V-Phone Beta Testing Today

Beta Testing for the V-Phone begins today. We have a total of 6 beta testers right now. If you would like to be included please let me know by email of phone. I’ll be happy to set you up so you can test it with us. The more the merrier.

We should be ready to activate one or more phone routes to the Philippines by the end of this week. However it looks like it’ll be a little expensive to do that. So I might have to wait until we have additional capital. I’m working on that right now.

I’ll report back here the results of the beta testing in a day or two so please stand by.

Testing The New V-Phone

Well, it’s finally here! It’s called the GroupCaller™ V-Phone service (“V” stands for “VoIP”). You can find it on the website at the top of the menu items.  This weekend we’ll begin testing it. As usual this task that seemed simple at first, took on a whole life of its own as I developed the web pages that make it work. Most of that is done now. I just need to complete the Installation and Configuration page to show people how to connect their V-Phone software to our servers.

Need Beta Testers!

How would you like to volunteer to be a Beta Tester? I need several people right now (like, starting TODAY, tomorrow, etc.) to install this software on their cell phone and/or computer and make some calls with it. The process will include going through the subscription process and paying the $15 first month fee. Don’t worry, I’ll refund that fee back to your card as soon as we get it. If you call me and let me know when you’re going to set it up, I can refund your small fee within minutes and cancel the transaction so there are no recurring fees. But it’s critical to the testing process that I have several people go through the entire process start to finish. This includes paying the fee. We need to test all aspects of the setup and service and find out what difficulties people have, what works and what doesn’t work.

I expect we’ll discover a number of flaws to the system by testing it. This is normal; that’s why we call it Beta TESTING. But I don’t think there will be any major hiccups. I would like to have 6 to 12 volunteers to set up new accounts among my readers here who know me and  the company and are willing to through the purchase, installation and calloing procedures so we can better prepare to sell the product. The sooner we beta test it, the sooner we’ll start selling!

First Marketing Attempt

This V-Phone was originally requested as an add-on product about 6 months ago by Charly Brizuela a business contact and friend of mine from Tabaco, Albay in The Philippines. But it wasn’t until about a month ago when I began talking in depth about this project to Randy Albalate (our only active Philippines agent) that I realized there is likely a substantial market for this product right there in the Philippines. The discussions between Randy, myself and Charly have continued for the past 5 or 6 weeks. The result is today’s announcement that we’re just about ready to begin selling.

The market that has been identified in the Philippines is among sailors and fishermen. The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands. I have learned a lot about this country in the past 6 months. Evidently, there is a great demand for a better way for these sea faring people to call their family, friends and loved ones while they’re out at sea. Currently, they pay about 13.0 PHP per minute in full minute increments to call home while at sea. We’re launching this service and able to provide them what we think is a better and more complete service with rates of 6.6 PHP to about 10.5 PHP per minute on average (in 6-second billing incements instead of full 1-minute increments they currently pay).  But the real kicker is the fact that they can also call into the USA for rates as low as 1/3 cent (14.4 Centavos) per minute. This is an unheard of low rate.

I have been informed also that there are millions of Philippine people working abroad all around the world that could use this service as well.  To start, we’re going to market this through Philippine-based ship’s captains, managers and ship owners who will ask their crews to use the service in exchange for a commission. We’ll broaden the customer base with a word-of-mouth campaign, likely using our already-existing network marketing infrastructure that has been dormant for the past couple of years.

Shift In Marketing Strategy

Along with pursuing aggressive sales of the V-Phone, I have decided to shift the emphasis of our basic marketing. Quite simply, what we have been doing has not worked out. There are a number of reasons for this, the largest of which is a lack of capital to support a sustained marketing and sales effort over a 3 to 6 month momentum-building period. But I’m not letting a slow sales performance record dampen my enthusiasm for this project, which I still know to be one of the most needed services for small entrepreneurs everywhere.

We’re keeping all systems in place exactly as they are right now. The only thing changing is “how” we sell what we have. Instead of emphasizing the Hosted Call Center, we’ll begin to emphasize our ability to just get leads for our Clients for a fee. Part of the reason for this is simply the fact that my own time is so limited. We’re still a micro-sized little company that intends to someday become a giant in the industry. But right now, we’re still in the “amoeba” stage of growth. So I’m going to promote something that is (a) MUCH more simple to describe and understand by the prospect and (b) VERY easy to service and maintain for the company (namely the V-Phone and selling Leads that WE generate for our Clients).

