RAL holders are now given a PRG membership free of charge with the purchase of their RAL.  Each level of Membership carries certain privileges and responsibilities. PRG members are entitled, among other benefits, to earn Ports in exchange for their efforts to recruit and sponsor people into GlobalTmail™.  PRG members are NOT required to sell PRG Memberships to earn Ports.  Complete details regarding benefits are found in the GC BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY PRESENTATION which is located in 
Associate Tools / Sales Materials as a PDF download.

Mail Box

This is one of two voicemail boxes assigned to each Member.  Current messages in this box are available for listening by the Member at any
time.   This box contains all current messages resulting from
active Matchword™ searches in our Targeted Matching™ system, from
GroupCaller™ messages received, or from 1 to 1 Messages™ received by the Member.


An Associate, approved and qualified by GlobalTmail™,  who has executed a contract with GlobalTmail™ permitting that Associate to make sales on behalf of another Associate in exchange for 80% of the Associate’s commission who retained the services of the Proxy.


An Associate who executes a Remote Agent License Agreement with the Company and pays the fee required under terms established between the Company and the Remote Agents.  Remote Agents are permitted to use the GroupCaller™ system to acquire Leads to whom sales can be made under specific company-sponsored marketing campaigns. 

Plan (aka Compensation Plan)

A plan by which Associates are organized into a management structure for the purpose of:

  • Recruiting new GTM Members,
  • Motivating those Members to listen to messages and use the services of GTM,
  • Selling advertising and message delivery services to Clients, and
  • Providing a payment structure to pay Associates with Commissions, Bonuses and other compensation based upon the results of their efforts.


When a person or entity becomes an Associate, they must be recruited by another authorized Associate or the company.  Such authorized Associate is known as the “Sponsor” of the new Associate.  In the event an Associate submits an application without having been referred by another Associate, that Associate’s Sponsor is GlobalTmail™.


This is our proprietary term that describes our patent pending technology that matches Client messages to the desires of our Members as more fully described in Section (5)(a) of the Membership Agreement. 


The Upline consists of the Sponsoring Associate for each Associate, plus all those in the hierarchy above the Sponsored Associate.

Voicebox (aka Mailbox)

Each Member receives a voicemail account, sometimes referred to as a box, voicebox,  a voicemail box or a mailbox.  This is where audio
messages from Clients are stored and retrieved by Members.  Messages may be retrieved by telephone or through GTM’s website.

Contact Center™

This is GTM’s proprietary hardware and software system that provides the inbound and outbound call processing features that result in message delivery pursuant to the Targeted Matching™ service, the GroupCaller™ service and the 1 to 1 Messaging™ service provided by GTM as described below.

Client Policies

Certain policies apply to the Alpha stage of Phase I (initial introduction of
applications) and others apply to the Beta Phase I (“live” Client testing of
applications). Still more policies refer to all periods, including the period
prior to the time all services we have announced have been fully implemented.
Many policies apply to message delivery issues and fees in general. The
following constitute general policies of the company and are an integral part
of the Client Agreement:

1.    Funds
placed into a Client account are considered “earned” by the company
when paid, and become non-refundable upon receipt by the company.

The Client agreement specifies that all amounts paid into the Client account
are considered “earned” at the time they are placed.  All fees
are non-refundable.

2.    Guarantee
To Deliver Messages:
  Notwithstanding the non-refundable nature of all fees
paid to GlobalTmail™, the Company guarantees to deliver the maximum number of
messages for which funds exist in the Client account, based upon the Client’s
current per-message fee as adjusted by the playlist auction for each campaign
running at any given time.  The Client’s account balance is reduced for
each and every message delivered.  The base fee is fifteen cents per
message.  However, this fee is adjusted up by participation in the
auction.  When a discount applies, as it does during this Phase I period,
the per-message fee is reduced by the discount, whether that fee is the base
rate or the higher auctioned price.  (Example:  If the auction price
increases the base-rate to $1.00 per message delivered, and the Client
qualifies for a 50% discount, then the amount applied to the Client’s account
on a per-message basis is only fifty cents for that particular campaign.)

3.    Three-Day
Right of Rescission:
  Clients who buy a Remote Agent License and pay the applicable
fees, whether the full price, a discounted price, or by financing their RAL
through our RAL Finance Program, are entitled to an exemption from #1 above as
stated in this paragraph.  Such Clients have the right to cancel their RAL
purchase (and Promissory Note if it has been financed) at any time prior to
midnight on the 3rd business day after signing the finance documents or
otherwise paying for the RAL. After that time, the purchase is non-cancellable
as stated in Paragraph #1 above, and the commitment to pay the full amount owed
on the financed amount (if any) must be completed.  Clients may cancel by
delivering an email to 
support@globaltmail.com before
midnight of the 3rd business day after the purchase, instructing us to cancel
the Port Referral Group and refund any monies paid prior to that time.

4.    Making
Payment For Another Client:
  The Company allows Clients to
make payment for and on behalf of another Client, provided the Client whose
account is charged has entered into either a verbal or written agreement with
the other Client authorizing such payment.  The Parties acknowledge that
GlobalTmail™ does not normally enter Client payment methods on behalf of
Clients, unless specifically requested to do so by a Client in a face-to-face
meeting or on a telephone transaction.  In such cases, only those Company
personnel who are authorized to accept such payments are allowed to do
so.  The Parties further agree that GlobalTmail™ has no control over what
Payment Method, name on the account, authorized signer, etc. is entered into
its Payment Method database when a Company representative is not present during
the transaction.  The Client hereby agrees that when a credit card, debit
card or checking account draft is used to make a payment on behalf of another
Client, the Client who signs on the account being used as a payment method
(i.e. the credit card, debit card or checking account) hereby agrees to all
Terms and Conditions of payment, all Policies and Procedures regarding payment,
and agrees to the non-refundable nature of any and all payments made on behalf
of the other Client.  Accordingly, no refunds will be made or charge-backs
honored such payments are made on behalf of another.

5.    The
“Account Balance” does not refer to any amount of cash held by
GlobalTmail™ on behalf of the Client.
  Because fees paid
into a Client account are considered “earned” at the time paid, the
company has the right to use those funds immediately.  Commissions and
bonuses are paid immediately from these fees as well as general operating
expenses of the company at the time funds are placed into a Client
account.  The account balance, therefore, is merely a ledger balance used
to regulate the number of messages that can be delivered based upon the current
fee agreement for each campaign.  Different campaigns can bear different
fees based upon auction participation.

