August 2015 Cash Flow Report

Today I’m starting a new monthly article to report our cash flow to those who are entitled to access this private blog.  We’re continuing to grow and that includes two new shareholders who joined us this summer (names withheld to maintain privacy).  As a company, we’re “on a roll” so to speak.

Past 3-Year Cash Flow Results



Above you see a chart showing the actual deposits to the Company’s bank accounts for the calendar/fiscal years of 2013, 2014 and 2015.  There’s something very significant I want to point out to you.  Prior to 2015, well over 90% of our deposits were the result of either capital investment (new and existing stockholders investing in the company) or loans to the company by officer (loans from my own savings to the company to keep the company alive during the final push to generate sales and revenue).  So when you see the year-over-year increase from 2013 to 2014, please realize almost all that money came from only TWO people investing in this company (me and one other).  Well-under 10% of these deposits came from revenue (sales) of PRG and Voifone pre-paid minutes.

What’s Cost of Keeping the Company Alive?

It’s simple.  For a good estimate just divide the deposits for the past two years by 12 months and you’re about 95% accurate.  Remember these deposits are the result of more than 95% investment in the company from TWO PEOPLE (Me and Sam) and NOT from sales.  So, when this company does almost NO business at all, here’s the average monthly cost to keep us alive and developing our product for the past two-and-a-half years:

  • 2013 average monthly cost:  $12,895.12
  • 2014 average monthly cost:  $16,647.29
  • 2015 average monthly cost:  $6,771.13

So why does 2015 show so much less deposited than last year as a monthly average? Simply because yours truly, ME, Richard Gaustad, ran out of personal savings, cash and credit, with which to prop up the company by depositing my own funds and borrowed cash to our bank accounts.  We had no other resources from which to cover the monthly costs and no new investment from our current owners or new shareholders during the first half of the year.  So I kept us alive by negotiating with creditors and borrowing small amounts of money here and there to pay the most critical payables of each month during the first half of the year.  Today things are MUCH better than during the first half of the year.

The result of our collective hard work and careful planning in the first six months started to pay off in April and May and REALLY hit in June – as you can see below.  The cost of “staying alive” (paying the cost of the data centers, software engineers, internet connection, office space, and the list seems endless) has for years averaged more than $12,000 monthly.  In 2014 that cost went up by about 25%, largely because I made 2 trips to the Philippines and BORROWED the money to do it, placing those borrowed funds into the Company accounts.  We lost a small fortune last year due to one customer who scammed us.  For those of you who don’t know the story and are curious, you can contact me directly. It was a nightmare for which we’re still paying – and one which I would prefer to simply forget.

Evidence of a Very Bright Future – Check Out This Year’s Cash Flow

Despite the difficulties and the low cash flow this year, we can FINALLY look back at the results of the first 8 months of the year and see it’s nothing short of a spectacular rise in cash flow!  We’re ready now to lay claim to a VERY bright future!  We’ve had 3 straight months of RECORD cash flow, and we believe September is going to beat August due to momentum that Randy has built around our Crowd Funding campaign.  Just look at what this year has produced so far:

20150901-CashFlowResultsNow, keep in mind, this chart just reflects DEPOSITS and doesn’t differentiate between capital, loans and revenue.  Of course the most IMPORTANT thing we’re looking for is revenue.  Nonetheless what you see above is like a “dream” chart that everyone in business wants to see, but few actually experience it.  We’re in the middle of what I think is going to be a very spectacular 2015.  Let’s “MAKE IT SO!”

Deeper Analysis of 2015 Cash Flow

Now, just to bring everyone down to earth after seeing such a great track record this year, let’s look at what the numbers above REALLY mean.  This table tells the real story, but don’t be alarmed by the sharp DOWNWARD turn in August:


This is really, truly a significant chart. It shows REVENUE.  For the first time in our development history – and remember we’re STILL a prototype company with very few products fully developed on which we can really earn revenues – we have survived this year MOSTLY on revenue!  That’s absolutely remarkable, given our long history of R & D, having to rely on investment funds to stay alive.  This year, we’ll set a record for both investment AND revenue and do it simultaneously.

