Summary: October 2013 to May 2014

It has been a remarkable journey since closing the call center last September.  We have completely re-purposed the primary focus our our company to be closer to the vision originally outlined in the business plans from 2006 and the Private Placement Memorandum & Business Plan from 2010.  As of today, I can say we have successfully deployed Voifone™ and it’s growing rapidly.

6 Months of Almost $0 Revenue

Development has been continual and around the clock since we decided to close the call center and focus on building the more comprehensive communications platform that has always been our primary goal.  Admittedly, the GroupCaller™ call center and lead-generation business we operated last year was just a means-to-an-end, a method of generating sufficient revenue to hire the developers necessary to complete the whole project, but it came to an abrupt end without warning or expectation.  As often happens, adversity brings with it the seeds of success.  And that seems to be the case with our current effort.

How Did We Survive?

So, how did we hire more developers, keep the staff open, move out of the call center facility and open a new office in Morong, and add several new platforms since last October?  I didn’t go out and find new investors.  What I did was simple:  I invested almost all my remaining assets into this business – well into the six figures in the past 7 months – more than 95% of my assets have now been invested into the company.  I’m proud of our progress and have “bet the farm” so to speak on our success, of which I have no doubt.

What We Accomplished

In the 7 1/2 months since beginning this massive development effort we have accomplished a lot.  And we’re now at the beginning stages of seeing the results of our efforts.  Here’s a quick summary of what we accomplished so far:

