Get Leads, More Sales and Increase Customer Loyalty With Automated Telecom

"Our flagship product, GroupCaller™, will dramatically lower the cost of increasing your sales!"

We provide telecom services to companies, groups, political candidates and organizations of all kinds. Our services include live Predictive Dialing, VoiceMail Drop, Voice Broadcast (aka Robocalls), Bulk SMS (text messaging) plus automated surveys and polls. Automated campaigns can be set up that use one or all five of these powerful communications methods. A pre-recorded message can be delivered en masse as an announcement only. Or, you can have the called party transferred to a live agent when they press 1 to indicate they're interested in the information. When you want to maximize the sales you'll make from a marketing database, our Predictive Dialer solution provides up to 8 times more live contacts per hour than Robocalling while using 80% fewer phone lines. We deliver several other modes of automated telecom marketing. We'll help you understand and use the right service for the right purpose with the best results.

• Lead Generation
• Appointment Reminders
• Announcements
• Voice Coupons
• Advertising
• Collections
• Emergency Notifications
• Political calls
• Fundraising for Charitable Organizations
• Patch-through for direct caller to officials or candidates

The founders of GlobalTmail™ are highly skilled marketing and technical experts who spent many years creating this effective system that enables small and mid-sized firms to afford the same, sophisticated call center, SMS and other telecom technology used by the biggest corporations around the world.

Predictive Dialing

Any call picked up by a human is transfered directly to the agent; primarily used for cold call sales or lead-generation; this campaign has the highest efficiency rate.

VoiceMail Drop

Recorded message "dropped" into recipient's voicemail without ringing their phone. Works only with cell phone and some land lines with central-office voicemail accounts.

Robocalls (aka Voice Broadcast)

Recorded message played & call transferred to Live Agent, or recorded message played with voice message from interested receipient tranferred to your email, just send a recorded announcement to consituents, voters, delegates, staff and others..

Bulk SMS

"Everybody" uses text messaging now, and if you aren't already maximizing its power to reach everyone from your staff & volunteers to voters, delegates and others, you're missing out. Just load your database, type in your message and either send immediately or schedule for a specific time. What a great call-to-action technique!

Automated Surveys and Polls

Talking a quick poll or survey is an integral part of any campaign. We make it easy for you to take as many surveys and polls as you want and send them to the database of your choice at a price that fits nicely into your budget.