Beginning next week, the only thing we’ll aggressively sell are (1) LEADS and (2) V-PHONE service. By selling leads instead of the Hosted Call Center, all the customer has to know is “I pay $XXX.00 and I get “Y” number of leads.  Simple. Straight forward. And when selling the V-Phone, they only thing people have to know is (1) It’s an Internet phone that works from your computer or almost any smart phone and (2) it’s a LOT less expensive than what you’re doing right now.

New Homepage

I’ll be changing the home page this weekend. Be watching for There won’t be much text. I’m designing an entirely new look and feel for the first impression people get of this company. By Monday you should see just 3 or 4 graphical images on the homepage that give a very basic description of who we are and what we do. These images are also links to pages that provide more and better information. The new look and feel is commensurate with this change in marketing and sales strategy. Check back in here Monday morning and you should see an upgraded image of the company.


VoIP Phone Pages Designed – Some Posted

Well, I got the entire site designed for the VoIP Phone service but I didn’t get them all posted. There’s still a fair amount of work remaining and I expect it will take most of the day Wednesday to get them all completed.

In the meantime, just go to the homepage and select the FREE VoIP Phone menu item near the top of the menu list. You can read this page and the Features & Benefits link on that page.  The other links still don’t work.

This looks like a great niche product to me and something that has the potential to provide the company with substantial and continuing cash flow. As I have studied competing services like Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger Voice Calls and small competitors as well, it appears our pricing is very competitive if not better than most and we’ll have features nobody else has, like integration with our own CRM.

We’ll be testing this system by tomorrow night. I’ll be in touch with some of you to help test.

Happy Birthday To . . . ME!

OK, so today is my 60th birthday. I didn’t realize there were some plans over the weekend related to this auspicious date that would prevent me from working on the UI’s (User Interfaces) for our new Internet Phone service. Today was no different. Long story short, I’m behind one or two days.

That said, I’m back in the saddle late tonight working on the procedures that’ll allow us to begin marketing our new product in the USA and Philippines initially. We should be able to provide service to and within most countries within the next 6 months.  This makes us a truly worldwide company even while still in our infancy (from a marketing perspective).

Check in tomorrow night. I’ll have some cool new links for you to follow!

Past 2 Week’s Accomplishments

I have really burned the midnight oil the past 2 weeks. In my last article I spoke of resurrecting the PRG, which I have done. I did most of the work presented below as the result of discussions with our Philippines agent, Randy. I resurrected the PRG, and more importantly I created a new promotional tactic that’s designed to be more effectively operated by our micro-sized staff.


I created far more than “just” resurrecting the PRG and making it more accessible (it never went away, it’s just that Associates completely stopped selling it). We now have a comprehensive Affiliate program. Those who wish to make money with us will also be invited to use the new promotional tactics I present below under the New Marketing Strategy heading.  You can reach most of the new pages I created for the PRG by clicking on the Affiliates link from most of the pages of our website. One of the most important links from the VAR page to which the Affiliate menu item links is the 11-minute video that describes the income opportunity. I encourage you to spend a little time reading these new web pages and getting familiar with the information.  If you are interested in promoting the company, please let me know.

New Marketing Strategy

This afternoon I finally completed one of the most intense projects of the year.  My time is always tightly scheduled. As a result, there is just no way for me to individually take care of each and every customer or personally make all the sales presentations. Since I have not found competent sales people who are successful in closing sales, I was forced to create systems that will automate most functions of marketing, training and sales.  This way, I can operate the whole thing pretty much by myself without relying on others (which has proven to be unprofitable).

The system I created today relies on a combination of voice broadcast, predictive dialing, individual and bulk email and Video On Demand (VOD) marketing. It starts by finding somebody who wants to learn more about our services (obtained normally through our Philippines agent or a voice broadcast campaign).  These Leads get an email that links them to the 8:51 minute video I completed today. You can take a look at it if you wish.

The end of the video provides a link, and if the user doesn’t click on it, the video transfers the viewer to that link anyway when the video stops playing.  The essence of the deal is offered by the video is this:  Free Single User License ($65 value), Free first month Subscription ($89), just register and pay for minimal usage (minimum $50 paid into their account is required). For that the new Client gets full access to the entire system for a month, after which the $89/month subscription kicks in.  Of course if the new Client cannot follow the online directions to set up the system and log in, they can pay a $65 new account setup fee and I’ll do it for them.

