New Back-Office Upgrades

Today I completed a corrective set of instructions for our India-based developer that provides the back office support.  It’s designed to monitor and track Associate Status codes.  These status codes are crucial to maintaining a strong and vibrant sales force.  We currently do have an automated status code tracking system but it’s broken – doesn’t work correctly.  We didn’t have time to complete development on it before my 2 trips to the Philippines.  So we’re working on it again now.

VoIP Engineer Retained –  PBX Engineer Already On Board

Another significant development today is that I made arrangements with the developer who has done most of the work on the Voifone™ soft phone software to work for us on a continuing basis.  This is actually pretty big news at this stage of our development.  means that we’ll be able to chase down technical problems with Voifone™ more quickly as they arise.  It also means we’ll begin working on some of the new Feature Requests within the next 30 days.

Issues such as not-connected, one-way or no audio or dead calls are fairly common and must be addressed right away. For the past few months we have not had a  competent staff member with the credentials to do this.  We wish to welcome Want Youge, from China, to our regular staff.  He’s a competent VoIP engineer and is planning to grow with the company.

Our long-time PBX programmer is still with us.  He deals with connectivity issues and all call-transfer, hardware and internal networking for our server farm.  Raj’s job is, basically, to keep the system running at all times.  He has been doing a great job at that for the past 2 years.

CRM Server Being Rebuilt Today

We ordered the rebuilding of the primary CRM server today in anticipation of loading our new and improved CRM system.  We’ll use it internally for the first few weeks to ensure that our support staff is familiar enough with the basic operation to support new customers as they begin to use this fantastic business management program.  Next week, I hope to introduce the new-and-improved CRM to staff and other key personnel.


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