Fastest 1-Month Progress Marks 7-Year Anniversary

Wow, what a month! It has been almost a full month since my last entry. I assure you I’m not avoiding this blog. But it’s true that when I get to the end of each day I’m just exhausted from the day’s events and haven’t felt up to contributing another article. But I can’t wait any longer, so here goes.

Overview Of The Past Month

I don’t think I’ve seen so much progress on “things-that-matter” in such a short period since we first started actively developing the GlobalTmail™ family of products exactly 7 years ago, in March 2006. For starters we now have statistical proof that our GroupCaller™ system is effective as a lead-generation tool. That knowledge has lead to the setup of our first brick-and-mortar call center, located in Morong, Rizal, Philippines. We serviced 2 commercial Clients for the first time during the past month, both of whom experienced successful lead-generation. For the first time since inception we have two full time Support Representatives, a prerequisite to this company’s ability to close sales and service customers. And to cap it all off, our VoiFone™ development team has almost completed the browser-based VoiFone™ together with the Android version of VoiFone™. Both are now working and undergo daily testing by me, staff members and others around the world. They have also started developing the iPhone version which is the next roll-out. I expect to have a fully-functional VoiFone™ for browsers plus the Android version working and recruiting a sizable number of beta users within the next 30 days. Hopefully I’ll be reporting more significant progress on this front in my next article.

Account Executives, Agents & Support Reps Make Sales Possible

As of today, we have one full time sales manager 5 full time Agents and 2 full time Support Reps. The term “Agent” is applied to a call center worker who is finding leads for our Clients. Our Agents are being converted to Account Executives (“AE”).  Their job is to find new Clients and sell them our Staffed Call Center or Hosted Call Center services.  So essentially, the AE’s are our sales staff. We started preparing for that position during the past 3 days.

We weren’t able to aggressively pursue sales for ourselves until we had all 3 staff positions filled and trained:  AE’s, Agents and  Support Reps. The AE’s make the sales, Agents generate Leads for the new Clients recruited by the AE’s and the Support Reps do all the setup and debugging of connection problems for AE’s, Agents and Clients. Without the Support Reps we can’t function at all.

My goal is to begin recruiting Clients with our new AE’s by Wednesday this week and have the Support Reps set them up. While that’s happening, we’re training new Agents to find Leads for our new Clients.

New Philippines Call Center Opening By May 6

Perhaps the most significant and game-changing event of the past month is the fact that our new call center, located in Morong (city), Rizal (Province), Philippines has been leased and is already partially set up. The new equipment has been ordered and will be delivered by Thursday this coming week. The target date for our official grand opening is May 6.

I’ll be leaving Wednesday for the Philippines and will arrive there Friday morning this week (Philippines time). Friday and Saturday I’ll mostly be recovering from jet lag, but Saturday afternoon, I’ll go to our new office to inspect it for the first time. All the cubicles are already installed as of this writing and I expect by the time I arrive all equipment and furniture will also be on site. I’ll be traveling from the Morong office on Saturday to Kalibo where I’ll see Joe Yasul’s office building, meet with our new networking engineer who lives in Kalibo and do a little sight seeing on Boracay Island. We cannot finish the office and network configuration until the Internet is connected at the office. I’m told that cannot happen until Wednesday or Thursday, May 1st or 2nd, due to the lengthy wait for national, provincial and local permits and licensing in the Philippines. That process will be finished by Wednesday this week, at which point we can finally order our Internet service.

So I expect by Thursday May 2nd the network will be fully functional. By Friday May 3rd I expect the new 10-seat call center to be fully functional and ready for staffing. We’ll conduct training at the office on Saturday May 4, and I’ll leave the Philippines on Sunday, May 5, arriving here in Utah on Monday May 6.

May & June 2013 Are “Ramp Up” Months

Watch this blog more often during May. This is the month that we’ll finally start making our sales effort the highest priority in the company. May will be the first month in our history that we have a staff plus other infrastructure that’s fully capable of creating a sales volume. Therefore, I expect by June 2013, we should be closing multiple sales each week, if not each day. This is the first real sales milestone we’ve had – to create a regular and steady sales volume – and it has taken us a full 7 years to reach this event since the inception of development. I cannot over-emphasize the importance and significance of reaching this goal! As we become more skilled at selling, I expect to be posting some of our sales results and other statistics in this blog. So be watching, and by the end of June, I think you can expect to see regular reporting on our sales volume.,

VoiFone™ Behind Schedule, But Quality Exceeds Expectations

While I’m disappointed I can’t promote VoiFone™ as I wanted to on this trip to the Philippines, I’m very excited to announce that the quality of this product is exceeding my expectations! You can expect to see VoiFone™ emerge as a real world-class competitor to Skype and other soft phones when we finish. We’ve got a rapidly growing list of potential users and couldn’t be more thrilled with what we’re seeing. We’re introducing one of the first fully browser-based international phones services on the planet! I expect we’re going to see fast growth when VoiFone™ is ready for public deployment.

New Beta Testers Needed Soon – Will YOU Be One Of Them?

You can expect we’ll issue a call for more beta testers within the next 3 weeks. We’ve been conducting successful tests between the browser-based VoiFone™ and the Android version. The iPhone version will be ready for testing right after I arrive in the Philippines so I expect all three of these versions to be in full test-mode by the time I return. There’s a fair amount of debugging and last-minute development required before we can release these products to the public, but as a reader of this blog, you’ll be one of the first to use it if you wish!  This might be a rare chance for you to participate in a fast-growing communications facility that has a chance to become widely used all over the world. Please let me know by posting a message to me below if you are interesting in being one of the first VoiFone™ Beta Testers.

Up Next:  Reports From Abroad!

I’ll be reporting from the Philippines next week. Be watching for photos and more news of the opening of our new call center!