The system is a bit complex internally to make it simple for the prospect and Client. The programming was a bit intense, which accounts for my silence the past 2 weeks. As far as the prospect knows, they’re just going online to watch an 8-minute video. If they like what they see, the system takes them to a sign-up form at the end after which they get an instant email with log in credentials to a page that allows them the (a) buy prepaid minutes and (b) register for their first-month-free.

Go ahead and try these links. You’ll see how the promotion works.

New Product: WiFi Phone

It would seem we’re now also a phone company. At the request of the Philippines agents, I completed development in the past 2 weeks of a wifi phone. It’s actually a direct competitor to Skype and does virtually the same thing, including video calls over the Internet. We adapted an open-source code and will eventually customize it as our own. For now, it’s a very nice product just “as is”.

I was told there is a ready market for this type of phone in the Philippines. Essentially, it’s software that is installed on any iPhone or Android device that provides phone service through a WiFi connection so the user can use their cheap data plan for phone calls instead of the more expensive minutes from their cell phone company.  Apparently, there’s a big demand among fishermen and sailors in the Philippines.  I’m not sure how much demand we have in the USA, but it’s a slick system and works great.

If you want to download and install this on your phone I’ll set up an account if you pre-pay for usage with a minimum of $50. Here’s the link to download the software and install it onto your cell phone. You can also load $50+ of pre-paid minutes.


Resurrecting the PRG

Between 2009 and 2012 most of the revenue that kept us going came from the Port Referral Group (“PRG”) membership sales (originally called the Port Incentive Program or “PIP”).  For those of you who weren’t here during that period, the PRG is a membership organization of “early adopters” for GlobalTmail™.    Once we reach the milestone of having deployed all the applications planned for our entire system (a total of 11 applications listed below, of which GroupCaller™ and the CRM are the first two), we’ll begin sharing, on a pro-rated basis, 5% of the Company’s gross revenue among those who join this PRG prior to completion of our entire system. The PRG was never cancelled or modified as some early PRG Members have feared. As a company we simply stopped actively promoting it when our sales Associates stopped actively making sales. It’s still there, has always been there and has always been available for registered Associates to sell. I’m simply reassuring everyone here that it never went away and we’re providing some new online tools to help those of you who wish to promote it, to do so more effectively.

Why do this now? Because a few Associates have expressed interest in building an income based around sales of the Port Referral Group (“PRG”) Membership.  The PRG is as valid and useful today as it was the day it was conceived. Thanks to renewed interest among a small handful of Associates, the time has come to bring it out of the closet, dust it off, and begin promoting it again.

The PRG Concept

The basic concept of the PRG is simple:  Reward PRG Members with a pro-rata share of 5% of the Company’s gross revenue in exchange for referring people to register as a Member with us BEFORE all our planned applications have been deployed.  We’ll begin paying the 5% PRG Bonus as soon as all 11 applications we have planned are deployed and operational. Four of the 11 are already in available and in use (Robocalling, the Hosted Call Center, One-On-One services plus the associated CRM as noted below). Just imagine if Google, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Yahoo Messenger and the others had committed to pay out 5% of their gross revenue to the very earliest adopters (as we are doing) in the very early stages of their roll-out. If they did, literally THOUSANDS of “early-adopters” from each of these companies would have become millionaires as a result for having done something that they did naturally anyway: Refer others to use those services.  We’re doing the unthinkable in this industry and have committed to share 5% of our gross revenue with the very people that make us successful: The earliest Users. The PRG is just the tip of that iceberg.

Opt-In Database Marketing

Most modern laws around the world that govern direct advertising and marketing have moved toward requiring companies to send their direct marketing messages ONLY to a list of people who have granted consent to receive the information. These lists are known as “opt-in” lists. In fact, everyone who uses Facebook, Youtube, Google and the plethora of other online systems has “opted in” to receive advertising messages whether they know it or not (the opt-in language is always in those Terms Of Service that virtually nobody reads when they click on “I Agree” or similar words).  The advertising messages delivered through the services provided by these companies support their continued operation and development.  The fees charged to deliver those messages have made vast fortunes for those companies. We think it’s time to share that kind of wealth with the people who REALLY helped create it – the people who refer their friends, neighbors & relatives to use the services – OUR services.  In the final analysis, our company was set up to create opt-in lists that eventually number into the hundreds of millions of people world wide. The concept is no different from the giants in the industry – the sharing of revenue is VERY different from other companies that provide similar services to ours.