The sharp downward movement for August is the natural result of switching from an emphasis on PRG Membership sales in April through June, to an emphasis on Crowd Funding which started July 4, 2015, which is Independence Day in the USA.  I think the launch of Crowd Funding on that date was entirely appropriate, since it also signifies the start of TRUE independence for this company.  Our August Revenues are low because it takes 1 to 4 months to ramp up sales for a campaign like Crowd Funding. We fully expect that the year-end results will be something we can all be very proud of.

September 2015 Goal

Randy and I discussed sales goals for September yesterday.  Our goal is to hit $60,000  in Crowd Funding donations.  This week we’re launching a great incentive campaign which should be announced by Wednesday on the Crowdfunding Facebook page. Watch for it!

We’ve got another goal to add $75,000 of new capital to the company, which will be used for the dual purpose of completing our own Voifone soft phone application to the point where it’s one of the best on the market. This goal is finally within reach because we’re adding an entire full time India-based IT department to the company this week.  (Watch for an official announcement this month.)  The new invested capital will be used to support this IT department combined with support for Randy’s Crowd Funding marketing and sales efforts, primarily in the Philippines and throughout the OFW community (that’s “Overseas Foreign Workers” for those of you not familiar with the Philippines).

So now you see the tremendous momentum we’re in RIGHT NOW!  Let’s all band together and work hard to keep it and increase it. By doing so, the results for 2015 will be nothing short of amazing for all of us!



What’s the Deal with Zoiper?

OK, I’m sure by now you’ve noticed some changes in the Voifone website. WHAT? You HAVEN’T?  Well . . . just in case you didn’t know, I renewed our partnership with Zoiper. They’re the producer of the single most popular, highest-rated (for mobile) and best-working VoIP SIP phone on the market.  What’s a SIP phone?  It’s what Voifone’s own soft phone “is”.

We use a technology called “SIP” (Session Initiated Protocol) to deliver Voifone’s services.  That’s the software, sitting on our server that provides voice calls, video calls, chat, image transfers and even sends and receives FAX’s.  Many companies – including us – have created their own SIP phones.  These “soft phones” are what makes it possible to use the features built into our server.  In fact, there are many, many soft phones you can use with your Voifone account. Voifone – in its purest sense – is the SERVER – “NOT” the phone on your mobile device or computer.

Strategic Error Corrected

For more than 2 years we have struggled to build our own SIP phone.  You know it as Voifone. But the truth is, “Voifone” is the server, NOT the software on your cell phone, mobile device or computer. People are often confused about this.  We’re like your cell phone carrier. They provide the service, but Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, HTC and many others build the phone.  In our case, Voifone – the trade name for our service – is classified as an ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider).  We provide the service, which resides on a server farm in a big data center in Dallas, Texas, USA.  We’ve been TRYING to also provide the soft phone.  But it hasn’t gone well.

We’ve been using Zoiper for 4 to 5 years with our GroupCaller Hosted Call center. It always works and works very well.  It’s VERY reliable.  We should have strengthened our relationship with this Bulgarian company way back when we first started building our own soft phone more than 2 years ago. But we didn’t.  The result is most people tried Voifone – but then quickly stopped using it.  Why?  A host of reasons. It didn’t connect. The video wasn’t working. I can’t get chat to work. My Contact List is all messed up.  And the complaints just rolled in.  But . . . MOST people blamed the software (the soft phone), thinking THAT’S our service.  It’s NOT.  The services itself – that software residing on servers in Dallas, Texas . . . “IS” Voifone and it has been very solid and reliable for more than 2 years now.  But nobody knew it because they were all struggling to make “Voifone” the soft phone perform as it should. The problem is . . . our soft phone is STILL in beta and STILL lacks some of the most important features we ordered from the very beginning.

Had we focused on Zoiper, none of these would have been issues.  So our error was trying in vain to roll out our own soft phone when we were under-capitalized. We should have just pushed Zoiper and introduced Voifone “only” as a Beta product suitable for testing purposes.

