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As of Saturday, July 16, 2011, I stopped actively supporting and posting articles to my original blog website.  I encourage you to refer back to it for a little history. I’ll leave it up for a few months before deleting it.

We’re now intensifying our marketing efforts with the completion and fine-tuning GroupCast so I expect development of all the many applications we’ve planned and started will also accelerate in the not-too-distant future.  This new blog site is intended only for the following people:

  • Licensed Remote Agents
  • Associates Who Made Sales
  • Associates Who Recruited Others
  • Port Incentive Group Members
  • Port Referral Group Members
  • Asset Management Group Members
  • Money Messenger Subscribers
  • Paying Clients of GlobalTmail
  • Other specially designated people such as members of the Board of Directors, stock holders, Vendors, Suppliers, employers, subcontractors, programmers, engineers, special prospects and other VIP’s associated with the company

As you know, to access this blog you must to register and respond to an email sent directly to you with a new password. You cannot change this password so please try not to lose it.  The system will resend it to the email you use when you register for this blog site.  Originally I was going to restrict access to ONLY the people listed above, but I changed my mind due largely to the amount of labor required to manually register everybody myself (or have a hired-hand do it).   Besides, I think there maybe be a number of prospects who just want to check out our legitimacy and they may want to jump in and see what’s going on themselves, too.

You’ll also see more robust content than the previous blog site such as embedded video training, links to useful tools, new photo albums, a forum to interact with other members of the GlobalTmail community, direct contact to the Founder and top management of the company through an easier Comment interface, special announcements of Webinar training and more.

I hope you like this new site! The design is different and so is the content.  Post some comments and let me know what you think!

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