What’s the Deal with Zoiper?

OK, I’m sure by now you’ve noticed some changes in the Voifone website. WHAT? You HAVEN’T?  Well . . . just in case you didn’t know, I renewed our partnership with Zoiper. They’re the producer of the single most popular, highest-rated (for mobile) and best-working VoIP SIP phone on the market.  What’s a SIP phone?  It’s what Voifone’s own soft phone “is”.

We use a technology called “SIP” (Session Initiated Protocol) to deliver Voifone’s services.  That’s the software, sitting on our server that provides voice calls, video calls, chat, image transfers and even sends and receives FAX’s.  Many companies – including us – have created their own SIP phones.  These “soft phones” are what makes it possible to use the features built into our server.  In fact, there are many, many soft phones you can use with your Voifone account. Voifone – in its purest sense – is the SERVER – “NOT” the phone on your mobile device or computer.

Strategic Error Corrected

For more than 2 years we have struggled to build our own SIP phone.  You know it as Voifone. But the truth is, “Voifone” is the server, NOT the software on your cell phone, mobile device or computer. People are often confused about this.  We’re like your cell phone carrier. They provide the service, but Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, HTC and many others build the phone.  In our case, Voifone – the trade name for our service – is classified as an ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider).  We provide the service, which resides on a server farm in a big data center in Dallas, Texas, USA.  We’ve been TRYING to also provide the soft phone.  But it hasn’t gone well.

We’ve been using Zoiper for 4 to 5 years with our GroupCaller Hosted Call center. It always works and works very well.  It’s VERY reliable.  We should have strengthened our relationship with this Bulgarian company way back when we first started building our own soft phone more than 2 years ago. But we didn’t.  The result is most people tried Voifone – but then quickly stopped using it.  Why?  A host of reasons. It didn’t connect. The video wasn’t working. I can’t get chat to work. My Contact List is all messed up.  And the complaints just rolled in.  But . . . MOST people blamed the software (the soft phone), thinking THAT’S our service.  It’s NOT.  The services itself – that software residing on servers in Dallas, Texas . . . “IS” Voifone and it has been very solid and reliable for more than 2 years now.  But nobody knew it because they were all struggling to make “Voifone” the soft phone perform as it should. The problem is . . . our soft phone is STILL in beta and STILL lacks some of the most important features we ordered from the very beginning.

Had we focused on Zoiper, none of these would have been issues.  So our error was trying in vain to roll out our own soft phone when we were under-capitalized. We should have just pushed Zoiper and introduced Voifone “only” as a Beta product suitable for testing purposes.

Well, that’s what I just did.  I CORRECTED THIS ERROR of omission – ignoring the best soft phone on the market in favor of developing our own product.  Also, if you take a look at our website, you’ll notice it’s vastly different from just 10 days ago.  Now, the only information on that site has something to do with our phone service.  All the SMS info is on http://voifonesms.com.  The Income Tool info is on http://yourincometool.com and soon, we’ll have a Carrier site.  There’s NO information on either the Voifone site or the VoifoneSMS site about a business opportunity or making money.  It’s strictly a product info and login portal now.

I’ll discuss our new Carrier services in a future article.

The Down-Side of Zoiper

There’s an important “down” side to Zoiper:  It’s confusing to install and configure for the average user.  But that’s a simple problem to fix.  I’d much rather have an installation team to help everyone install Zoiper, and then NEVER have an issue with it functioning properly – than what we’ve been through these past few years. Our own staff will provide installation help starting immediately, even if I’m the only one doing it to start.  We’ll also hold training sessions online and post some video instruction.  In reality, those who are pretty good with computers and cell phones shouldn’t have any problem doing it on their own.  Just read the instructions.  It’s really not that hard.  Once it’s installed and configured, Zoiper works like a champ!  You’re gonna love it.  If you haven’t already installed it, you should.  But when you’re running Zoiper, make sure you CLOSE our own Voifone soft phone application. They won’t both connect at the same time on the same device.

The Other Down-Side of Zoiper

There’s another down-side:  Some of the most popular features are only available on the PAID version of Zoiper. On cell phones, you can get them for only $2.49 USD as an in-app purchase.  For computers, it’s 33.10 Euros.  I think they’re well worth it.  The basic Zoiper phones are free, of course.  Most basic VoIP phone features are available on the free versions.

What’s Our Future with Zoiper?

A lot.  As we increase our sales and available cash, we’ll invest in our own branded version of Zoiper.  It’s going to cost us about $40,000 to do that.  So, help us sell about 100 new PRG Memberships in the next month or two and we’ll get it done SOONER rather than later!  When we have the branded version, it’ll be as easy to install and use as Viber, Skype or other compeititors.

Voifone Engineer is Gone

The software engineer who built Voifone for is was living in China but had to return to his home country.  He’s now gone and unavailable for support and future development.  We know an India-based engineering firm that we’d like to use for completing the project and providing permanent support and future development.  BUT – that requires money.  Our cash position has been deplorable for the past year and getting worst this year.  The past 2 months are showing signs of life with some new PRG Memberships.  Our goal is to start selling 100+ PRG Memberships monthly so we can sustain our cash position and complete all the applications we’ve planned for so many years.

What’s the Future of our own Voifone Soft Phone?

It’s on the website right now on the Download page.   We have very big plans for our own soft phone!  We only lack sufficient cash flow to hire full time engineers to work on it and support it.  We’ll keep Voifone on the website as long as it works. But with no support, it’ll eventually stop working.  As operating systems, browsers and other support platforms that make the soft phone operate make changes to keep up with technology, if we don’t mirror those changes in our own product, it doesn’t take long for OUR product to just STOP.  So at the moment, Voifone soft phone has a limited time that it’ll continue to work UNLESS we ramp up sales sufficient to hire a full time engineering team. Then Voifone will soar past the competitors – INCLUDING Zoiper.

Current Emphasis On Voifone Account, Not The Soft Phone

So at the moment, we’ll focus on promoting and supporting distribution of Zoiper.  It’s a fantastic phone and it’ll do things the competitors CAN’T.  I’m writing an article on our public blog site that promotes the use of Zoiper.  Please take a look at it when you get a chance.

This new emphasis also gives us a chance to highlight the Voifone account.  Did you know almost NOBODY has ever logged into their Voifone account?  It’s TRUE!  Yet it’s a nice, clean, robust account, giving the user’s complete call history, allowing users to instantly re-load their account (no delay as there is when they load funds into the Back Office), see their account balance, change their password, and do other normal account functions.

Let me know if you want to set up Zoiper on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.  I’ll personally help you if you contact me.   (Most people NEED some help with the configuration settings – let me know if YOU do.)