Well, that’s what I just did.  I CORRECTED THIS ERROR of omission – ignoring the best soft phone on the market in favor of developing our own product.  Also, if you take a look at our website, you’ll notice it’s vastly different from just 10 days ago.  Now, the only information on that site has something to do with our phone service.  All the SMS info is on  The Income Tool info is on and soon, we’ll have a Carrier site.  There’s NO information on either the Voifone site or the VoifoneSMS site about a business opportunity or making money.  It’s strictly a product info and login portal now.

I’ll discuss our new Carrier services in a future article.

The Down-Side of Zoiper

There’s an important “down” side to Zoiper:  It’s confusing to install and configure for the average user.  But that’s a simple problem to fix.  I’d much rather have an installation team to help everyone install Zoiper, and then NEVER have an issue with it functioning properly – than what we’ve been through these past few years. Our own staff will provide installation help starting immediately, even if I’m the only one doing it to start.  We’ll also hold training sessions online and post some video instruction.  In reality, those who are pretty good with computers and cell phones shouldn’t have any problem doing it on their own.  Just read the instructions.  It’s really not that hard.  Once it’s installed and configured, Zoiper works like a champ!  You’re gonna love it.  If you haven’t already installed it, you should.  But when you’re running Zoiper, make sure you CLOSE our own Voifone soft phone application. They won’t both connect at the same time on the same device.

The Other Down-Side of Zoiper

There’s another down-side:  Some of the most popular features are only available on the PAID version of Zoiper. On cell phones, you can get them for only $2.49 USD as an in-app purchase.  For computers, it’s 33.10 Euros.  I think they’re well worth it.  The basic Zoiper phones are free, of course.  Most basic VoIP phone features are available on the free versions.

What’s Our Future with Zoiper?

A lot.  As we increase our sales and available cash, we’ll invest in our own branded version of Zoiper.  It’s going to cost us about $40,000 to do that.  So, help us sell about 100 new PRG Memberships in the next month or two and we’ll get it done SOONER rather than later!  When we have the branded version, it’ll be as easy to install and use as Viber, Skype or other compeititors.

Voifone Engineer is Gone

The software engineer who built Voifone for is was living in China but had to return to his home country.  He’s now gone and unavailable for support and future development.  We know an India-based engineering firm that we’d like to use for completing the project and providing permanent support and future development.  BUT – that requires money.  Our cash position has been deplorable for the past year and getting worst this year.  The past 2 months are showing signs of life with some new PRG Memberships.  Our goal is to start selling 100+ PRG Memberships monthly so we can sustain our cash position and complete all the applications we’ve planned for so many years.

What’s the Future of our own Voifone Soft Phone?

It’s on the website right now on the Download page.   We have very big plans for our own soft phone!  We only lack sufficient cash flow to hire full time engineers to work on it and support it.  We’ll keep Voifone on the website as long as it works. But with no support, it’ll eventually stop working.  As operating systems, browsers and other support platforms that make the soft phone operate make changes to keep up with technology, if we don’t mirror those changes in our own product, it doesn’t take long for OUR product to just STOP.  So at the moment, Voifone soft phone has a limited time that it’ll continue to work UNLESS we ramp up sales sufficient to hire a full time engineering team. Then Voifone will soar past the competitors – INCLUDING Zoiper.

Current Emphasis On Voifone Account, Not The Soft Phone

So at the moment, we’ll focus on promoting and supporting distribution of Zoiper.  It’s a fantastic phone and it’ll do things the competitors CAN’T.  I’m writing an article on our public blog site that promotes the use of Zoiper.  Please take a look at it when you get a chance.

This new emphasis also gives us a chance to highlight the Voifone account.  Did you know almost NOBODY has ever logged into their Voifone account?  It’s TRUE!  Yet it’s a nice, clean, robust account, giving the user’s complete call history, allowing users to instantly re-load their account (no delay as there is when they load funds into the Back Office), see their account balance, change their password, and do other normal account functions.