6.    The
“Message Delivery Fees” are subject to change based upon the Playlist
  Although the base rate for all messages delivered
(including 1 to 1 Messaging™ and GroupCaller™ messages) is fifteen cents per
message actually heard by a Member, the general campaign message delivery fee
can vary drastically based upon whether or not a Client bids against others for
a better playlist position.

7.    Message
Delivery Fees serve to reduce the Account Balance each time a message is heard
by our Member.
  Although Client funds are used by GlobalTmail™ for
general operating overhead upon receipt, the account balance for purposes of message
delivery is not reduced until messages are actually delivered to Members.
Thus, GlobalTmail™ ensures that each Client receives the maximum number of
message deliveries equivalent to the amount paid into their account (as
calculated based on the message delivery fee(s) to which the Client has agreed
for each campaign).

8.    Discounts
are applied at the time messages are heard by Members
For instance, if you are a Client who paid $3,000 to open your account during
the Phase I period, when one of your messages applied to these funds is heard,
your account balance would be reduced by only $0.075 (seven-and-a-half
cents)  per message instead of the base rate of $0.15 (fifteen cents) per
message.  Thus, your balance is reduced at 50% of the normal rate per message

9.    Discounts
apply to the Playlist Auction
.  The manner in which
discounts are applied improves the playlist ranking through our auction
system.  For example, if a Client qualifies for a 50% Discount, and they
bid $1.00 per delivered message with the next closest bidder at $0.99 per
message, the $1.00 bid wins.  However, instead of paying $1.00 per
message, that Client with the 50% Discount will only pay $0.50 per message
delivered, until their account balance has been depleted.

10.  The
number of messages delivered is reduced when the base rate is adjusted through
auction activity.
  When describing the number of messages to be delivered,
it is expressed in terms of the “Maximum Number” to be
delivered.  This is due to the fact that Clients can choose whether or not
to participate in our auction system at any time during the term of a
Campaign.  Whenever a Client agrees to pay more per message delivered in
exchange for a better playlist ranking, the number of messages delivered will
be reduced according to the amount of funds available to pay for such
deliveries at the new price.  More messages can be delivered by adding
more money to the Client account.  When there is no auction participation,
the base rate is fifteen cents per message delivered (less any applicable

11.  Discount
  Those Clients who place $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000 into
their account prior to the end of the Message Delivery Discount Promotion
(December 31, 2009) will receive continued discounting on all future additions
to their account, regardless of the amount, during the entire term of port
assignments according to the published port assignment applicable table.

  1. Cumulative
    Effect of Multiple Account Placements:
      Clients may place
    additional funds into their account after their initial payment during
    Phase I.  The total amount placed into a Client account at the time
    we begin actively providing message delivery services determines the
    actual discount and free bonus deliveries earned by the Client, during the
    Message Delivery Discount Promotion ending December 31, 2009.

13.  When
Will New Services Be Available? 
 Like many companies,
especially technology-based firms like ours, we often add and upgrade the
services we offer in order to remain competitive.  Although we started out
as a company that provides what we think is “the best” home based income
opportunity ever offered, our comprehensive business plan calls for a lot
more.  In fact, our technology does two major things:

    1. It creates
      a “one-stop-shop” environment where companies, advertisers, groups,
      families, organization and anyone with a message to share with others can
      pull together all the major online advertising elements through a single
      application and produce combined campaigns using texting, email, voice
      messages, video, pay-per-click (free!), classifieds, auction, coupons and
      even discounted gift certificates.

2.    We’re
also developing message-delivery technology that makes it possible to stay
connected with the things and people you care about in “real time” better than
ever before, combining more message delivery platforms in a single application
than ever before!  Many of these services are featured in the 27-minute
video that you’ll see after you register and log in.  Most services are
offered FREE, but ironically, you’ll be able to make an even BETTER income,
after these services are available to the public!

The subject of exactly “when” all these services come
to market is common.  Our answer is this:  They’ll be introduced
one-by-one during the Phase I Marketing Campaign until we reach our published
milestone of 2,500* Remote Agents.

The introduction of all services is a collaborative effort
between the company and its programmers, developers and staff, and those who
join us in need of a great business opportunity (like you?).  It’s a
simple formula.  When you make money, we make money.  So it’s in our
best interest to ensure that you’re successful!  The more people we can
help to success, the higher our revenue.  And the more money we make, the
more programmers we can hire to speed up the technical development.  In
other words, YOUR success becomes OUR success.

To put it in a simple formula, we know how much gross revenue we
need to complete the development of the services presented in our “live”
webinar and the 
27-minute slide show .  This
revenue comes to us in the form of sales of the Standard, Silver, Gold and
Platinum Remote Agent licenses.  So the faster your income grows, the
faster our development moves along.  Please keep in mind, about TWO THIRDS
of the revenue you see below is paid right back out to people like YOU!
So although the funds shown below enable us to hire more programmers, network
engineers, etc., MOST of that money goes right into the pockets of those who
brought it to us in the first place.  Like YOU!   Here’s a
simple formula that shows how much we need to complete all the services we
present in our 
slide show

Technology Services Availability Schedule

recruiting 2,500 GroupCaller™ Licensed Remote Agents

license fees received within any 12 consecutive months or less beginning June
1, 2011 must equal or exceed $3,000,000)**


We’ll be posting updates on our progress toward technology
development and sales volume in the 
 after the first 400 Remote Agents are recruited so you can
see for yourself the impact of your efforts.  The efforts of all those who
join us and build their own income and assets, plus those vital relationships
with other like-minded entrepreneurs, play a very important role in the
continued development of these important services.

**Please Note:  Many
services will available and in use prior to reaching this sales goal of
$3,000,000 above. The company reserves the right to increase or decrease the
number of Remote Agents or the gross revenue as in its sole discretion.

