Promo Start Date Next Tuesday

Well, despite my best efforts we are still delayed from beginning this new promotion. The  delay is caused by the lengthy time it takes to create the instructional videos that show people exactly how to use our system. These tutorial videos are absolutely critical to our ability to rise beyond making one-sale-at-a-time and move to multiple sales daily with the ultimate goal to create 1,000’s, 10’s of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of new Clients.

To really become profitable, we MUST provide a system that allows the users to control their campaigns without direct assistance from our tech or customer support, except on a case-by-case support issue or debugging a problem that is NOT caused by user error. Most “problems” aren’t really problems at all. They are the result of users failing to read and follow directions. We’re ready for that. But at the same time our support staff must have a library of instructional videos to which they can point our subscribers to help them to help themselves.

Another thing that is slowing down the production is the fact that I have asked Eric to create and produce each and every one of them. The reason? He MUST know our system inside and out. This is one of the best ways to ensure that he really does know his way around our system.

As of tonight, the official start date for the new promotion is (drum roll!)….Tuesday, September 2.  Even if he doesn’t finish the task over the weekend, we will begin dialing on Tuesday.  We’ll also add a web lead-capture component to this promotion before it’s over.

Don’t expect this promotion to suddenly leap off the ground and produce instant sales. Even with the extreme preparation to which we have gone in getting ready, I do NOT expect lots of sales immediately. Even with the closing techniques I’m implementing, most prospects must think about their decision to buy for awhile before they actually commit to the purchase.  I do expect, however, to see a steady increase in sales on a week-by-week basis starting next week. We haven’t made many sales this summer. That problem ENDS on Tuesday!  By October, we’ll be counting our sales-per-day instead of sales-per-month.

I’ll be gone for the Labor Day weekend, but returning early enough so that I’ll actually work all day on the holiday. I need to be fully prepared for Tuesday’s launch.  Please check back here on Tuesday night.

New Sales Campaign Starting Tuesday

Well, let’s just say I am NEVER bored. There is so much to do and a lot was accomplished in these 5 days. Enough is done so that we’ll begin very limited sales efforts tomorrow, and the robocalling element should start on Tuesday.

One of the most time consuming tasks last week was to re-establish the back-up routines for our primary systems here in my office. The websites and the dialer/CRM servers have their own back up systems, but here I have relied on Carbonite, which expired a few weeks ago. We now have several 1 and 2 terabyte external drives that I rotate to backup these servers with special software I acquired about a week ago. Beginning tomorrow, we’ll have real-time backup routines for the 2 primary systems here. This means that each time a file is created or saved, it is backed up instantly! So we’ll run the instant backups all day, and do full system backups, plus disk image backups once each week, on the weekends. This should assure that if …no “when”… we have a system meltdown, I’ll be able to restore all the company records quickly.

We also began going paperless last week with a scanning system to file all paper documents. This will make document retrieval much faster and easier as we begin growing the last half of this year.

You will notice on our home page, there is now a large button you can click that says “What Our Customers Are Saying“. This is our new testimonial page. We’ve planned to do this for a long time but it was only last week that I finally got permission from a few customers to post their statements. This is a critical part of our sales process that we’ve wanted for a long time and now it’s finally complete! It’s designed so we can continually solicit and add more people to it. Hope to have it up to 2 or 3 dozen testimonials by the end of the year.

One of the most important tasks required to start the new campaign was re-programming all of our pricing. It’s done now. The basic deal will be this

  • License Fee:  $65 Basic, $600 Enhanced
  • Monthly Subscription: $89 Basic, $27 Enhanced (includes pre-paid minutes in the same amount, support, setup and training)
  • Caller I.D. Number: $16/month
  • Re-work the prices for the Reload Center to beef up our Staffed Dialing. This was complex as we had to re-program the entire back end billing system to include a total of 6 different pricing tables.
  • Those whom we choose will be offered a 30-Day Free Month Subscription if they sign up within 72 hours of viewing the presentation. (I have concluded the most important issue is “numbers” of Clients for us, not trying to make the largest sale.) In fact, we’re in much better shape as a company if every Client pays the monthly subscription instead of the one-time fee.

You can view the entire new web page for pricing by following the Pricing menu item from any website page. I also created a password protected page for the free month deal that you may want to check out. Use the following username and password to gain access and see this special page:  Username = “test”, Password = “12345”. This is a special pricing page that does not charge the card until one month after the transaction, but it does capture all the payment details. I predict most new customers will opt for waiving their first month subscription and going for the cheap entry point of $65 to get started. My goal for the next 2 months is to bring us to a point where the company closes 3 or more sales every day. The lower the entry fees, the easier it is to sign up, the more customers we’ll have. Signup has been hyper-simplified compared to before, and pricing has dropped through the floor. I expect we’ll begin seeing new customers much more frequently when this campaign starts.