Let me know if you want to set up Zoiper on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.  I’ll personally help you if you contact me.   (Most people NEED some help with the configuration settings – let me know if YOU do.)

May 2015 Shows Best Progress To Date

I’ll provide more detail within the next few days, but I have to report that May 2015 has shown the best progress to date on nearly every front, as follows:

  • Beta Tester PRG Members:  We’re getting more PRG Members than at any time since the club was started in 2007.  It’s essential to have actively participating PRG Members who can report back directly to me and the staff about their experience, good and bad, using our products.  We expect to introduce some great new features to Voifone by the end of this year.
  • New SMS Website:  It’s not quite complete, but it’s good enough to show all my private blog readers.  I’m just finishing the new website designed exclusively for our SMS services: .  This also signifies a new strategy designed to enhance our marketing and sales efforts: Creating a separate website for every service. We’ll even create new websites just to show the PRG and also to explain the Back Office opportunity.  Within a few weeks you’ll see all content referring to the PRG and Back Office disappear from our other websites.  All SMS content will be removed from the Voifone website within a week or so.
  • Philippines Hosted Call Center (PHCC) License:  This month we introduced the Philippines Hosted Call Center license.  This is designed specifically to provide an aggressive marketing tool to sell the SMS short code service in the USA – and do it primarily from the Philippines. We plan to re-open our Morong call center ASAP, after somebody buys the license.  It’s priced at $12,500 but the first few licensee’s will get it for only $7,500.  I’m temporarily publishing information about this license on this site: – but it’s not finished as of this writing.  Give me a few more days – the PHCC info should be fully published by Friday this week.
  • Zoiper Partnership Re-Established:  Zoiper is one of many dozens of soft phone providers worldwide.  We partnered with them as one  of only 6 American-based ITSP’s (Internet Telephone Service Providers) to offer their soft phone to our users.  Zoiper has features that Voifone soft phone has not yet developed and deployed.  Our own soft phone will eventually be the most robust and reature-rich soft phone on the market.  Right now, Voifone is still in its infancy from a development perspective so we don’t yet have all the features that have been specified.  They’re coming. In the meantime, we’ll provide Zoiper as an alternate phone.
    • Voifone vs Soft Phone: For those of you who don’t already know, a “soft phone” is the software that enables you to make free and paid calls through our Voifone system.  “Voifone” is the name of our service. Think of Voifone as the phone company.  We fill the sale role as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile in the USA and Globe, Smart, Sun, etc. in the Philippines. Those companies provide the service and connectivity (that’s what “Voifone” does).  When comparing to cell phone companies, we all know that the phone company provides the service and various manufacturers provide the phones, such as Apple’s iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Google’s Nexus, and the list goes on and on.  We’re no different. We’re the phone company. Others provide soft phones and there are dozens of free soft phones that’ll work with our system. Or favorite NON-Company soft phone is Zoiper, which is why we partnered with them.  Of course, our all-time favorite is “ourselves” … the soft phone named after our service, “Voifone.”  But it’s currently lacks all the features I ordered and needs a new upgrade, which we cannot afford at the moment – i expect a new Voifone upgrade by mid-July.  You’ll find new Zoiper info in the download section of the Voifone website – I’ll be adding and enhancing that info by next weekend.  There’s a download link for Zoiper right now, but no explanation or installation instructions. Those are coming.  I’ll make a public announcement when it’s ready for everyone (within about 5 days).
    • Continuing Income Tool Enhancements: We’re continuing to improve Income Tool features.  Not much NEW has been developed this month yet, but just yesterday, we upgraded the registration form to allow new users to create their own username, and also provided a password link for those who forget their assigned password.  We’re aware of a bug in the Income Tool registration process preventing the activation email from being delivered 100% of the time.  We’re addressing that issue and should have it resolved this week.

That’s just a little review of current events in May.  But there’s more . . .

Pagadian Sales Trip:  Last week, I sent Randy and Alfred to Pagadian for a series of meetings with local political and business leaders, plus numerous prospective PRG Members.  He’ll return this Thursday.  We’ve already received new PRG Applications and expect many more on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Establishing new PRG Members and users on Mindinao is an important step for us.  I think Voifone will spread quickly through the rest of this year all over the Philippines and throughout the OFW community as well.  We’ve even started some marketing here in the USA – and THAT’S new also!

