Gearing Up The CRM

All my days are busy.  Here are a few things I worked on today until late tonight:

Testing New CRM

Our CRM is fully loaded onto our new server now and I’m beginning to learn it.  What an awesome tool!  But of course, I already found many issues for the programmers to correct.  It’s not yet ready for use internally (for our company); and it’s certainly no where near ready for commercial applications (selling it to our customers and clients).  But what I saw got me really excited because it’s just … great!

New URL for CRM

Also, today I ordered and set up the new URL for our CRM product: .  We’ll call it “Voifone CRM” for our Voifone users.  We’ll call it GroupCaller CRM for those  who use our Hosted Call Center or Carrier services.  I hope to roll out the entire CRM within a week to 10 days now.

Modified and Re-Issued Operating Agreement

I cancelled all existing Operating Agreements for the ASEAN Holdings, LLC – new shareholder in GlobalTmail USA, Inc. I also edited it and got the new one out to Shirley and Randy;  they each signed theirs so ASEAN Holdings, LLC is now ready to accept funds from all their Members; and deliver the funds here for the stock certificate I already delivered to Denmark.

Status Code Updates in Back Office

The Status Code application has never worked correctly in the Back Office and it’s starting to wreak havoc on our ability to accurately calculate commissions and bonuses.  I have been corresponding with our developer team in India and appealing for them to hurry and fix the issues.  They did get some of the problems addressed yesterday.  I need to evaluate the work the did and make sure all details are handled properly.  I expect it will take many weeks to accomplish this task properly.


New Shareholder – More Can Participate

This has been a record-breaking week for the company.   We had the most commitments for new PRG Memberships, the highest number new new PRG Payments and more active participants in financial aspects of the company than ever before.  We also learned just yesterday that we’ll soon welcome a new shareholder to the company.

New Shareholder Preparing To Buy Stock

Randy has created a method for some people to take an equity position in the Company by joining a company being formed for the sole purpose of becoming a GlobalTmail USA, Inc. shareholder.  Today I held a meeting with him and some of the other people who are interested in participating as equity holders in GlobalTmail USA, Inc. and showed them how to proceed.  As of this writing, I have already formed a Wyoming Limited Liability Company for those who don’t have sufficient funds required for the minimum purchase of stock, but nonetheless they wish to become shareholders. Those people may be able to join as Members of this new LLC if they wish to become shareholder in our company.

Today I created ASEAN HOLDINGS, LLC for the purpose of buying stock.  This allows interested parties to join as Members (owners) of that LLC.  It will invest the funds paid by its Members for Interests in the LLC, into Preferred Stock in GlobalTmail USA, Inc.

Room For More

If you wish to become a shareholder but lack sufficient funds, you may still be allowed to join as a Member of Asean Holdings, LLC.   This is a great opportunity for long-term growth with our company and is made available by invitation only.  Please contact Randy Albalate at the Morong, Rizal office for more information.

New Back-Office Upgrades

Today I completed a corrective set of instructions for our India-based developer that provides the back office support.  It’s designed to monitor and track Associate Status codes.  These status codes are crucial to maintaining a strong and vibrant sales force.  We currently do have an automated status code tracking system but it’s broken – doesn’t work correctly.  We didn’t have time to complete development on it before my 2 trips to the Philippines.  So we’re working on it again now.

VoIP Engineer Retained –  PBX Engineer Already On Board

Another significant development today is that I made arrangements with the developer who has done most of the work on the Voifone™ soft phone software to work for us on a continuing basis.  This is actually pretty big news at this stage of our development.  means that we’ll be able to chase down technical problems with Voifone™ more quickly as they arise.  It also means we’ll begin working on some of the new Feature Requests within the next 30 days.

Issues such as not-connected, one-way or no audio or dead calls are fairly common and must be addressed right away. For the past few months we have not had a  competent staff member with the credentials to do this.  We wish to welcome Want Youge, from China, to our regular staff.  He’s a competent VoIP engineer and is planning to grow with the company.

Our long-time PBX programmer is still with us.  He deals with connectivity issues and all call-transfer, hardware and internal networking for our server farm.  Raj’s job is, basically, to keep the system running at all times.  He has been doing a great job at that for the past 2 years.

CRM Server Being Rebuilt Today

We ordered the rebuilding of the primary CRM server today in anticipation of loading our new and improved CRM system.  We’ll use it internally for the first few weeks to ensure that our support staff is familiar enough with the basic operation to support new customers as they begin to use this fantastic business management program.  Next week, I hope to introduce the new-and-improved CRM to staff and other key personnel.


May and June Trips To Philippines

I made 2 trips to the Philippines in May and June.  The primary purpose of these trips was to meet Rose Sarip, our newest large customer and potential new Stockholder for Globaltmail USA, Inc., sign contracts with her and receive payment.  During the first trip, I was able to hold some significant sales meetings in Kalibo and set up future sales of the PRG. To date, 4 PRG sales have been made from that trip.  Rose did not show up because her daughters didn’t have travel documents to leave their home in Saudi Arabia.  I made the 2nd trip because her daughters obtained their travel documents and Rose rescheduled her trip.

The 2nd trip was significant in that two things happened:  First, I was able to sign all the contract with Rose.  Second, we launched the new PRG Membership called “Starter PRG”.  Everybody thought Rose was going to pay within a day or two of signing the contracts.  As of this writing, she has not paid.  She has said she will pay before leaving the Philippines on August 10.  We are waiting to see if payment arrives.  The payment is supposed to consist of about $189,000 of PRG Membership payments, $100,000 in a stock purchase by Rose for her own account and another $25,000 for a partnership consisting of 19 individuals on Rose’s team.  We expect the total payment to be approximately $314,000;  but the final amount is not clear due to the fact that she wasn’t sure at the signing event about the exact number of ranks of PRG Memberships she would buy.

Launch of Starter PRG

The more significant aspect of the trip to the Philippines was the launch of our new Starter PRG Membership.  This membership appears to be catching on among those who are interested in the Company’s success.  Within 24 hours of announcing the membership, we had 32 people commit to purchase.  As of this date, there are 45 who are now committed.  This is a $500 membership that’s available on a full-pay or a 2-pay plan. Most customers are opting for the 2-pay plan.  Yesterday I received the first payment from several of the new Starter PRG Members. in the amount of a little more than $1,700.  I don’t yet have details about the pricing because Randy has allowed them to pay with Peso’s instead of USD.

Randy also reports there are approximately an additional 100 more prospects who have expressed interest in buying the Starter PRG.  He believes this new membership will dramatically transform the company by providing a steady and growing sales volume.

I believe he is right.