The programming for some of this, especially the back end programming for the new pricing tiers for Staffed Calling has been pretty intense. It’s not all working properly yet, but our Indian programmer, Raj, should have it debugged and ready to use by Tuesday. Often, some of the most time-consuming and difficult programming is the type that noboday acually see’s, like this, but it’s essential to run our business.

There are two major components that still need to be completed, and I expect we’ll be close enough with both by Monday night to have our first full day of voice broadcast on Tuesday (instead of tomorrow). The first is the new calling lists we’ve been creating. Eric spent most of his time Wednesday through Friday working on this task. We’re submitting his work tonight for Jeff Wilson so he can complete the data extraction. I’ve got my fingers crossed for finding a million or more numbers to call, but I am now pessimistic. I’ll be surprised if we find even half that many; but I remain hopeful. We’re likely going to have to go to more list sources, which are very expensive in order to build the size of lists that we really want. Nonetheless, we’ll have enough to keep us busy for the next month with full time robo-calling.

Finally, there’s the matter of tutorials. I have already drafted outlines for many of the most basic video posts, but haven’t started production yet. That begins in the morning, when I’m fresh. I expect to have all the most basic tutorials available in the Service Desk by Tuesday.  Look for a new button that says “GroupCaller University” on the Service Desk page on Tuesday. These videos take so much time to produce even though each one is very short. This is a password protected area. If you’re a Client with a CRM username & password then you already have it. If not, you’ll need to contact me for a username and password so you can get into that area and see all the instructional material that’ll be available to our Clients. This section will be continually growing, so don’t worry if it’s very small to start with. It will eventually be quite large.

Weekend & Monday Tasks Completed

Eric and I worked over the weekend as usual. Yesterday, my refrigerator went on the fritz and I lost all the food in the freezer & most in the fridge – so today I’ve got to take some time and replace or fix the refrigerator.  Such is life, right? But in the meantime we got quite a lot done.

I completely revamped the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. We now have a great FAQ area in which website visitors can actually ask questions and get them answered. This is something you’ll almost NEVER see anywhere else. To me, it just makes sense that “FAQ” ought to really BE … “Frequently Asked Questions”. So we’ll let users determine much of the content of this area.

Most of the day yesterday was spent cleaning up broken links and other minor issues. I got rid of several web pages that are no longer relevant, I re-worked the “medallion” button you’ll see on the Hosted and Staffed Call Center pages, I fixed the link to this blog which you’ll find at the bottom of each page of our website and a number of other things. Each of these tasks may sound simple, but they are more time- consuming than you may think.

We’re also working on our first dialing database and cleaning up a list of 137,000 insurance agents across the USA. We’ll be adding many more industry lists in the coming week. As I mentioned before, my goal is to build a relevant list of more more than 1.2 million records. I don’t know if we can do it yet, but I am sure we’ll have a very substantial list before I’m done.

Today I’ll create the “alternative deal” web page and payment buttons that will allow me to experiment with the marketing technique of “waiving the first $89 subscription fee” as a tactic to encourage immediate sign-up (it’ll be a time-limited offer – maybe 48 hours from the time they hear about the deal).  In general, I think we’re going to have a good experience, though, with the new pricing model.

Check back tomorrow. I’ll be reporting on today’s progress and hope to have a start date later this week for this promotion.

Chat Support + New Pricing Model Completed

Whew! Thursday was a marathon of programming. We accomplished 2 major tasks:

  1. Chat Support is now “UP” on our website, and
  2. The new pricing model is complete

I told myself I wasn’t going to sleep on Thursday until I had actually completed the pricing model in its entirety. Also as a part of the mechanism that’ll make the new sales promotion viable, our tech support has to be up and running. And in part, that means someone must be AVAILABLE for our customers and prospects nearly all the time.

New Pricing Model

As mentioned in a previous article, when I was trying to support sales people, the focus was always on how to price the product in a way so the sales person can make a living. In doing so,we missed the entire point to successful marketing:  Serve the customer. This new pricing model has been needed for a long time. Now it’s online and almost ready to use! I just have to do a little clean-up and modify one more page today (the Reload page.)

The new pricing model is very simple and is presented in 3 steps:

  1. Buy License: The license is the authority to use our software and is a one-time payment. A small license fee starting at $65 and lower (depending on the number of licenses needed). This small fee requires the user to pay a higher monthly subscription to our services.  A larger license fee is also available starting at $600 which entitles the user to a very deep discount on their monthly subscription.
  2.  Subscribe To Minutes and Services: Once the user has a license, they must subscribe to the service, which includes a 100% credit toward pre-paid minutes (plus the CRM, support and full access to the dialer).
  3. Compliance Expense: The FTC requires an inbound phone line that lets the user opt out of future calls. This is $16/month.
Check out all the details on the Pricing Page.  It’s gratifying to see this page ready to use finally!