The Complete GlobalTmail™ Concept

We stopped presenting the entire concept of the GlobalTmail™ marketing system because explaining it in depth was way too complex and time consuming. In short, it amounted to “Information Overload.”  So in general, now we only promote that which is already available and in service. But now, since our Associates wish to begin promoting the entire system again, we’ll start showing the entire concept – but in a more abbreviated and easy-to-understand format.

As soon as GroupCaller™ was available for use earlier this year, our emphasis shifted to “just” promoting GroupCaller™.  We’ll continue to make the GroupCaller™ family of related products the focus of our sales efforts.  However, by re-introducing the PRG, we need to show the more broad perspective of our lofty goals, because that’s what the PRG is all about.  The following software applications are all designed to work in harmony, integrated with each other, and will eventually all be deployed and operational. (It may still take a couple of years before ALL are fully deployed – we make no commitment as to “when” the final milestone will be reached. That’s up to the Associates and the sales volume they create. The more sales volume, the more engineers we can hire to cmplete all applications.) Some of these are paid applications, others are free. Here they are:

  1. GroupCaller™ Voice Broadcast (available now): This is the basic RoboCalling system designed to send a pre-recorded voice message to small or large lists (“Groups”).  It can be used for political & charitable organizations, businesses and individuals.
  2. GroupCaller™ Hosted Call Center (available now): This is the complete call center application that is the focus of our current marketing and sales efforts. We promote it mainly as a lead-generation tool, but it can be used for countless applications including lead generation, collections, get-out-the-vote calls, customer service announcement calls, upselling to current customers, and all other applications in which the user must call a list of people.
  3. One-To-One Calls & Voice Messaging (available now):  Although we don’t promote this service yet, it’s available right now. Anyone who subscribes to GroupCaller™ can use it as a phone to make calls anywhere in the USA and soon, worldwide.  The worldwide calling feature is all set up and available . All we need to do is “throw the switch” to enable it for all users. We haven’t yet published the rates for worldwide calling because we haven’t yet had a demand from users. As soon as users notify us they need the ability to make calls worldwide, we’ll enable this feature and create a new instruction tutorial for it. Calls within the USA are generally cheaper than any other service when compared to an over-all average. We have not yet analyzed the cost of International calling or calls within various countries as far as whether or not the cost is competitive with other local services. We invite anyone from non-USA countries to notify us about their intent to use our services within their country and we’ll be happy to begin the process of making our calling services available.
  4. GroupCaller™ CRM (available now): Our Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) system is second-to-none. It provides a comprehensive platform for maintaining and tracking all sales and marketing efforts, the sales pipeline, individual emails to & from your contacts, faxes, individual phone calls, Click2Call Service from your computer (e.g. Click a number on your screen and the system calls the number in your database – worldwide service available) and bulk email services for emailed newsletters and advertisements. It’s a little like Microsoft Outlook on steroids, and it’s included free without additional cost with our GroupCaller™ system. Every other system out there (including Outlook) is very expensive.
  5. Bulk SMS (under development):  Short Message Service (“SMS”) or Texting has created a monumental shift in the way consumers and businesses communicate worldwide. Our platform is designed to provide robust SMS services to any cell phone worldwide from your desktop, tablet, smarphone or other mobile device.  It’s designed to send individual text messages to anyone you want PLUS it can be used to define any Group or opt-in database of any size (a few to millions of records in your list) and instantly deliver your message to those phones. It’s a very powerful and comprehensive system that includes the ability for our Clients to create their own Groups and lists, as well as allowing them to create “Anonymous Opt-In” lists and “Short-Code Texting”.  These two methods are familiar to most of us these days, but the technical terms of Anonymous Opt-In and Short-Code Texting are not. These two terms are applied to the technique most of us see often now – especially with restaurants and other services, such as voting on American Idol or something similar. Whenever you see something like “Text ‘FOOD’ to 69879 and get a 2-for-1 meal on your next visit” or something similar – THAT is “Anonymous Opt-In” and “Short-Code Texting”.  The “anonymous” refers to the fact that you ‘opt-in’ by virtue of texting the word as instructed to get your SMS coupon (you’re anonymous to the company because they only know the cell phone number that “opted in”; the “short code” refers to the fact that you only have to type in 5 or 6 digits to send your code word.
  6. Income Opportunity (FREE service available now): We have created a unique and very lucrative opportunity for anyone in the world who wants and needs more income to accomplish their income goals right away through us. Companies for whom our services can provide added value to their own customers are invited to become a Value Added Reseller (“VAR”) of our services. This is a partnership between us and the VAR and requires a fee.  Individuals who simply wish to make a little extra income up to a full time professional career income may become an Associate with unlimited income potential without any fee at all.  However we do encourage all Associates and VAR’s to join the PRG so they can have the added benefit of participating as “early adopters” (which is the subject of this article). Full details are published on line, although details of the complete compensation plan is only available to Registered Associates
