Sufficient Progress – Start Sales Tomorrow

I finally made enough progress with the tutorial videos that I feel comfortable beginning a more aggressive sales approach beginning tomorrow.  Please check the Learning Center to see which tutorials have been loaded so far.  I have 3 in production right now and I expect to have them posted tonight, so if you’re reading this before Thursday night, September 13, please check back late tonight or tomorrow.

Robocalling Campaign

Tomorrow morning I’ll start a voicemail broadcast campaign (“Robocalling”) to our Insurance Agent list which has about 132,000 records.  It won’t take long to buzz through this list with voice broadcast.  But we’ve got another 500,000 records to call in many other categories as well. It all starts tomorrow morning 7:00 am.

This is a campaign I intend to do by myself. This will save the company having to pay commissions.  It’ll also help support me as well as all company expenses that keep us in business.  In the meantime, I’m also going to start recruiting and training Philippines Account Executives to handle future sales.

First Test of Promotional Deal Successful

Last Friday for the first time I tested my theory with respect to waiving the first monthly payment for the GroupCaller™ subscription.  It was successful! The Client made the purchase on Monday morning this week.  He did make a mistake on the purchase, but at least he bought and became our newest Client. I expect we’ll see a lot of success with this new concept for a sales campaign.  As I have stated before, it’s a lot more important for us to sign up new customers every day than it is to wait one or more months for a single larger sale.  Within a few months of making daily sales, this company will begin to experience profits.  And of course making a PROFIT is our sole reason to exist.

New Account Executives

Tomorrow I’ll begin training Randy, our Philippines Agent, to do more than just set appointments.  He’ll begin making sales.  His title and his responsibilities will change. He’ll be an Account Executive (“AE”) after tomorrow.  I already discussed this position in a previous article. Randy is also helping us recruit new Account Executives.  My theory is that we can begin making sales immediately thanks to the Robocalling campaign.  It will take some time to train each Account Executive. But we’ll start immediately. Within the first month I expect we’ll have sufficient AE’s to exceed the number of sales we’re making with the Robocalling Campaign.  The AE’s will only receive a very minimum Advance against future earnings. Most of their income will be a commission based of their actual collected account balance.

Seeking New Support Personnel

I have 2 people to interview in Philippines right now to take the place of Eric, who has been performing the function of Support.  Eric got a different job and will be leaving us at the end of next week. I hope you’ll join me in an expression of gratitude for the work Eric did while he was here.

I’m excited to begin working with a small support staff in the Philippines. I believe we’ll find somebody who is very stable with a good work ethic.  This will provide us with a full-time online presence as well. Because of that our Clients and anyone else will be able to go online at anytime during reasonable business hours and chat with support, getting answers to their questions and support for their problems.  I’ll write more about this later.

For now, please check back here late Friday night for my report of the first day of our Robcalling campaign.

One thought on “Sufficient Progress – Start Sales Tomorrow

  1. Very good blog and informative . I am hopeful that with your guidance, those people in the Philippines really can help us. Bit by bit they will be able to assimilate independently and undertake the task assigned to them. Please tell me how can I help. you know me personally and my capabilities.
    Eric, thanks for your help and good luck to your new endeavor. Hope we can find some good technical support people in the Philippines. There are some of them there.

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