 Alpha Period: (NOTE:
Effective December 15, 2010, we no longer use the term “pre-launch” to describe
our current status.  Because we have fully operational service that we
deliver, we consider ourselves to be “in business” 
pursuant to the blog article which defines our current
status.The policy in this paragraph expired on December 15, 2010.)
sales for GlobalTmail™ began effective March 5, 2009.  The purpose of
Alpha period of Phase I (which runs until such time as message delivery
services have been fully tested and developed), is to recruit Associates who
participate in all three aspects of the company as Member, Associate and
Client.  The function of Associates during this time is to recruit
Members, Associates and Clients for the company and to promote our Port
Referral Group and Remote Agent License.  The Alpha period is governed by
these Policies and Procedures as well as other policies as stated in the
official company website and/or blogs .  All who register during this
period are alpha and/or beta testers for the company and are expected to notify
the company about bugs, problems, enhancements and/or issues they find when
using the website.  All who register during the Alpha or Beta periods
(Phase I) understand and agree that the company’s website is not fully
functional, that subscription-based message delivery services are fully
available during this period and that the main purpose for recruiting
Associates at this time is to recruit participants of all types and promote the
PRG and the RAL and to provide operating funds to complete software and
hardware development which will allow us to reach our goal of reaching Phase

Beta Period (Phase I):   (NOTE:
Effective December 15, 2010, we no longer use the term “pre-launch” to describe
our current status.  Because we have fully operational service that we
deliver, we consider ourselves to be full “in business” 
pursuant to the blog article which defines our current
status.The policy in this paragraph expired on Decmeber 15, 2010) 
testing begins as the first message delivery service (GroupCaller™) is complete
and ready for testing.  All Clients who register during Phase I understand
and agree that they are Beta Testers for the company.  As such, Clients
agree to respond to surveys and provide feedback as requested from time to time
by the company as it completes development of its technology.  Clients
additionally understand and agree that (a) there is no guarantee as to exactly
when Phase II will be held and therefore message delivery services will begin,
(b)policies, procedures and nearly every aspect of the company is subject to
change without advance notice during Phase I (also see Paragraph 2 under
Associate Policies below)
, and (c) a risk exists that GlobalTmail™ may not
be able to deliver all messages initially purchased during Phase I in as timely
a manner as the Client may hope for.  Those Clients who qualified for and
received discounts for services during one or more Phase I Promotions, or who
are PRG Members agree that the discounts granted, and the other benefits gained
from participation constitute fair compensation for acceptance of these
limitations and risks of Phase I participation.

 Port Referral Group.  This program, also known
as “PRG,” is provided as an added incentive to compensate Associates
over and above their commissions and bonuses in exchange for their efforts to
recruit prospects to attend online meetings, register with us and pay
registration fees for the new recruits’ participation in the PRG during Phase

Age of Client.  If a Client is a
natural person (i.e. human being instead of a corporation, partnership, limited
liability company, or other legal entity), the Client must be at least 18 years
old, unless that Client has a co-signer who is the parent or legal guardian of that
Client.  No Client will be accepted, even if a co-signer parent or legal
guardian provides permission, if the Client is under the age of 12 years old.
Associates must be age 18 or older unless the Associate has a
co-signer who is the parent or legal guardian of that Associate, in which case
the Associate must be at least 12 years old.  There is no age restriction
on becoming a Member and using our free services.

Client Account Incentives.  The Client
shall receive advertising in the form of message deliveries based upon the
amount added to their account prior to reaching Phase II, minus PRG membership
fees (formerly known as “PIP” or Port Incentive Program) and/or RAL
or other fees or expenses that have been deducted from the account.
Clients who added funds to their account over and above these fees deducted
from the account prior to March 27, 2010 are entitled to a discount on their
message delivery fees based upon the account balance when we reach Phase
II.  No automatic discounts are offered after March 27, 2010.  The
following table shows the discount available to those Clients who registered
and added such excess funds to their account prior to March 27, 2010:

This To Account Before Phase II

This Much Worth of Advertising

This Many Messages Delivered

Less Than The Normal 15 Cent Fee

% from Normal 15 Cent Fee


























From US!






























The Client who is also
registered as an Associate will be advanced in the Compensation Plan to the
rank equal to the amount added to their account prior to March 27, 2010. After
this date, no rank advancement is available without qualification under the
Compensation Plan.  The rank will be calculated based upon the total
amount added to their Client Account, regardless of how much is deducted from
the account for PIP registration, message delivery fees or other fees, prior to
Phase II.  After July 5, 2010 all Associates are required to meet the
sales qualifications required under the Compensation Plan regardless of any
rank earned under this promotion.  The following table illustrates the
amount paid for ports and the rank at which the Associate will be vested as of
Phase II:





  (Vesting time begins at Phase II )




Vesting – Level 1 is earned by virtue of sponsoring a downline.



























or more




Associate Polices

  1. Company-Sponsored
    Members, Leads & Lead Distribution Policy:
      The Company
    may, in its sole discretion, conduct its own sales and marketing campaigns
    to recruit Members, Clients and Associates using its own resources to do
    so. The Company may also generate leads through its voice broadcast
    system, SEO and other online sources, or by using other traditional and
    non-traditional of advertising methods. The leads may be used either by
    the company or may be provided by the company to Associates to fulfill
    Lead Orders from the Company Store, assist in their sales and marketing
    efforts.  The Company shall have the right to retain a minimum of 20%
    of all Leads for itself and sponsor such leads directly  under the
    Company or under any Associate as may be designated by the Company in the
    Company’s sole discretion.
  2. Payment
    commissions and bonuses are paid each Friday for collected funds received
    as of the week ending the previous Saturday night at 11:59 pm.  Thus
    a “Payment Period” or a “Period” for accounting
    purposes is from Sunday at 12:00 a.m. until the next Saturday at 11:59 pm.
  3. Remote Agent
    License Agreement:
     The following policies apply to all
    GlobalTmail™ Associates who enter into a Proxy Agreement, a Remote Agent
    License Agreement (collectively referred to as a “RAL”) with the Company
    or both .   Only RAL holders are permitted to use the
    GouprCaller™ system to promote and sell the Company’s services.  RAL
    holders hereby agree to and abide by the following terms and conditions:
    1. Quiet Work

      You must provide a quiet place in your home, free from distractions or
      extra noise.  This means in most cases, you must have a room with a
      door that can be closed to block out unwanted sounds.  Crying
      babies, television, video games, barking dogs, talking or arguing in the
      background are all distractions and project a very unprofessional image
      for the company when prospects hear distracting sounds like this while on
      a call from you. Virtually all legitimate telecommuting positions
      under which you talk to customers or prospects of a company have the same
      requirements.  We randomly monitor and record calls for quality and
      training purposes.  Please be careful about this requirement.
    2. Commission

