Gearing Up The CRM

All my days are busy.  Here are a few things I worked on today until late tonight:

Testing New CRM

Our CRM is fully loaded onto our new server now and I’m beginning to learn it.  What an awesome tool!  But of course, I already found many issues for the programmers to correct.  It’s not yet ready for use internally (for our company); and it’s certainly no where near ready for commercial applications (selling it to our customers and clients).  But what I saw got me really excited because it’s just … great!

New URL for CRM

Also, today I ordered and set up the new URL for our CRM product: .  We’ll call it “Voifone CRM” for our Voifone users.  We’ll call it GroupCaller CRM for those  who use our Hosted Call Center or Carrier services.  I hope to roll out the entire CRM within a week to 10 days now.

Modified and Re-Issued Operating Agreement

I cancelled all existing Operating Agreements for the ASEAN Holdings, LLC – new shareholder in GlobalTmail USA, Inc. I also edited it and got the new one out to Shirley and Randy;  they each signed theirs so ASEAN Holdings, LLC is now ready to accept funds from all their Members; and deliver the funds here for the stock certificate I already delivered to Denmark.

Status Code Updates in Back Office

The Status Code application has never worked correctly in the Back Office and it’s starting to wreak havoc on our ability to accurately calculate commissions and bonuses.  I have been corresponding with our developer team in India and appealing for them to hurry and fix the issues.  They did get some of the problems addressed yesterday.  I need to evaluate the work the did and make sure all details are handled properly.  I expect it will take many weeks to accomplish this task properly.


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