Income Tool and Voimeet Release Dates

Great News! According to our developers, we’re on the verge of releasing both the Income Tool and Voimeet at the same time!  The scheduled release date is November 26, 2014.  But we expect to begin beta testing with staff and select non-staff testers no later than Thursday this week for Voimeet.  We expect to begin beta testing the Income Tool by Monday, November 24.

Previous Sources of Revenue

They aren’t just the most important.  These to applications are BY FAR the most important.  WHY?  Because prior to these releases we had only 2 methods to earn money, each of which posed a major difficulty:

  1. PRG Membership Sales:  This has been our long-standing fall-back to earn revenue.  It’s a great program and we’ll continue promoting it. I expect sales will increase as our Associate-count increases. BUT, the sad truth is that only 3 or 4 of us have EVER been able to close these big-ticket sales.  Most of the time, nobody even tries to make PRG sales. Therefore, we rarely have prospects to whom we can present the PRG Membership.  Which also means, revenue has been unstable at best for years, making survival extraordinarily difficult. We have experienced some surges and false starts, but as soon as the few interested parties bought  their membership, sales dried up. This has been the case since PRG sales started back in 2008.
  2. Voifone™ Pre-Paid Minute Loads.  This remains the primary focus of our long-term revenue strategy.  However, it’s not likely we’ll earn enough to cover our monthly cost of doing business until we have over 100,000 “ACTIVE”  monthly users.  To get 100,000 “active” monthly users who place funds into their Voifone account each month will require having a minimum of 300,000 or more “REGISTERED” Voifone™ users.  After more than 8 months of constant marketing efforts, as of 10 days ago, we have registered only 634 unique user accounts (but well over 1,000 user accounts – there were many “fake” and test accounts).  We are taking steps to eliminate all fake accounts with the roll-out of our new “One-Step Registration” process, due for release in December. As you can see, we have a long way to go before we see enough cash flow to really make a difference for us when users load their accounts at $5 and $10 per load.

New Sources of Revenue

Both the Income Tool and Voimeet™ are applications loaded with profit.  Yet the price for each is affordable enough for ANYONE, worldwide, and both provide services that are very much needed and in-demand.  The Voimeet™ website is under construction right now, but on the home page, you can already see the 4 services we’ll offer through this new website.  The first one, “Presentations and Webinars” is a paid service which we expect to be relatively popular, especially in the target market of MLM sales leaders for the countless MLM companies around the world.  They “NEED” less expensive tools like the sophisticated Webinar system we’re releasing this week.  It has all the tools of the biggest webinar companies like Gotomeeting, Fuse Meeting,, Clickwebinar and many more, but with NONE of the limitations, like requiring installation by the attendees and limited number of attendees.  We’re offering the service for as much as 50% to 80% below the competitor’s pricing (based on # of attendees).  Unlike them, we have only ONE service plan, and it includes ALL features and UNLIMITED attendees.  In the webinar industry, that’s a revolutionary concept.  Very few webinar meetings attract more than a small handful of attendees, which is why we know this will be a very profitable service.  (The other 3 services you see listed on the Voimeet site are FREE; for the purpose of generating an audience to whom the paid service can be marketed.)

The Income Tool has already found an audience of users who are interested in buying.  Today, I’ll begin a series of emails directed at ALL Voifone™ users to buy the Pre-Release offer, which is HALF PRICE ($30.00).  We sold about 10 of the pre-release licenses already at $20.00.  Now, people will learn the price increased but is STILL half price.  Last night we got a commitment from one customer to buy 21 licenses for his sales people.  I expect to see many more people buying the pre-release offer during the next 10 days before we begin charging the full price of $60.00.

Opportunity for Sales Associates

The release of these two licensed products provides our Associates with their best chance yet to earn money realistically and do it FAST.  It’s the holiday season.  EVERYONE wants more money.  And we’ve got the perfect vehicle now for them to earn it by selling these two new products.  There’s a growing enthusiasm and anticipation for the launch of these items.