      The Company may in its sole and absolute discretion require that up
      to your first 3 sales are shared on an 80-20 split between you and your
      trainer, whether the trainer is on the call with you or not as
      compensation for your training.  You will receive full commission on
      all future sales unless a Trainer, Proxy, Account Executive or
      Manager participates in the sale.  When the Trainer or Manager
      participates, the commission is split 50-50 between the participating
      Trainer/Manager and the Remote Agent if both participate in the
      sale.  If you don’t close enough sales for your Lead Credits to
      pay for all or at least 80% of your leads, or for any other reason, you
      may assign a Proxy under the “Use of Proxy” policy below.
      All Proxy sales are subject to an 80-20 split with the Proxy receiving
      80% of the commission and you receiving 20%.  You will receive 100%
      of all bonuses earned through your downline when you use a Proxy.
    3. Distribution
      of Leads:

      You understand that when using GroupCaller™ or any call-center-style
      software that distributes calls to 2 or more agents logged into the
      system at the same time, it is impossible to guarantee an absolute equal
      distribution of calls to ensure that every agent receives exactly the
      same number of calls transferred to them as has been transferred to every
      other agent.  You further understand and agree that many transferred
      calls do not qualify as a “Lead” and/or may otherwise have no interest in
      the Company.  For purposes of compliance with this policy,
      GroupCaller™ (and all other similar commercial call center and voice
      broadcast software) uses an algorithm designed to assure the most even
      distribution of calls transferred to Remote Agents is achieved.  We
      make no attempt to transfer calls from specific called party(ies) to
      specific Remote Agents.  From time to time, the Company may in its
      sole discretion, transfer more calls to one Remote Agent than to other
      Remote Agents for the purpose of achieving its goals and purposes.
      In such cases, the Company shall also ensure that it delivers all Leads
      to each Remote Agent which have been purchased or otherwise assigned to
      the Remote Agent.  The Company makes no representation with respect
      to the length of time it takes to assign Leads purchased by the Remote
      Agent or otherwise assigned to a Remote Agent.  All Remote Agents
      acknowledge and agree that the Company has the right to assign leads in
      the Company’s sole and absolute discretion as it sees fit to best serve
      its business purposes.
    4. Use of a
      To retain a Proxy, you must notify the company
      by sending an email to 
      support@globaltmail-usa.com stating
      that you wish to use a Proxy. By using email to notify the Company to use
      a Proxy, you consent to all the terms and conditions with respect to
      Proxies as cited in these Policies and Procedures as updated from time to
      time.  The following policies govern the use of a Proxy:
      1. Which
        Proxy Is Used:

        The following conditions govern which leads are assigned to  Remote
        Agents and Proxies:
        1. Equal
          Distribution of Calls, Random Assignment:

          Calls are assigned to Remote Agents and Proxies using an equal
          distribution setting within GroupCaller™.  The purpose of this
          setting is to distribute calls as equally as possible to all Remote
          Agents logged into the system at the same time.  Please note, a
          transferred call is not the same as a “Lead”.
        2. Equal
          Distribution of Calls, Specific Proxy Assignment:

          In the event a RAL holder specifies one Proxy to represent them,
          the Company in the Company’s sole discretion shall decide which Leads
          transferred to the assigned Proxy are assigned for that specific RAL
          holder who has requested only one Proxy to represent them..
      2. Withdrawal
        Of Proxy Assignment:
          Any RAL holder who has requested to use
        a Proxy may revoke the request by delivering an email to
        support@globaltmail-usa.com requesting
        that the Proxy Assignment be terminated.  The Company shall
        terminate representation within 24 hours of such written request.
        Any Leads assigned prior to 24 hours after receipt of such request shall
        be considered as delivered under the original Proxy Assignment request
        and shall be followed up and the Parties compensated under the Proxy
    5. Shift

      Just as in any job or independent contractor agreement (as in the case
      with the RAL and Associate Agreement), when you commit to a schedule, you
      must be punctual and adhere to the schedule.   Failure to log
      in timely may subject you to penalties or even result in
      termination of your login access to GroupCaller™.   Remote
      Agent positions are limited and in great demand throughout the USA.
      To maintain order and the ability to conduct a well-organized and
      profitable campaign, we must be able to rely on your commitment to
      start and end your shift at the times and dates to which you commit.
    6. Lead
      Purchase & Lead Credit Policy:
        All leads must be
      purchased by Remote Agents or otherwise assigned by the Company to the
      Remote Agent pursuant to a promotional offer or some other arrangement
      between the Company and the RAL holder.  Remote Agents who maintain
      a sufficiently high closing percentage may be able to use the
      GroupCaller™ system without cost due to our Lead
      Credit policy.   Leads can be purchased through the 
      company storewith a
      credit or debit card in any quantity as advertised in the Company Store
      (at the time of this policy update, the minimum purchase is 8
      Leads)  All Leads must be purchased in advance. No refunds are given
      for any reason after leads are purchased.  When all your leads have
      been delivered, you must purchase more to continue scheduling time on the
      GroupCaller™ system.  You may be able to reduce the purchase price
      of leads to $0.00 by closing enough sales.  You’ll receive a Lead
      Credit of 10% of all the funds we collect from your personal sales.
      This credit will be rebated to you within 48 hours of paying for leads
      through the company store.  In some cases, the Company may also
      extend a credit account for certain Remote Agents who have sufficient
      commission and bonus earnings to support the extension of credit to
      purchase leads. In such cases, the full amount due from the purchase of
      Leads will be withheld from earnings until paid in full.  When you
      pay in full for your Remote Agent License, you’ll receive a bonus as
      stated in the Company’s online presentation and/or as published on the
      Company’s official website, blog or emails.  Such lead bonus is
      usually based on your license class (Standard, Silver, Gold or
      Platinum).  Once you have used these Leads, you must purchase more
      through the company store.  Any Lead Credits earned will be rebated
      as stated above within 48 hours of the purchase date.   Lead
      Credits can be assigned to your Proxy if you retain a Proxy to make
      sales on your behalf.  Credits are issued and leads assigned
      manually as of the date of this policy update.  We expect to
      automate this system in the future.   Please refer to the table
      below to see the number of leads available based on your license class,
      the quantity you buy and/or the Lead Credits you have earned.  Lead
      Credits can be exchanged on a dollar-for-dollar basis for
      leads.  You can use Lead Credits for part of your purchase and pay
      the balance with a credit or debit card if you wish.


































