May 2015 Shows Best Progress To Date

I’ll provide more detail within the next few days, but I have to report that May 2015 has shown the best progress to date on nearly every front, as follows:

  • Beta Tester PRG Members:  We’re getting more PRG Members than at any time since the club was started in 2007.  It’s essential to have actively participating PRG Members who can report back directly to me and the staff about their experience, good and bad, using our products.  We expect to introduce some great new features to Voifone by the end of this year.
  • New SMS Website:  It’s not quite complete, but it’s good enough to show all my private blog readers.  I’m just finishing the new website designed exclusively for our SMS services: .  This also signifies a new strategy designed to enhance our marketing and sales efforts: Creating a separate website for every service. We’ll even create new websites just to show the PRG and also to explain the Back Office opportunity.  Within a few weeks you’ll see all content referring to the PRG and Back Office disappear from our other websites.  All SMS content will be removed from the Voifone website within a week or so.
  • Philippines Hosted Call Center (PHCC) License:  This month we introduced the Philippines Hosted Call Center license.  This is designed specifically to provide an aggressive marketing tool to sell the SMS short code service in the USA – and do it primarily from the Philippines. We plan to re-open our Morong call center ASAP, after somebody buys the license.  It’s priced at $12,500 but the first few licensee’s will get it for only $7,500.  I’m temporarily publishing information about this license on this site: – but it’s not finished as of this writing.  Give me a few more days – the PHCC info should be fully published by Friday this week.
  • Zoiper Partnership Re-Established:  Zoiper is one of many dozens of soft phone providers worldwide.  We partnered with them as one  of only 6 American-based ITSP’s (Internet Telephone Service Providers) to offer their soft phone to our users.  Zoiper has features that Voifone soft phone has not yet developed and deployed.  Our own soft phone will eventually be the most robust and reature-rich soft phone on the market.  Right now, Voifone is still in its infancy from a development perspective so we don’t yet have all the features that have been specified.  They’re coming. In the meantime, we’ll provide Zoiper as an alternate phone.
    • Voifone vs Soft Phone: For those of you who don’t already know, a “soft phone” is the software that enables you to make free and paid calls through our Voifone system.  “Voifone” is the name of our service. Think of Voifone as the phone company.  We fill the sale role as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile in the USA and Globe, Smart, Sun, etc. in the Philippines. Those companies provide the service and connectivity (that’s what “Voifone” does).  When comparing to cell phone companies, we all know that the phone company provides the service and various manufacturers provide the phones, such as Apple’s iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Google’s Nexus, and the list goes on and on.  We’re no different. We’re the phone company. Others provide soft phones and there are dozens of free soft phones that’ll work with our system. Or favorite NON-Company soft phone is Zoiper, which is why we partnered with them.  Of course, our all-time favorite is “ourselves” … the soft phone named after our service, “Voifone.”  But it’s currently lacks all the features I ordered and needs a new upgrade, which we cannot afford at the moment – i expect a new Voifone upgrade by mid-July.  You’ll find new Zoiper info in the download section of the Voifone website – I’ll be adding and enhancing that info by next weekend.  There’s a download link for Zoiper right now, but no explanation or installation instructions. Those are coming.  I’ll make a public announcement when it’s ready for everyone (within about 5 days).
    • Continuing Income Tool Enhancements: We’re continuing to improve Income Tool features.  Not much NEW has been developed this month yet, but just yesterday, we upgraded the registration form to allow new users to create their own username, and also provided a password link for those who forget their assigned password.  We’re aware of a bug in the Income Tool registration process preventing the activation email from being delivered 100% of the time.  We’re addressing that issue and should have it resolved this week.

That’s just a little review of current events in May.  But there’s more . . .

Pagadian Sales Trip:  Last week, I sent Randy and Alfred to Pagadian for a series of meetings with local political and business leaders, plus numerous prospective PRG Members.  He’ll return this Thursday.  We’ve already received new PRG Applications and expect many more on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Establishing new PRG Members and users on Mindinao is an important step for us.  I think Voifone will spread quickly through the rest of this year all over the Philippines and throughout the OFW community as well.  We’ve even started some marketing here in the USA – and THAT’S new also!

Be watching for my next article – which I expect to publish next weekend around the beginning of June.