New PRG Video & Members

I produced and published a new 2-minute PRG promotional video which you can all use to promote the Port Referral Group.  It gives a concise but very short concept of what the PRG is all about:  Long term sharing of our revenue during our rapid growth years. Here’s the direct link.  But you can also find it by going to the Income Tool website, clicking on Opportunities at the top of the page, and looking under the Port Referrral Group description at the bottom of the page.  You’ll see a link to the video there.

Wholesale SMS Philippines Route Changed Today

We had a few comments regarding failed message delivery to Digitel (Sun) subscribers and others in the Philippines.  Our engineers looked at the problem and recommended that we change routes.  The “route” is just the path through the Internet these messages take before being delivered to the Philippines cell phone carrer.  “It’s a technical thing . . . ”    Anyway, we made it effective as of April 29, 2015 Mountain Standard Time, USA.  Any of you who have experienced problems in the past should report back directly to either me or Randy Albalate to let us know whether the issue has been resolved.  If not, we’ll take a closer look and engage in more in-depth trouble-shooting.

Welcome New PRG Members

This past 2 weeks we hosted a half price promotion for the Silver PRG.  This has resulted in at least many new PRG Members as of this writing. I have been told more will complete their application before the midnight deadline.  I’d like to extend my personal “Welcome” to all of you who are new to this blog and new to our company.

I don’t have a regular schedule for posting articles here, but the more active our sales team becomes, the more articles I publish here on this private blog, and also on our public blog.  With all the recent activity, it seems like we’re going into a growth phase – which is what we’re expecting for the rest of this year and for the next several years as all of our applications are perfected, deployed and in some cases, completed.

Feel free to log in as often as you like.  I plan on publishing several articles during May.