4.  Unexpected Changes and Prototype Development:  Associates
understand and agree that many changes to every aspect of the company are
expected and are an acceptable part of their participation until one full year
after the completion of the last service to be developed as described in the
company’s official Sales Presentation which is posted in the Sales Materials
section of the official website (as amended from time to time.  The
Associate understands and agrees that the company is developing its services as
“prototypes.”  This means that each application developed by the
company is subject to change and adaptation as the company learns more about
what is needed to fill the need for the applications.  Accordingly, every
application developed or used by the Company, including both the applications
designed for use by the public, and applications designed for Associate, Client
or internal use by Company staff, are subject to this “Unexpected Change
and Prototype Development” policy.  The Associate agrees that
he/she/it does not expect the company tof be solid and stable during the first
few years of operation, and understands that this is a normal part of building
this company and its services. All Associates understand and agree that
GlobalTmail™ is a “prototype company” and that each and every service
and application will change and evolve regularly during the time frame
described in this paragraph.  Furthermore, the company’s products and
services are always subject to changes and enhancements throughout its
history.  Associates additionally understand and agree that:

a.    There
is no guarantee as to exactly when Phase II will be officially announced and
therefore full message delivery services will begin,

b.    Policies,
procedures and nearly every aspect of the company are subject to change without
advance notice during the Phase I period, and

c.    A
risk exists that GlobalTmail™ will not be able to pay all commissions and/or
bonuses during Phase I in a timely manner due to

a.    Continuing
development, correction of bugs and new software required for Compensation Plan
calculations, and/or

b.    The
collective failure of Associates to create enough revenue that will allow the
company to pay all commissions and bonuses after paying basic operating
expenses required to keep the company in business.

the event the company fails to pay all commissions and/or bonuses on time due
to lack of revenue to also pay its basic operating expenses, each Associate
acknowledges and agrees that it is his or her responsibility as a Sales
Associate to locate paying customers (i.e. PRG Members) who collectively
provide sufficient revenue for the Company’s operating expenses.

the event the company is unable to meet its obligation to pay timely
commissions and bonuses, each Associate accepts and acknowledges responsibility
for his or her part in failing to provide the company with sufficient PRG sales
revenue to pay its operating expenses in addition to commissions and bonuses,

Associate further agrees to allow the company to use any commission and/or
bonus earned by the Associate under such circumstance, until such time that the
efforts of the Associate combined with the efforts of all other Associates
produces sufficient revenue for the company to meet its current and past due

Associates agree that payment in full of all commission and bonuses are not due
and payable until such time as the Company’s Associates collectively has
provided the Company with sufficient revenue to pay its operating expenses plus
any past due obligations resulting from the Associates’ failure to make sufficient
sales to pay such expenses. This paragraph 2(c)(4) takes priority over the
Compensation Plan policy of paying all Commissions and Bonuses every Friday
when business needs dictate in the sole discretion of the Company.

the event the Company must withhold full payment of commissions and/or bonuses
under this section, the Company shall provided a written statement of account
to each Associate showing the amount due and use its best efforts to pay all
amounts due as quickly as possible after withholding payment.

5.    Alpha
   (NOTE:  Effective December 15, 2010,
we no longer use the term “pre-launch” to describe our current status.
Because we have fully operational service that we deliver, we consider
ourselves to be full “in business” 
pursuant to the blog article which defines our current
status.The policy in this paragraph expired on December 15, 2010.) 
is the time period between March 5, 2009 until the first fully functional
service, of the eight services (Talking Search Engine™, GroupCaller™,
GroupCaller™, Short-Code Texting, 1 to 1 Messaging, Text-to-Voice, Bulk
Emailing and Targeted Matching™) being offered by the company, is ready for
Beta Testing.  All Members, Associates and Clients who register during
this time are considered to be “Alpha Testers” during this period
because they are using, testing and reporting errors to the company about many
features and areas of the website that are ancillary yet required functions to
the 8 basic services.  As such, they agree and understand that the website
is not yet completed.  Alpha testers agree to look for bugs or processes
they would like to see fixed, changed or improved and notify the company by
email about such issues. 

  1. Beta Period:   (NOTE:
    Effective December 15, 2010, we no longer use the term “pre-launch” to
    describe our current status.  Because we have fully operational
    service that we deliver, we consider ourselves to be full “in
    pursuant to the blog article which defines our
    current status.The policy in this paragraph expired on December 15,
     At the time the first fully
    functional service of all services is ready for testing and use, the
    company is considered to be in “Beta”.  During the Beta
    period, all Members, Associates and Clients understand that they are
    “Beta Testers” for the company and as such, agree and understand
    that the website is not yet completed.  Alpha testers agree to look
    for bugs or processes they would like to see fixed, changed or improved
    and notify the company by email about such issues.
  2. Contact
    Information Available To Other Associates:

    Associates are encouraged to maintain close contact with their Upline and
    Downline.  All Associates grant permission for Upline and Downline
    Associates to have access to their name, address, email address and
    registered telephone number(s).  All Associates further consent to
    allow Upline and Downline Associates to contact them, provided such
    contact is for business purposes related to GlobalTmail™ through postal
    mail, email, telephone, text messaging, GroupCaller™, 1 to 1 Messaging™
    and other commercially reasonable forms of communication.  All
    Associates explicitly grant GlobalTmail™ the authority and right to
    publish contact information on various Upline and Downline reports which
    are available exclusively to the Associate’s Upline or Downline, and to
    include the Associate’s contact information on any lists made available
    with or without cost to Upline and/or Downline Associates.
  3. Stacking:
    Stacking is the process whereby one Associate sponsors one or more other
    Associates in a straight line below him/her/it for the purpose of
    receiving all or any portion of commissions or bonuses earned by the
    stacked Associates commission that should rightfully flow upline.  By
    doing so, the original Associate who started the “stack” will
    become eligible to receive bonuses from those “stacked” between
    the originating Associate and any new Associates sponsored under the last
    level of the “stack.”  Thus, no arms length transaction
    exists between the originating Associate and the Associate(s) that are
    “stacked” between the original and the new non-related Associate
    who registers under the last stacked Associate.  This process is
    known throughout the MLM industry as an unethical practice and as such, is
    a breach of contract which can result in termination or other action
    against the Associate(s) engaging in such practices.   Stacking
    is considered harmful and detrimental to the integrity of the compensation
    plan because it has the effect of depriving upline Associates as well as
    the company of bonuses which have been rightfully earned, but are then
    received by the originating Associate as a result of the stacking.
    The basic rule of thumb in stacking is this:  If a downline Associate
    (whether entity or human) is a sponsored from an arms-length, bonafied
    recruitment effort, it is allowable.  However, if the intent of the
    sponsorship is to capture additional commission or bonus revenue and
    deprive upline of their rightful bonus, it is stacking

