New Shareholder – More Can Participate

This has been a record-breaking week for the company.   We had the most commitments for new PRG Memberships, the highest number new new PRG Payments and more active participants in financial aspects of the company than ever before.  We also learned just yesterday that we’ll soon welcome a new shareholder to the company.

New Shareholder Preparing To Buy Stock

Randy has created a method for some people to take an equity position in the Company by joining a company being formed for the sole purpose of becoming a GlobalTmail USA, Inc. shareholder.  Today I held a meeting with him and some of the other people who are interested in participating as equity holders in GlobalTmail USA, Inc. and showed them how to proceed.  As of this writing, I have already formed a Wyoming Limited Liability Company for those who don’t have sufficient funds required for the minimum purchase of stock, but nonetheless they wish to become shareholders. Those people may be able to join as Members of this new LLC if they wish to become shareholder in our company.

Today I created ASEAN HOLDINGS, LLC for the purpose of buying stock.  This allows interested parties to join as Members (owners) of that LLC.  It will invest the funds paid by its Members for Interests in the LLC, into Preferred Stock in GlobalTmail USA, Inc.

Room For More

If you wish to become a shareholder but lack sufficient funds, you may still be allowed to join as a Member of Asean Holdings, LLC.   This is a great opportunity for long-term growth with our company and is made available by invitation only.  Please contact Randy Albalate at the Morong, Rizal office for more information.

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