  • MLM Back Office Functional:  The framework necessary for independent sales reps to do their jobs is what we call the “Back Office”.  This is the e-commerce and MLM/Network Marketing system that allows the purchase of our services, tracking of sales and calculates the commission and bonus payout schedule that motivates our sales team.  This was an arduous task and took 4 months from start to finish (last October until the end of January before we could use it).  In reality, this is like all our other platforms and is never really “finished”.  We simply created enough to make it usable.  We’ll continue to add new features as long as technology continues to develop.  And we think that will be “forever”.  As of this writing, the Back Office works great and is being used daily by hundreds of new Associates.
  • Voifone™ Platform Works:  We’re proud to say that our main product has been deployed and is used daily by a rapidly increasing fan-base.  As far as I know, we’re the only VoIP International calling system that provides direct-dial to the entire world right out-of-the-box, while at the same time providing a compensation system merely for registering and using our services.  We currently have 4 great soft phones for Android, Windows, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and MAC operating system.  Registration for new accounts and the software is available online.  Users download the PC and MAC software from our website, and can install Voifone™ on their Android devices from Google Play, plus they’ll find the iPhone and iPad versions in the App Store.  I can’t begin to emphasize what a great accomplishment it is to have a fully functional application like this that rivals the big players in the industry.  We’re now on the launching pad and starting to aggressively market our system.
  • SMS International Mobile Marketing:  Our bulk text-messaging service has been deployed and is linked through our website as of this writing.  This week, I’ll be setting up the e-commerce and inviting our first customers to use the system.  This is a very sophisticated text-messaging system that works worldwide.  The purpose is bulk SMS service for companies and organizations.  However, the pricing is so low that even individuals can take advantage of this great service!  Anyone who wants to use it can subscribe to an account by Saturday, May 17, 2014.
  • SMS Domestic USA Mobile Marketing:  We think SMS marketing is the hottest thing in advertising and commercial communications right now, and it’s going to remain that way in the foreseeable future.  We now can boast one of the most sophisticated services in America – and therefore in the world.  And it’s “OURS”!  Final testing of the platform is under way right now.  I expect to deploy this platform shortly after returning from my trip to the Philippines in early June.  All the functions of short-code text messaging, mobile coupons, polling and surveys, bounce-backs, auto-response, key-word marketing and even the ability for our customers to create their own mobile websites from our software is included!  We remained consistent in our aggressive pricing model too.  I believe we are BY FAR the cheapest service at this level of performance in the USA.  In the summer, we’ll begin recruiting USA-based sales agents and turn our International sales team loose on attacking the USA with a marketing blitz to recruit and train a top-notch sales force who will acquire the small-business customer base we need to make ours one of the most popular means of mobile marketing in the USA, and in the world.
  • GroupCaller™ CRM:  Our CRM has been completely dismantled and re-built from the ground up.  It’s a necessary tool for our own company as we grow. The CRM ties all functions and communications with customers, vendors, Associates and others together under one roof.  We went the extra mile and turned it into a full-featured bulk email tool as well.  The pricing of this product is dependent on the size of the customer’s contact list.  Our pricing model is far less than competing CRM’s and we believe our feature set is better also.  As an example, we’re the ONLY provider of a sophisticated CRM that does NOT charge per-month-per-user.  We allow all customers to have unlimited users on their accounts.  For us, it’s all about the database size and bulk email features. But it goes a step further.  The CRM has been designed to promote our other existing telecom platforms.  The bulk SMS system has been fully integrated in the CRM.  Also, anyone with a Voifone™ account can use the Click-2-Call feature of the CRM and see their entire call history logged into the History panel for each contact in their database. Wow! That’s a feature NOBODY ELSE in the CRM industry has!  The system has been developed and is in testing phase right now.  I expect deployment of a trial system to be used only by ourselves by the time i travel on the 21st of this month.  After my return, sometime in June, I’ll roll out the full-featured system and make it available for sale.  This commercial product has the potential of being the most profitable division of our company.  CRM revenue world-wide has been growing at a blinding pace, but nobody else in the CRM industry incorporates all the communications tools under one roof, with one account as we do.
  • Live Chat and Trouble Ticket System:  We have deployed a Live Chat system on our website so users can talk with us at almost any time.  Currently, the system is staffed from 9 am until midnight, 7 days a week on Philippines time.  We’ll add the missing 9 hours with live staff when sales volume and demand for this service increases.  One of the greatest features to our chat system is the fact that we’re able to integrate it with our CRM. This means that, for every registered user who chats with us, the chat transcript is logged right into their Contact account in the CRM.  We’re truly becoming a fully-integrated firm where our service personnel have access to 100% of our contacts with everyone from vendors to customers to sales Associates to Leads and others.  We’re looking forward to fully integrating with our CRM, which I expect will be deployed sometime in July this year.
  • Robocaller:  Our own voice broadcast system is called Robocaller.  Automated voice broadcast has been a part of our development since the beginning.  But this is the first time we have built a fully DIY (Do-It-Yourself) system that allows customers to register, set up their own calling campaigns, and execute those campaigns, all without the need to talk or interact “live” with us.  We’re really excited to deploy this full system.  I don’t think we’ll finish it in time for this year’s massive political robocall season, but look out!  In two years when we have the most intense presidential debate and election of my lifetime, we’ll be ready for all the politicians.  I expect we’ll quickly rise to the top of this service simply due to the fact that our interface is simple and elegant, and our pricing is far less than the competitors.  While voice broadcast calls have been virtually eliminated for purely commercial purposes in the USA, we have found a way to make this service legally available to ALL Associates of the company as one of their primary communications tools with their downlines – and they can use it Internationally (a feature not offered by most voice broadcast systems).
  • Fully Revamped Ecommerce:  We finally broke away from Paypal!  They have a fantastic user-friendly system. But it comes at a huge cost as our volume grows.  They charge us more than 5% for all transactions.  This is OK at small volume but as we grow, it’s much too costly.  Our merchant account through our bank costs about 1.9% plus some other fees.  At small volume, this is even more expensive than Paypal.  However, as our volume grow, the expense is far less than Paypal.  All sales are currently handled through our Back Office.  Those customers who want nothing to do with the opportunity we offer can simply register as a customer, load their Voifone™ account, subscribe or purchase any of our services through the Back Office.  Voifone™ loads can also be paid directly into their online account if they want instant access to the account balance.  When loading funds through the back office, it takes up to 4 hours (during our business hours) to transfer those funds into their account for use.
  • New Website:  Our website is fantastic!  We switched from HTML to a WordPress website and I think you’ll agree it’s a great, functional and elegant looking website. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so by going here: .  Our old website,, is offline as of this writing.  However, we’ll bring it back up within the next few weeks just as a place-holder until we can address some of the issues for the Hosted Call Center application.
  • Mobile Website:  In addition to our primary website, when customers find us on their mobile devices, they’ll find a website that has been optimized for their mobile device.  This is a big break-through since so many of our users don’t even have a PC or Mac.  And even when they do, most people now rely on their mobile device for most of their online activity.  We’re on the leading edge of this technology and I expect to stay there ad infinitum.
  • New Branding:  Our branding has changed.  The Voifone™ logo is becoming more and more popular and known throughout the world.  We’re putting the logo to good use.  This morning, i got the new art that will allow us to make nice, embroidered logo T-shirts, polo shirts and ball caps.  We also got the artwork to screen print on T-shirts.  I expect you’ll find a section of the website selling branded logo-wear by this coming fall!

Upward Trend

The numbers speak for themselves.  We’re growing rapidly and the call volume show exactly what is happening.  Let me show you the call counts that really begin to tell the tale of what has happened in the past several weeks as we began to aggressively market and deploy Voifone™.   Following are the call-count stats showing the the number of calls made by our users only on PAID calls (free call volume is NOT included here):

Calls per month, 1st 5 months of 2014

Calls per month, 1st 5 months of 2014

I expect when I show you this same graph for the entire 3rd Quarter, you’ll be amazed at the growth pattern.  We’re seeing it now and I expect the numbers to increase rapidly through the rest of this year.

Here’s another interesting graph.  It shows the site visits.  We have been at somewhere between 0 and 15 visits daily “forever”.  Now look what has happened – we’re averaging more than 200 hits a day on average and register on average 5 to 10 new users every day!


At the current rate, since we’re only at May 12 as of the date of this writing, I expect by the end of May we’ll see yet another increase.  at the present rate, we’re getting an average of 127 hits daily (biggest day was 318 hits).  What a difference from only 5 to 15 hits a day a few months ago!

Stay tuned. More is coming.  This blog is designed especially for owners, officers, managers and PRG Members of the Company.   There’s a lot happening so I need to get back to work!