9.    Sponsorship
of Married  and Co-Habiting Associates:
couples, and those who are co-habiting together have three choices of how to
register as an Associate with GlobalTmail™.  Regardless of which choice is
made, each Associate is treated as separate and distinct from any other
Associate.  This means that each Associate must earn and maintain
his/her/its own separate rank and qualification within the framework of our
Compensation Plan and will be paid accordingly.

a.    One
spouse or co-habiting partner may register under the Sponsor, and have their
spouse or partner sponsor under them, or

    1. Each spouse
      may sponsor under the same original Sponsor or under different
      and thus build their incomes completely separate from
      one another, or
    2. They may
      join as a couple and each share equally in the earnings of a single
      registration as an Associate.
  1. Honorary
    time to time, Management may confer a certain Rank on an Associate as a
    reward for services rendered or for any other reason in the sole
    discretion of Management.  When a Rank is conferred rather than
    earned, the Associate must qualify under current Compensation Plan rules
    for any higher Bonus earnings.  For instance, if the Rank of Director
    is conferred by the company, that Director will not become an Executive Director
    and/or receive the Executive Director bonus until such time as the
    Honorary Director has fully qualified under Compensation Plan rules to
    receive such Bonuses, with sufficient PV as well as BV, plus the
    qualifying downline break-away Director BV.  Also, when the rank of
    Director is conferred as an Honorary Director, the New Car bonus does not
    apply until such time as the Director is fully qualified through their PV
    and BV.
  2. Executive
    Director Break-Away Director Bonus Calculation:

    The Executive Director receives bonuses on their break-away Directors
    through 4 generations of rolled up Break-Away Directors.  This bonus
    is calculated only from the Break-Away Director’s BV.  PV from
    Break-Away Directors is not calculated as a part of this qualification
    levels or corresponding bonus.
  3.  Major
      A “Major Account” is considered to be any
    Client who deposits more than $10,000 to his account at any one
    time.  Normal commission and bonus rules do not necessarily apply to
    Major Accounts in the same way as they do to normal Clients that add funds
    of $10,000 or less at any one time to their account.  Each Major
    Account is considered on its own merits with respect to the payment of
    Commission and Bonus.  This holds especially true during Phase I
    period and for any Client that is not a mid-sized to large company or
    organization with a history of paying other media or entities for
    advertising, promotion or message delivery services in excess of $10,000
    at any one time.  Commission and Bonus payments on amounts added to
    an account in excess of $10,000 will be decided on a case by case basis
    jointly by the General Manager and Owners of the company.  Any
    decision rendered by the General Manager and the Owners of the company
    with respect to adjustments on the Commission and/or Bonus amounts paid
    shall be final and are not subject to appeal by Associates.  As a
    general rule of thumb, large advertisers, organizations, political parties
    and others who deposit funds in excess of $10,000 to their account, and
    who have a history of such expenditures with other media, will be treated
    normally with respect to the compensation plan and payment of commission
    and bonus.  However, Clients who lack such history and who
    demonstrate no reasonable use for the large number of message delivery
    services being purchased by addition of large sums to their account will
    be scrutinized more closely.
  4.  Maximum
    Credit Card Payment Amount:
      Credit card payments will be
    accepted up to a maximum of $10,000 without special approval from the
    General Manager of the company.  Single amounts to be paid in the
    amount of $10,000 or more by credit card must be approved personally by
    the General Manager before they are accepted.
  5. Company

    The company maintains a blog for the purpose of updating customers, Associates,
    Members, Clients and the general public on the progress toward completion
    of its various applications as well as to state and clarify company
    policy.  All statements relative to official policy or related in any
    manner to any and all agreements between GlobalTmail™ and its Members,
    Associates and/or Clients  which are made on the official company
    Blog (
    www.globaltmail.typepad.com  and www.globaltmail-usa.com/blog ) are
    hereby made a part of these Policies and Procedures.  As such, they
    form an integral and enforceable part of the Member, Associate and Client
    agreements between each Member, Associate and/or Client and the company.
  6. Commission
    Value Table:

    As of November 18, 2011, the official Message Delivery and Commission
    Value table for the company is presented here (subject to change without



of Voice Broadcast  Messages


Per “Live” Connected


Account Payment

Value Percentage

Amount Per “Live” Connected Call

1 to 500





501 to 2,000





2,001 to 10,000





10,001 to 50,000





50,001 to 100,000





100,001 to 250,000





250,001 to 500,000





500,001 to 1,000,000





1,000,001 to 10,000,000





10,000,000 and up






discounts on message delivery, assigned ports based on recruitment success,
assignment of leads, rank advancements and other benefits were available for
the earliest Associates who registered. Most of these benefits ended on
December 31, 2009. All additional extra benefits ended on July 5, 2010 at which
time the full Compensation Plan qualification requirements were implemented.

Port Referral Group (“PRG”) allows you to earn ports rather than pay for
them.   The PRG membership is available free of charge as of December
15, 2010 for AMG Members (the date on which this membership became available)
as a free “add on” to the Asset Management Group membership, and is available
only to current AMG members subsequent to that date.

of the AMG were terminated effective June 1, 2011.  In its place the
Company began selling its GroupCaller™ Remote Agent License, using the same
pricing, terms and conditions as was used for the AMG.  Although AMG
membership sales have terminated, all AMG Members are entitled to all benefits
which were available to them under the terms of that Membership Agreement.

Available Without Additional Charge To AMG Members:
Members are entitled to enter into a RAL by executing a RAL with the company
without paying the RAL fees.  When an AMG Member executes a RAL with the
company after having paid in full for their AMG membership that RAL holder
receives the right to use GroupCaller™ as a Remote Agent and/or assign a Proxy,
but they do not receive any free Leads as a bonus for executing the RAL.
The Parties recognize and understand that Leads can only be delivered when such
Leads are purchased in advance by RAL holders.  The company uses a portion
of the proceeds of the RAL fee to pay its hard costs of VoIP services,
bandwidth, programmer fees, list costs, DNC Lists registration fees and other
hard costs of generating Leads for RAL holders.

