I waited six weeks since my last entry because I wanted to have something of real substance to report. Today, I can announce that we have finally. . . after more than 7 long years of R & D . . . LAUNCHED!

Each day now, we search for new Clients and we find them! We’re in the process of educating people in the direct sales and direct marketing business (starting with the Insurance industry), that the “BEST” way to do Internet Marketing . . . is the “old” way. Many people in direct sales think that cold-call telemarketing as a prospecting tool has gone the way of the dinosaur. Nothing is further from the truth! In fact, the system we developed is incredibly effective (as our Clients are now learning), and it’s powered 100% by Internet Technology!

Daily-Monthly-Weekly Sales Report

I have created and posted online a Daily Sales Report. This was posted for the first time last Friday. We’ll update it daily as payments arrive from customers. This tool is designed for the stockholders of the company, Account Executives and others with a contractual reason or need for the information. Naturally, as a private company, this is considered to be confidential information. But for those of you readers who have waited a long time, in some cases years, for us to finally be “in revenue” the time has come! Those on a “need-to-know” basis will receive password-protected access to this web page next week after I return from my trip to Oregon (leaving later this morning, and returning Sunday night).  “You know who you are!”

These reports are in the form of nice 3-D graphs, very easy to read and will give a clear picture of our current sales position plus trends. I’m adding weekly and monthly reports as the rest of this year unfolds so the reader will be able to see sales trends, which for the next several years, I am quite certain will all be “up”.  Eventually, we’ll add an annual graph as well for year-to-year comparison. So starting out, we have only 1 graph; within a month you’ll see 2 graphs; and by the end of the summer, we’ll add the monthly graph.

For now, those of you who are sharing in the gross revenue of the company, and entitled to a share of this cash flow on a regular basis, will know our sales volume and have an idea of how much cash income you’ll receive as a result.


I’m sorry to admit that I haven’t done much of anything with VoiFone™ these past 6 weeks. Although this is a vital part of our over-all development schema, the call center and ramping up sales has taken 100% of my time. I have communicated regularly with the development team, but they are not making fast progress. Mostly, I attribute this to the fact that I’m not providing daily guidance to them as I was in the past. They claim the product is 85% to 95% complete. I disagree. There are plenty of features required in the project that I haven’t yet seen. But in fairness, I’ll admit I haven’t really looked carefully at it during the past month. The developers claim that our Browser, Android and iPhone versions are all working well. They admit to some weakness in one of the OS’s but I can’t recall which one as I’m writing this article. I’ll get back to you on that.

Two New Bigger Clients This Week

I have attracted 2 new larger clients this week. I was very surprised at both of them! The first is an insurance company in California that provides leads to hundreds of California insurance agents. They have a continuing daily need for leads. This company agreed to a test and purchased 100 leads at an extreme discount. If they like our services, they’ll continue buying. Sadly, I under-priced the bid for them so we’re likely to lose money on this test, for which we are billing them $1,600. We should have charged at least 70% more than that. The second is a group of insurance agents right here in Salt Lake City! I ran into them by accident. While meeting with my financial planner on a different subject, I learned one of his colleagues has 38 insurance agents working for him in his agency. They all have the same problem: Lack of leads. I showed him how to fix that problem using our Hosted Call Center. I’m leaving town today and he’s leaving next week, but we agreed to meet a week from this coming Monday. He invited me to a meeting with him and all his agents to show them how to use the system. He’s going to offer to pay the License Fee for all agents who wish to use our services; the agents will only need to pay the per-minute and caller ID phone number for their respective accounts. it’s a win-win for everyone! I expect we’ll have a windfall of new Clients in a little over a week as a result of this meeting – which I just acquired yesterday!

Big Things Coming

Watch for more progress the rest of this year. All of us working actively on this project just sort of “feel it coming”.  There’s so much demand for the lead-generation service we  created. I’m still the only effective salesman for the company, but I’m training Randy, Marvin and soon one other Account Executive in the Philippines to take over these duties for me. Once they can effectively make sales, and train others to do likewise, we’ll start into a real growth pattern. While I am still the only effective salesman, our growth will be limited. We’re working diligently to bring the first two Account Executives up to speed so they can run with this ball.

Big things are happening right now . . . stay in touch and don’t miss our progress the rest of this year!