Be watching for my next article – which I expect to publish next weekend around the beginning of June.

New PRG Video & Members

I produced and published a new 2-minute PRG promotional video which you can all use to promote the Port Referral Group.  It gives a concise but very short concept of what the PRG is all about:  Long term sharing of our revenue during our rapid growth years. Here’s the direct link.  But you can also find it by going to the Income Tool website, clicking on Opportunities at the top of the page, and looking under the Port Referrral Group description at the bottom of the page.  You’ll see a link to the video there.

Wholesale SMS Philippines Route Changed Today

We had a few comments regarding failed message delivery to Digitel (Sun) subscribers and others in the Philippines.  Our engineers looked at the problem and recommended that we change routes.  The “route” is just the path through the Internet these messages take before being delivered to the Philippines cell phone carrer.  “It’s a technical thing . . . ”    Anyway, we made it effective as of April 29, 2015 Mountain Standard Time, USA.  Any of you who have experienced problems in the past should report back directly to either me or Randy Albalate to let us know whether the issue has been resolved.  If not, we’ll take a closer look and engage in more in-depth trouble-shooting.

Welcome New PRG Members

This past 2 weeks we hosted a half price promotion for the Silver PRG.  This has resulted in at least many new PRG Members as of this writing. I have been told more will complete their application before the midnight deadline.  I’d like to extend my personal “Welcome” to all of you who are new to this blog and new to our company.

I don’t have a regular schedule for posting articles here, but the more active our sales team becomes, the more articles I publish here on this private blog, and also on our public blog.  With all the recent activity, it seems like we’re going into a growth phase – which is what we’re expecting for the rest of this year and for the next several years as all of our applications are perfected, deployed and in some cases, completed.

Feel free to log in as often as you like.  I plan on publishing several articles during May.

Frustrated By Delays But Thrilled By Final Outcome

Delays in the software development field are the norm.  Usually when developers think a task can be completed within a certain time frame, they are wrong.  There are countless issues and problems that come up preventing timely delivery.  I’m accustomed to this, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear when there are so many people anxious and waiting for our new product to be released.


Everyone is asking “when” will the Income Tool be released. The original date was October 31. After 2 previous delays now it’s December 15, next Monday. My best answer at this point is “soon” – i’ll be surprised but not shocked if we get to the end of the year and there are still a few loose ends.

The Income Tool project is a far bigger and more complex project than most of you realize. Nonetheless, the vast majority of the framework is in place and in process of testing & debugging right now. There remain a few things to do, some of which is out of our control, like the data connections between our own server and the MLM server which is managed by an India-based firm.  They have been the weak link in the development chain – slowing down our progress at every turn.  We only have a small a mount remaining for them to do and I think it’ll be done this week.  Shortly after that, we should be able to aggressively test the product.

The Value of the Income Tool

Don’t forget, this project alone has the capacity of bringing in untold millions and tens of millions of dollars for the company.  I think it’s entirely reasonable to distribute hundreds of thousands or even into the millions of Income Tool Licenses worldwide. Simple arithmetic will tell you the value of this product to the company and all our Associates.  So don’t feel too badly if our release date is late by a few weeks. This will mean nothing in the very near future when you’re selling this amazing product that’s destined to change the lives of so many entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

Income Tool and Voimeet Release Dates

Great News! According to our developers, we’re on the verge of releasing both the Income Tool and Voimeet at the same time!  The scheduled release date is November 26, 2014.  But we expect to begin beta testing with staff and select non-staff testers no later than Thursday this week for Voimeet.  We expect to begin beta testing the Income Tool by Monday, November 24.