Holders and AMG-PRG Member Benefits

1.    Bonus
  The first 400 RAL Holders and/or AMG members are entitled
to share up to 5% of the payments received for Remote Agent License fees and/or
membership in the AMG for all RAL holders and AMG members for up to 6 years
after the Company enters Phase II of its marketing strategy as described in
official Company literature and presentations.  Bonus Fund amounts are
calculated against the CV which is often less than the dollar amount collected
for products and/or services sold by the company. The Bonus Fund will be paid
each Friday to all qualified recipients beginning with the weekly accounting
period ending January 22, 2011, subject to the Payment Table below and the
“Unexpected Changes and Prototype Development” policy above.  To qualify
as a recipient of this fund, the RAL holder and/or AMG member must either pay
their License or membership fees in full, or be current on the payment of their
promissory note if it was financed, including having paid all late charges,
penalties and Interest.  Payments will be made to qualified RAL holders
and AMG members under the following table:





or 100% of  Fund



or 50% of Fund



or 20% of Fund



of Fund


holders and AMG Member Credits are assigned based upon the same referral
formula as the PRG uses to assign Ports (i.e. Platinum members receive 10
Credits for every 2
nd GTM member activated, etc.).  Each class of
membership calculates a pro-rated share of its percentage of the Bonus Fund
based on the number of Credits earned by the AMG member. Silver, Gold and
Platinum members receive either the lower or the higher percentage of the fund
based upon whether the lower membership payments have expired. When a lower
class of membership passes its maximum pay-out term, the percentage assigned to
that class rolls up to the next higher membership, and is paid to that higher
class for the remainder of its term.

1.    The
Bonus Fund is closed to new participants after the 400
th RAL
holder is enrolled.  In the event of default on the contract of one or
more Bonus Fund recipients, the defaulted AMG Member will lose his/her
Bonus  Fund payments until the contract is brought current or paid in
full. No additional Bonus Fund recipients will be appointed in the event of a
complete default in payment, in which case any defaulted Bonus Fund Recipients’
future earnings will be shared by the remaining Bonus Fund recipients.

2.    Participation
in the Founder’s Club.
  The Founder’s Club is an exclusive
club which is open only to no more than 20 of our first Associates who joined
during the Alpha and Beta periods who rise to the rank of Director. It consists
of all Associates who join during the Alpha Period and achieve the rank of
Director or higher before Phase II. Founder’s Club Members are entitled to
special benefits not available to others including:

    1. Being a
      candidate for participation in the Founder’s Club.  This is a
      special privilege. It’s open only to those who demonstrate leadership by
      qualifying as Director during our Phase I stage.
    2. Access to
      top management including the company Founders.
    3. Pre-notification
      of upcoming events.
    4. Special
      policy planning sessions.
    5. Special
      recognition, Founder’s Club designation on business card.
    6. Weekly
      Shared Bonus from a position in the President’s Club which is vested for
      the time equal to the term of their assigned ports.  This provides a
      shared bonus from the Key-Player Account.
    7. Participation
      on the Advisory Panel.
        The company has established
      an Advisory Panel that consists of the company’s top 10 Associates
      outside of the Founder’s Club, plus the top 10 Members of the Founder’s
      Club as calculated by their total PV and BV during the Alpha
      period.  The Advisory Panel convenes in meetings to review company policies
      and make recommendations to top management on all policies, activities,
      benefits and other issues that affect Associates.  The Advisory
      Panel does not have management authority but it serves as an important
      sounding board to assist the company in its decision-making process.
    8. Participation
      in Downline Placement Program.
        Some Members join
      GlobalTmail™ as the result of their own internet search activities or
      referral from other non-participants.  These people are often
      classified as first level to the company.  Founder’s Club and
      President’s Club Members will have access to some of these people to be
      placed in their first level downline.  Rules for such placement will
      be announced at a later date and will be maintained on the company
      Policies and Procedures page.
    9. Commission

  When the company or an Associate helps another Associate
close a sale and collect the money, the assisting Associate (or company) is
entitled to 50% of the commission.  Upline bonuses are not affected by
commission sharing.  If the company (i.e. an Account Executive or
equivalent) closes a sale to an existing Member, lead or prospect, the company
is entitled to 80% of the commission in the event the existing Member’s
Sponsor, lead assignee or referring Associate contact does not participate in
the presentation or sale.  The other 20% will be paid to the Sponsor, lead
assignee or referring Associate.  Upline bonuses are not affected by such

Commission Payment:
  Upon request from an Associate, the company will pay the
full commission due, by check or PayPal transfer, within 24 hours of receipt of
collected funds on the sale, provided Management approves such request.
Upline bonuses are not affected by this transaction.

In It For Associates?

are a number of benefits for those Associates who choose to work with us as
Alpha and Beta Testers, prior to the deployment of all services mentioned in
the Sales Presentation.  Listed below are some of the primary reasons you
should join during Phase I rather than waiting until the company officially
launches its services.  Following are some of the best reasons to join

  1.  Earn
    Immediate Commissions and Bonuses:
      As an Associate, you can
    begin earning money the day you register. Full commissions and bonuses
    will be paid each Friday for collected funds that are received during the
    previous week (subject to the Prototype Development policy herein).
    Furthermore, all downline bonuses are paid each week as well!
    Participation during the Phase I period gives new Associates an
    opportunity to be prepared for Phase II and makes it possible for him/her
    to benefit from the promotional effects of joining during Phase I to a
    much greater degree than those who don’t register until after we reach
    Phase II.
  2. Set Up
    Future Residual Listening Commissions and Bonuses Now:

