Frustrated By Delays But Thrilled By Final Outcome

Delays in the software development field are the norm.  Usually when developers think a task can be completed within a certain time frame, they are wrong.  There are countless issues and problems that come up preventing timely delivery.  I’m accustomed to this, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear when there are so many people anxious and waiting for our new product to be released.


Everyone is asking “when” will the Income Tool be released. The original date was October 31. After 2 previous delays now it’s December 15, next Monday. My best answer at this point is “soon” – i’ll be surprised but not shocked if we get to the end of the year and there are still a few loose ends.

The Income Tool project is a far bigger and more complex project than most of you realize. Nonetheless, the vast majority of the framework is in place and in process of testing & debugging right now. There remain a few things to do, some of which is out of our control, like the data connections between our own server and the MLM server which is managed by an India-based firm.  They have been the weak link in the development chain – slowing down our progress at every turn.  We only have a small a mount remaining for them to do and I think it’ll be done this week.  Shortly after that, we should be able to aggressively test the product.

The Value of the Income Tool

Don’t forget, this project alone has the capacity of bringing in untold millions and tens of millions of dollars for the company.  I think it’s entirely reasonable to distribute hundreds of thousands or even into the millions of Income Tool Licenses worldwide. Simple arithmetic will tell you the value of this product to the company and all our Associates.  So don’t feel too badly if our release date is late by a few weeks. This will mean nothing in the very near future when you’re selling this amazing product that’s destined to change the lives of so many entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.