  7. Matchmaking-Networking Application (FREE service under development): While it’s true there  seem to be countless dating websites out there, it’s also true that the hundreds of millions of users of those sites worldwide are often frustrated with the services. Why? Because they ALL entice people to join by stating the service is “free”, but when a user joins they discover . . .”OH…well in order to actually CONTACT these people freely, you need to PAY.”  Our site is different. All contacts and the sophisticated services attached to them (such as linking to other websites, streaming live video, delivery of voice messages, chat services, file transfer service, video broadcast services, etc.) and ESPECIALLY the fact that we won’t attempt to restrict people from making direct contact with each other (two-way authorization is, of course, required for the safety of all Members). . . are FREE from us! This is intended both as a dating service for singles as well as match-making for commercial and non-commercial purposes. We’re not trying to compete with the massive Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube and other services out there as much as we are integrating with them to ENHANCE their services and provide a new platform to connect people Internationally with each other and make it easier and cheaper for everyone to communicate with each other and locate the kind of people they seek. Language translation services will also be available for a fee.
  8. Classified & Auction System (FREE SERVICE under development): Once again, here is a service that’s already over-used all over the Internet. However, virtually every popular service of this type in use today (eBay, Amazon, localized classifieds, Craig’s List, and services like this) charge fees to the sellers that can be restrictive. Ours is designed to provide more and better services FREE OF CHARGE. The competitors often control the flow of money between buyer and seller. Ours is different because it is designed to guide buyers and sellers to interact directly with each other, keeping us OUT of the financial transaction (because there are so many very good International money transfer systems in place now, there is no need for us to try and capitalize on that service as the big players do – we’ll simply provide guidance and links showing our customers HOW to safely transfer funds between themselves over the Internet).  We’re also providing services for free that none of the others do – such as direct HTML links to other web pages, and combining a classified service with auction services, giving the seller the choice of whether to allow competitive bidding or “just” a fixed rate for whatever they are selling.
  9. Talking Search Engine (Free Service under development): Once again, we’re not trying to replace the existing massive search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, but instead our service enhances their services. This is designed to use both voice-to-text and text-to-voice technology and provide, free of charge, a system that’s accessible worldwide from any phone (including land lines), mobile device or ISP (computer) to provide hands free and/or voice driven search results. It’s a system that does simultaneous searches of all the major search engines combined with searches of our own Client base (who get top search results, naturally) and deliver the results with streaming audio over the phone or online. Clients pay for this service, but it’s free for any registered Member who wishes to search.
  10. Coupon System (FREE SERVICE under development): Coupon services are also available all over the Internet but ours comes with a number of enhancements not found in other systems. The fact that ours is fully integrated with our Contact Center concept makes it possible for us to deliver a combination of voice files, text-based coupons to the phone, and printable online coupons. This is a great FREE service for consumers and an invaluable, inexpensive system with virtually no learning curve for companies wanting to entice customers with great deals.
  11. Discount Gift Certificates (FREE SERVICE under development): Once again we have another system which is abundantly available all over the Internet for free, but the merchants must pay exorbitant fees to use systems such as Groupon to entice new customers to buy from them.  Our system corrects those problems while providing the same level of service free of charge to consumers. Again, this is designed as a world-wide system in which businesses and consumers are encouraged to participate.

What Creates Wealth In Online Companies?

In a word:  USERS.   It’s  the massive user databases that has made these companies rich. But none of them has created a system to directly compensate the very people who made them successful, their Users. Until now. A very big part of our philosophy from the beginning of our development in March 2006 was the concept of compensating people for referring others to use all the great FREE services we provide. Just imagine if Google, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Yahoo Messenger and many others actually paid 5% of their gross revenue to the early adopters, AND up to 2/3 of their total revenue to the Users who referred other users.  That’s a LOT of wealth re-directed toward the people who have promoted these companies for free. Did you know that Google “alone” took in about $38 BILLION in total revenue during 2011? Can you imagine the good we can do by sharing that kind of wealth the the people responsible for making that kind of sales volume possible (the USERS).  We think it’s time that the Users of such great services are compensated for doing what comes naturally, referring their friend, neighbors, relatives, colleagues and others to the valuable online services we provide.