    During the Phase I period, commissions and bonuses are paid based upon
    account fees paid by Clients to open their accounts and other designated
    fees.  However, the Listening Commissions and Bonuses (our “3rd
    Party Payment System” earnings) are not paid until Members begin
    listening to the messages in their voicemail boxes.  By creating an
    infrastructure of active Clients and a downline of other Associates who
    have active Clients, the moment we begin delivering messages, the
    Associate earns money based upon the messages heard.  These earnings
    provide a strong basis for ongoing residual earnings from the very
    beginning of the company!
  3. Provide
    Maximum Benefit To Fund-Raising Organizations:
    of the strongest methods available for an Associate to build earnings is
    to promote our services as a fund-raising program through groups and
    organizations that need to raise money for themselves.  By setting up
    a number of these organizations before we start actively delivering
    messages, the Associate benefits from the fact that pre-existing groups of
    Members already exist with whom the Associate can encourage listening
    activity, thus creating a steady income from the very beginning!
  4. Build
    Downline Prior to Start of Services:
    Effective December 15, 2010, we no longer use the term “pre-launch” to
    describe our current status.  Because we have fully operational
    service that we deliver, we consider ourselves to be full “in
    pursuant to the blog article which defines our
    current status.The policy in this paragraph expired on December 15,
     By creating a downline, the
    Alpha Tester Associate is able to multiply his/her efforts many times
    over. This may be the best chance a person has to rapidly build a
    substantial downline nationwide. Because there is no cost or obligation to
    register and the possibility for immediate earnings are abundant, the
    Phase I period offers the best tool ever to create financial stability
    through a downline organization. In this manner, the moment we begin
    message delivery services, the Associate will receive an instant income
    based upon the activity of his/her downline.
  5. Qualify For
    a Spot In The Founder’s Club:
      GlobalTmail™ has established
    a commission/bonus account first-level under the company, just above any
    and all Associates who are sponsored directly by the company.
    We call this the “Key-Player Account.”  It is designed to
    provide a pool of money each week which is then shared among deserving
    individuals who have contributed significantly to the company’s
    success.  Fifty Percent (50%) of the earnings in this account are
    designated to share with qualifying Associates and others, who have made a
    substantial contribution to the company’s startup, growth and ultimate
    success.   Participation in the Founders Club is earned and not
    given away.   Because the Key-Player Account is designed to be
    the largest commission/bonus account in the company, the amount of funds
    shared each week with Founders’ Club Members can be substantial.  The
    following are the qualifications required to earn a position in the
    Founder’s Club:
    1. Participation
      In The Alpha Period:
        Those who participated in the
      Alpha and Beta period are automatically designated as
      candidates for this honor, and have an advance start on qualification,
      having been among the first to promote GlobalTmail™.
    2. Limitation
      on Membership:

      No more than 20 Members of the Founder’s Club are allowed at any one
      time.  This is an exclusive club with privileges and benefits not
      available to the average Associate.  These are generally the top
      producers in the company among those who were also with us during the
      Alpha and Beta periods.  Membership is limited to 10 fully qualified
      Directors who joined during the Alpha and Beta stage of Phase
      I plus the top 10 Directors in the company during any given month.
    3. Founder’s
      Club vs President’s Club:
        The Founder’s Club is
      designed as a reward for the company’s first Associates who actually
      achieved the rank of Director during the early stages of the company’s
      operation.  It is easiest to qualify for this club during the Alpha
      period.  Once full company operations begin, the membership in the
      Founder’s Club will be more competitive and more difficult to achieve.
    4. President’s

      The President’s Club consists of the next 40 highest grossing Associates
      in the company, after the top 20 in the Founder’s Club.  The President’s
      Club is an earned position in which the participants must re-qualify each
      month based on PV and BV.
    5. Earnings
      Split for Founder’s Club and President’s Club Members:
      President’s Club receives 60% of the total Key Player Account Bonus,
      divided equally among all Members.  Therefore, up to 40 Directors
      share in this bonus at any given time.  The Founder’s Club members
      receive 40% of the Key-Player Account Bonus each week, split equally
      among the 10 members.  Therefore, the majority part of the Key Player
      Account Bonus is reserved for the President’s Club members, our top 40
      producers, but the largest Bonuses will go to the Founder’s Club Members
      who command 40% of the Key Player Bonus.
    6. Benefits of
      Founder’s Club Membership:
        Founder’s Club Members receive

cash distribution out of the Key-Player Account.  The more volume done by
the company, the larger this cash contribution can be.

in high-level discussion with company executives to shape and influence company
policy with regard to sales and marketing issues.

access to top company executives.

notice of significant company events together with participation in planning
certain events.

  1. Qualification:
    During the Phase I period, up to the first 20 Directors to qualify will
    receive a seat in the Founder’s Club.   To qualify, one must
    earn the position of Director during Phase I.  Up to the first 20
    Directors are automatically inducted into the Founder’s Club.
    Membership in the Founder’s Club is open as of the start of our Alpha
    period, giving the first Associates to join our company a significant
    advantage during the first several months of operation.
  2. Executive
    An Executive Committee shall be established by representatives of the
    owners of GlobalTmail™ during its Phase I period.  The Executive
    Committee shall have the following privileges and responsibilities:
    1. It will
      have the same management authority as a Board of Directors in a privately
      held corporation and shall not engage in day-to-day management of company
      operations.  Day-to-day management of the company shall be vested in
      the General Manager of the company and other officers as may be appointed
      from time to time by the Owners.  The General Manager of the company
      shall report to and be governed by the Executive Committee.
    2. The first
      member(s) of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by unanimous
      consent of the representatives of both owners of GlobalTmail™. Members of
      the Executive Committee must meet the following criteria to be considered
      for membership:

Must be a Member, Associate and Client of GlobalTmail™ who adds a minimum of
$50,000 to their Client Account. This requirement may be modified by unanimous
consent of both Owners of the company

candidate must have substantial business and/or professional experience in
managing a business or an organization.

Executive Committee Members must be nominated by an owner of GlobalTmail™.
During the Phase I period, all Executive Committee Members nominated subsequent
to the first Member(s) must be ratified by majority vote of the existing
Members. All Clients who deposit a minimum of $50,000 to their Client Account
during the Phase I period shall be automatically considered for Membership on
the Executive Committee. During the Phase I period, the majority vote of all
current Members of the Executive Committee is required to accept new Members of
the Executive Committee, and such vote shall be taken within 10 calendar days
of the addition of such funds.

Executive Committee Members must be willing to attend regularly scheduled and
special meetings, conference calls or online sessions of the Executive
Committee as may be reasonably scheduled from time to time.

shall be no more than 15 members of the Executive Committee at any one time.

initial member of the Executive Committee who accepts this position during the
Phase I period of GlobalTmail™ shall serve until January 15, 2013, at which
time a meeting of Owners will convene to appoint the next Executive Committee.
Thereafter, the Executive Committee Members shall be appointed by the
Owners to serve for the period of one year, and are subject to review and
appointment each January at an annual meeting of the Owners of the company.

for Executive Committee Members shall be decided by majority vote of the
Executive Committee during any regularly scheduled or special meeting of the
Committee, and may be modified from time to time in the sole judgment of the
Executive Committee.

Executive Committee shall be governed by and report to the Owners of the
company, and shall be subject to the formal, unanimous, written decisions of
both Owners in the same manner as a Board of Directors is subject to the
stockholders of a privately held corporation.


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