Previous Sources of Revenue

They aren’t just the most important.  These to applications are BY FAR the most important.  WHY?  Because prior to these releases we had only 2 methods to earn money, each of which posed a major difficulty:

  1. PRG Membership Sales:  This has been our long-standing fall-back to earn revenue.  It’s a great program and we’ll continue promoting it. I expect sales will increase as our Associate-count increases. BUT, the sad truth is that only 3 or 4 of us have EVER been able to close these big-ticket sales.  Most of the time, nobody even tries to make PRG sales. Therefore, we rarely have prospects to whom we can present the PRG Membership.  Which also means, revenue has been unstable at best for years, making survival extraordinarily difficult. We have experienced some surges and false starts, but as soon as the few interested parties bought  their membership, sales dried up. This has been the case since PRG sales started back in 2008.
  2. Voifone™ Pre-Paid Minute Loads.  This remains the primary focus of our long-term revenue strategy.  However, it’s not likely we’ll earn enough to cover our monthly cost of doing business until we have over 100,000 “ACTIVE”  monthly users.  To get 100,000 “active” monthly users who place funds into their Voifone account each month will require having a minimum of 300,000 or more “REGISTERED” Voifone™ users.  After more than 8 months of constant marketing efforts, as of 10 days ago, we have registered only 634 unique user accounts (but well over 1,000 user accounts – there were many “fake” and test accounts).  We are taking steps to eliminate all fake accounts with the roll-out of our new “One-Step Registration” process, due for release in December. As you can see, we have a long way to go before we see enough cash flow to really make a difference for us when users load their accounts at $5 and $10 per load.

New Sources of Revenue

Both the Income Tool and Voimeet™ are applications loaded with profit.  Yet the price for each is affordable enough for ANYONE, worldwide, and both provide services that are very much needed and in-demand.  The Voimeet™ website is under construction right now, but on the home page, you can already see the 4 services we’ll offer through this new website.  The first one, “Presentations and Webinars” is a paid service which we expect to be relatively popular, especially in the target market of MLM sales leaders for the countless MLM companies around the world.  They “NEED” less expensive tools like the sophisticated Webinar system we’re releasing this week.  It has all the tools of the biggest webinar companies like Gotomeeting, Fuse Meeting,, Clickwebinar and many more, but with NONE of the limitations, like requiring installation by the attendees and limited number of attendees.  We’re offering the service for as much as 50% to 80% below the competitor’s pricing (based on # of attendees).  Unlike them, we have only ONE service plan, and it includes ALL features and UNLIMITED attendees.  In the webinar industry, that’s a revolutionary concept.  Very few webinar meetings attract more than a small handful of attendees, which is why we know this will be a very profitable service.  (The other 3 services you see listed on the Voimeet site are FREE; for the purpose of generating an audience to whom the paid service can be marketed.)

The Income Tool has already found an audience of users who are interested in buying.  Today, I’ll begin a series of emails directed at ALL Voifone™ users to buy the Pre-Release offer, which is HALF PRICE ($30.00).  We sold about 10 of the pre-release licenses already at $20.00.  Now, people will learn the price increased but is STILL half price.  Last night we got a commitment from one customer to buy 21 licenses for his sales people.  I expect to see many more people buying the pre-release offer during the next 10 days before we begin charging the full price of $60.00.

Opportunity for Sales Associates

The release of these two licensed products provides our Associates with their best chance yet to earn money realistically and do it FAST.  It’s the holiday season.  EVERYONE wants more money.  And we’ve got the perfect vehicle now for them to earn it by selling these two new products.  There’s a growing enthusiasm and anticipation for the launch of these items.

Beta Testers Wanted

Please comment on this article if you’d like to beta test the Income Tool with us.  We need as many “insiders” as possible to bang away at this product and try to “break it” before the full release.  Any bugs we find need to be fixed before the release.  And we’re seeking active comments for improvement before the release date as well.


Behind the Scenes November 2014

This will provide all of you PRG Members and shareholders some additional information about the plans for November.  It’s a supplement to the public blog article I posted yesterday. 