To attract the large user database, a number of valuable, free programs are required.  And to build an initial and sizable database of users, the PRG concept was born.  We’re simply harnessing the power of human nature.

How The PRG Works

In simple terms this is a referral program with cash benefits. By simply referring others to register, we award “Ports” to registered PRG Members. Why do we call the reward system “Ports”? Because a “Port” in the world of Internet terminology refers to channel through which two computers are connected through the Internet (e.g. connecting to people).  We created a system to award Ports to a registered PRG Member and that Member’s downline geneology.  The more Ports that are assigned by the time we reach the milestone of having deployed all the applications listed above, the higher percentage of pay-out that PRG Member is entitled to.  It’s really a pretty simple merit-based system that rewards those who are responsible for referring the largest number of users to join our system PRIOR to the roll-out of all applicatons. PRG Members will receive their pro-rata share of the 5% based on the number of Ports they have compared to the total number of Ports assigned by the close of the PRG Membership period.

Once all the applications listed above are deployed, the PRG will close. Only those who joined the PRG before the final deployment of all systems above are entitled to a share of our gross revenue. But the 3rd Party Income will be available to EVERYONE regardless of whether they join early in the PRG, or whether they join us during the ensuing years.  Ours is a system designed for mass participation worldwide.  Although we expect many thousands of people to join the PRG before we close Membership enrollment, that’s “nothing” compared to the 10’s to 100’s of millions of users we expect in the coming years.

You can check out full details of the PRG online if you’re interested. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in something really big.

3rd Party Income

Perhaps the most unique aspect of our User-compensation concept is something we call “3rd Party Income”.  This concept was developed in March 2006 and has been an integral part of our development ever since. It’s a long-term plan that cannot be effectively implemented until all eleven applications above are fully deployed.  Those who join the PRG and actively promote our system BEFORE full deployment will enjoy a distinct advantage due to the fact that they’ll already have an active organization developed BEFORE full deployment. This provides them the ability to grow their income faster and potentially even larger than those who join AFTER full deployment.

In a nutshell, 3rd Part Income is a proprietary system, similar (but not the same) as MLM or Network marketing, that allows the participants to join for FREE, sponsor others for FREE, use our services for FREE, never make a SALE . . . and get PAID! In fact, people can achieve the highest incomes without ever paying us at all!  For the first time in the MLM and Network Marketing world, the flow of money becomes a one-way street – from the Company to the Associates.  Of course Associates are permitted to spend money with us for our communications services if they also become a Client. But it’s not required, and no amount of spending will affect the amount of earnings. (I bet you never saw THAT before in the Network Marketing industry, eh?)  More details are available on our website, but full details are available only to registered Associates.

Once again, the 3rd Party Income isn’t fully available until all services have been deployed.  But the income opportunity to earn money with us is available right now.

Sign Up Now!

The bottom line here is that if you aren’t already a registered Associate, sign up now!  The opportunity is available worldwide without restriction, however there are restrictions as to where services are available.  If you aren’t already a PRG Member, don’t wait.  Get your PRG membership right away.  You can get started immediately and get paid each week starting today.

CRM Update Scheduled Today

As expected and announced the the previous article the update to our CRM should take place today or tomorrow. I had a discussion with Sagarr on Friday during which he confirmed his plan to update the system today.  I won’t be surprised if it’s delayed another day though.

I do expect problems during this update process.  We’re actually very lucky that we caught this major issue BEFORE we grew to any appreciable size.  I expect we’re going to lose some of the detailed contact history between us and Clients. However, to date, none of the Clients is using the CRM heavily so the amount of data loss and/or damage to Clients will be minimal.

This week I’ll be reviewing and testing the new features we implemented and will try to give you a bit of an overview of these significant enhancements.  GroupoCaller is so much more than “just” a dialing system. It’s a complete and very robust marketing system that brings so many tools to our Clients.  I’ll work very hard to educate everyone about these tools. If you aren’t already using our CRM, I encourage you to get started with the great calendar, email, Click-to-Call and other features that will enable you to better manage ALL your contacts!