Voifone Launch for 2014!

After the 4th Quarter 2013 push for development of the all-new Voifone™ we’re starting out 2014 with a bang! Get ready for

VoiFone logoThis product forms the basis for our global communications platform and is the first of several applications to roll off the assembly line complete and read to go.

Beta Testing

We’re currently in the phase of beta testing this service.  Basically, Voifone™ is an International VoIP phone service available on virtually all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets and even Blackberry. We provide the best prices and highest quality service of any of the many providers.  Beta Tester positions have been filled. However, you can go ahead and register as a Beta Tester because we’ll be replacing those who are not actively engaged in testing our service during the next week or two.  There are a number of benefits to beta testing our services, so please look into it.

Most Systems Functional – Time To Start Using!

The basic services for Voifone™ are available and in use every day now.  The most popular platforms are, in this order:

  1. Android
  2. Windows
  3. Mac
  4. iPhone

To get started, first register as a Beta Tester.  You’ll get an email with download instructions and your login credentials.  If you’re lucky enough to be one of the original 50 Beta Testers, we’ll also load a balance on your account so you can make many calls worldwide for free!

New Calling Plans Coming

We currently offer the lowest per-minute calling plan in the industry.  We’ll be adding flat-rate unlimited calling plans to North America plus other destinations in the next few days.  Please keep your eye on the Buying Page for more information.  Also, log into this blog frequently to stay up to date.