Termination of Voimeet Engineer

I’m very disappointed to announce I am terminating our first female software engineer who is from the Ukraine.  She appeared very competent during the first several days when she was retained at the end of September. But after missing the first deadline, for completion, which was October 10, I granted her more time for completion because our other engineer, working on the One-Step and Income Tool projects was also behind schedule. I made the mistake of paying this engineer a portion of the project twice during October because I continued to believe in her.  I ran out of patience this week and had an IT firm check her work. I confirmed that the only thing she did was install a framework for our application and nothing else.  Today I drafted her termination letter.  I’m just going to have to lose the moneyt we paid her.  We’ll pay this new firm only a little more than the balance due for the work done by the Ukranian engineer, so it’s a fair deal I got with them.  The new firm is scheduled to start next Monday, November 10.  The anticipated completion date will be on or about November 20.

Larger IT Firm To Develop Voimeet In Record Time – Only 10 Days

The new IT firm is an India-based company that lost the bid for the One-Step and Income Tool project. The company is Dialyma IT.  They have about 75 full time engineers and appear to have plenty of resources to deliver on time and within the budget to which we have agreed. They have also agreed to give us extended terms and wait for payment for part of the project since we are low on cash at the moment.  This is greatly appreciated.

The Future of Voimeet

After intense discussions with Dialyma, I have decided to greatly expand the Voimeet application.  The first thing we’re doing is creating the initial application, modeled after Google Hangouts, similar to what you have already seen.  But we’re building it on a completely different platform.  For this we’re adding new servers Friday in preparation for beginning the project Monday.  But this is only the beginning.  We’re going to build a full-blown conference and webinar system from this base.  We’ll model it after a service called “Uber Conference”  .    We’ll still offer the FREE version even with this greatly expanded system, but we’ll also monetize our conferencing tool in a similar fashion to what you see at Uber Conference.  The free version will have limited functionality – as does our current plan for Voimeet.  But the paid version will be very robust.

One-Step and Income Tool Progress

Friday I’m scheduled to begin testing some of the modules for the Income Tool and the One-Step Registration Process for Voifone.  I expect these tests will be successful.  Guy has proven to be a very dedicated and hard-working individual.  He works nights, days and weekends just like we do.  He and I discuss details of the project many times every day. We are his ONLY project.  Although it’s a very big task for just one engineer, he’s ambitious, hard-working and so far appears very competent.  He’s a native of Senegal, educated in Paris with a degree in Computer Science, and immigrated to England where we worked for a large tech firm before deciding to become a freelancer. We’re his first major project.  He appears to be very ambitious and wants to prove himself to us.  Excellent work attitude.

MLM Migration

One year ago this month we retained Daani IT Solutions in India to host and provide our entire MLM back office. They have maintained it for the past year in a relatively acceptable fashion.  However, it has been frustrating to work with them.  They are a bit slow to respond, but generally competent when they do.  Also their servers are slower than we want.  We recently discovered some difficulty working with them on the One-Step Registration process because they were very proprietary and hesitant to provide direct access to our own data. We finally got what we needed but it wasn’t easy.  They slowed the delivery of the One-Step Registration by about 2 weeks.

Guy has agreed to build an entire new MLM back office for us from the ground up after he completes the current project.  I expect it will take him 3 to 4 months to complete that project.  In the meantime, I have already paid Daani IT Solutions through the end of this end of this year, and sent enough to also cover the first Quarter of next year, provided they don’t install the PRG Tracking Tool that I had ordered from them.   I paid them about a month ago and they still haven’t started work on the PRG tracking tool, so I’m going to re-direct those funds for basic hosting in 2015,which will cover the first Quarter. That should carry us through the transition period in a seamless fashion.

Gearing Up The CRM

All my days are busy.  Here are a few things I worked on today until late tonight:

Testing New CRM

Our CRM is fully loaded onto our new server now and I’m beginning to learn it.  What an awesome tool!  But of course, I already found many issues for the programmers to correct.  It’s not yet ready for use internally (for our company); and it’s certainly no where near ready for commercial applications (selling it to our customers and clients).  But what I saw got me really excited because it’s just … great!