Beta Testers Wanted

Please comment on this article if you’d like to beta test the Income Tool with us.  We need as many “insiders” as possible to bang away at this product and try to “break it” before the full release.  Any bugs we find need to be fixed before the release.  And we’re seeking active comments for improvement before the release date as well.


Behind the Scenes November 2014

This will provide all of you PRG Members and shareholders some additional information about the plans for November.  It’s a supplement to the public blog article I posted yesterday. 

Termination of Voimeet Engineer

I’m very disappointed to announce I am terminating our first female software engineer who is from the Ukraine.  She appeared very competent during the first several days when she was retained at the end of September. But after missing the first deadline, for completion, which was October 10, I granted her more time for completion because our other engineer, working on the One-Step and Income Tool projects was also behind schedule. I made the mistake of paying this engineer a portion of the project twice during October because I continued to believe in her.  I ran out of patience this week and had an IT firm check her work. I confirmed that the only thing she did was install a framework for our application and nothing else.  Today I drafted her termination letter.  I’m just going to have to lose the moneyt we paid her.  We’ll pay this new firm only a little more than the balance due for the work done by the Ukranian engineer, so it’s a fair deal I got with them.  The new firm is scheduled to start next Monday, November 10.  The anticipated completion date will be on or about November 20.

Larger IT Firm To Develop Voimeet In Record Time – Only 10 Days

The new IT firm is an India-based company that lost the bid for the One-Step and Income Tool project. The company is Dialyma IT.  They have about 75 full time engineers and appear to have plenty of resources to deliver on time and within the budget to which we have agreed. They have also agreed to give us extended terms and wait for payment for part of the project since we are low on cash at the moment.  This is greatly appreciated.

The Future of Voimeet

After intense discussions with Dialyma, I have decided to greatly expand the Voimeet application.  The first thing we’re doing is creating the initial application, modeled after Google Hangouts, similar to what you have already seen.  But we’re building it on a completely different platform.  For this we’re adding new servers Friday in preparation for beginning the project Monday.  But this is only the beginning.  We’re going to build a full-blown conference and webinar system from this base.  We’ll model it after a service called “Uber Conference”  .    We’ll still offer the FREE version even with this greatly expanded system, but we’ll also monetize our conferencing tool in a similar fashion to what you see at Uber Conference.  The free version will have limited functionality – as does our current plan for Voimeet.  But the paid version will be very robust.

One-Step and Income Tool Progress

Friday I’m scheduled to begin testing some of the modules for the Income Tool and the One-Step Registration Process for Voifone.  I expect these tests will be successful.  Guy has proven to be a very dedicated and hard-working individual.  He works nights, days and weekends just like we do.  He and I discuss details of the project many times every day. We are his ONLY project.  Although it’s a very big task for just one engineer, he’s ambitious, hard-working and so far appears very competent.  He’s a native of Senegal, educated in Paris with a degree in Computer Science, and immigrated to England where we worked for a large tech firm before deciding to become a freelancer. We’re his first major project.  He appears to be very ambitious and wants to prove himself to us.  Excellent work attitude.

MLM Migration

One year ago this month we retained Daani IT Solutions in India to host and provide our entire MLM back office. They have maintained it for the past year in a relatively acceptable fashion.  However, it has been frustrating to work with them.  They are a bit slow to respond, but generally competent when they do.  Also their servers are slower than we want.  We recently discovered some difficulty working with them on the One-Step Registration process because they were very proprietary and hesitant to provide direct access to our own data. We finally got what we needed but it wasn’t easy.  They slowed the delivery of the One-Step Registration by about 2 weeks.

Guy has agreed to build an entire new MLM back office for us from the ground up after he completes the current project.  I expect it will take him 3 to 4 months to complete that project.  In the meantime, I have already paid Daani IT Solutions through the end of this end of this year, and sent enough to also cover the first Quarter of next year, provided they don’t install the PRG Tracking Tool that I had ordered from them.   I paid them about a month ago and they still haven’t started work on the PRG tracking tool, so I’m going to re-direct those funds for basic hosting in 2015,which will cover the first Quarter. That should carry us through the transition period in a seamless fashion.