New URL for CRM

Also, today I ordered and set up the new URL for our CRM product: .  We’ll call it “Voifone CRM” for our Voifone users.  We’ll call it GroupCaller CRM for those  who use our Hosted Call Center or Carrier services.  I hope to roll out the entire CRM within a week to 10 days now.

Modified and Re-Issued Operating Agreement

I cancelled all existing Operating Agreements for the ASEAN Holdings, LLC – new shareholder in GlobalTmail USA, Inc. I also edited it and got the new one out to Shirley and Randy;  they each signed theirs so ASEAN Holdings, LLC is now ready to accept funds from all their Members; and deliver the funds here for the stock certificate I already delivered to Denmark.

Status Code Updates in Back Office

The Status Code application has never worked correctly in the Back Office and it’s starting to wreak havoc on our ability to accurately calculate commissions and bonuses.  I have been corresponding with our developer team in India and appealing for them to hurry and fix the issues.  They did get some of the problems addressed yesterday.  I need to evaluate the work the did and make sure all details are handled properly.  I expect it will take many weeks to accomplish this task properly.


New Shareholder – More Can Participate

This has been a record-breaking week for the company.   We had the most commitments for new PRG Memberships, the highest number new new PRG Payments and more active participants in financial aspects of the company than ever before.  We also learned just yesterday that we’ll soon welcome a new shareholder to the company.

New Shareholder Preparing To Buy Stock

Randy has created a method for some people to take an equity position in the Company by joining a company being formed for the sole purpose of becoming a GlobalTmail USA, Inc. shareholder.  Today I held a meeting with him and some of the other people who are interested in participating as equity holders in GlobalTmail USA, Inc. and showed them how to proceed.  As of this writing, I have already formed a Wyoming Limited Liability Company for those who don’t have sufficient funds required for the minimum purchase of stock, but nonetheless they wish to become shareholders. Those people may be able to join as Members of this new LLC if they wish to become shareholder in our company.

Today I created ASEAN HOLDINGS, LLC for the purpose of buying stock.  This allows interested parties to join as Members (owners) of that LLC.  It will invest the funds paid by its Members for Interests in the LLC, into Preferred Stock in GlobalTmail USA, Inc.

Room For More

If you wish to become a shareholder but lack sufficient funds, you may still be allowed to join as a Member of Asean Holdings, LLC.   This is a great opportunity for long-term growth with our company and is made available by invitation only.  Please contact Randy Albalate at the Morong, Rizal office for more information.

New Back-Office Upgrades

Today I completed a corrective set of instructions for our India-based developer that provides the back office support.  It’s designed to monitor and track Associate Status codes.  These status codes are crucial to maintaining a strong and vibrant sales force.  We currently do have an automated status code tracking system but it’s broken – doesn’t work correctly.  We didn’t have time to complete development on it before my 2 trips to the Philippines.  So we’re working on it again now.

VoIP Engineer Retained –  PBX Engineer Already On Board

Another significant development today is that I made arrangements with the developer who has done most of the work on the Voifone™ soft phone software to work for us on a continuing basis.  This is actually pretty big news at this stage of our development.  means that we’ll be able to chase down technical problems with Voifone™ more quickly as they arise.  It also means we’ll begin working on some of the new Feature Requests within the next 30 days.

Issues such as not-connected, one-way or no audio or dead calls are fairly common and must be addressed right away. For the past few months we have not had a  competent staff member with the credentials to do this.  We wish to welcome Want Youge, from China, to our regular staff.  He’s a competent VoIP engineer and is planning to grow with the company.

Our long-time PBX programmer is still with us.  He deals with connectivity issues and all call-transfer, hardware and internal networking for our server farm.  Raj’s job is, basically, to keep the system running at all times.  He has been doing a great job at that for the past 2 years.

CRM Server Being Rebuilt Today

We ordered the rebuilding of the primary CRM server today in anticipation of loading our new and improved CRM system.  We’ll use it internally for the first few weeks to ensure that our support staff is familiar enough with the basic operation to support new customers as they begin to use this fantastic business management program.  Next week, I hope to introduce the new-and-improved CRM to staff and other key personnel.