Chat Support Now “LIVE”

I found a fantastic open source program for this purpose and had Eric install it on our website. It works great!  To check it out, just go to our home page anytime during business hours. Most of the time, Eric should be there and online. Tell him I said “HI”. 🙂

I decided against attempting to do live phone chat support for a number of reasons, including (a) it’s far less expensive, (b) there’s a complete record of everything said and done by both parties, (c) fewer disputes arise, (d) easier to outsource to Philippines because nobody notices a foreign accent, (e) usually a customer must be at their computer so this ensures they “ARE” at the computer so we can use remote access to address any issue they may have.

Friday is slated to be a similar long day of very hard work. I expect to announce even more major tasks completed over the weekend. Keep watching!



Today’s Progress On 5 Tasks

Well, today was the usual frustrating process of programming and debugging, but I’m happy to report we did make good progress. As always it’s never enough, though. Here’s what I got done today:

  1. Delegate Tech Support: Eric is taking over on virtually all aspects of tech support now. I handled Agent & Client queries but he was present for most of them. Tomorrow he’ll handle everything and just call on me, Raj and Jeff Wilson when he can’t fix the problem (which will still be most of the time for awhile yet). Eric is installing a chat support system on the website that we’ll be able to use soon. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. That’s a pretty big project, and it has been part of our master plan since day 1. Chat support is far more efficient and far less expensive than phone support.
  2. Build Marketing Lists: Jeff completed the necessary data mining today for us to analyse and evaluate the various categories from which we’ll build our marketing lists. I’ll be analyzing them as soon as the other 4 items are completed (this is the last priority item since we already have a substantial marketing list to start with – Insurance Agents).
  3. Update Website: A number of tasks were completed today. The most frustrating was the new Contact Us form, which took 6 hours to create. You can see it here:  Amazing how such a simple thing can cause such heart-burn, eh? I also got the other website redirected. Now, if you type in, you’ll go to the GroupCaller website. Go ahead and click the link, you’ll see what I mean! I cleaned up a lot fo code from the site that’s outdated, with broken links, etc. Much more will be done tomorrow.
  4. Change Entry Level Offer: The only thing I accomplished on this task was to decide the offer. I am scheduled to re-build the entire pricing module of the website tomorrow. Check my next blog article and you’ll see it.
  5. DIY Videos: Not there yet! It’s #4 on the priority list.  Priorities are 1, 3, 4, 2, 5. Still optimistic they’ll all be done by the weekend so we can start the campaign next week.

This one-step back process is so necessary. By the time I’m done, we’ll be able to do what we could never do before: Set up new clients one after the other and provide them the instruction and support they need to quickly get their own campaigns up and running. More tomorrow . . .

Back To Work After 3 Days Off

OK, today I’m back to work after taking half of Friday plus Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. I was able to meet several of my classmates from my childhood in Alaska this weekend. It was a chance to reminisce and get re-acquainted. But now I’m focused on achieving the goals from my last post.

Even though I took the time off, we still accomplished some of that task list.  Eric is making great progress in learning our system. As of today, i am referring everybody to him for any kind of support issue. It’s not because i don’t want to provide support or can’t; it’s because he needs to learn it, and i must stop doing it if we’re going to make the sales progress I presented already.  He also has executed a number of internal tasks for me, such as preparing me to use the bulk email function so I can send regular emails to Clients, Agents, etc.

Today, I’m just working on the 5 items i listed:

  1. Delegate all tech support
  2. Build marketing lists
  3. Update website & modify branding
  4. Change the entry-level offer
  5. Enable Clients with DIY video tutorials

Yesterday after my friend Steve returned to Boise, I met with Jeff Wilson, our CIO. We mapped out a plan to get our marketing lists created within the next week. This is a big task and it’s being delegated to Eric. We’re piling a lot of work on him but I think he can handle it. Because most of my time has been spent on technical issues, I haven’t been able to devote sufficient time to marketing and sales. That has slowed our progress. But now, I expect to see a dramatic change in salesl.

My highest priority today is to update the website and redirect the current website so everyone goes only to the new website. This is an essential part of re-branding ourselves. In fact there are several Clients I must follow up on that I can’t really contact until this update is finished.  The first of the updates must be the website itself, and all the modifications, especially the pricing addition of month-to-month license fees together with the multi-user month-to-month license.

I’ll report in tomorrow and let you know today’s progress. I do expect substantial gains this week, aiming toward being fully prepared to launch this new sales campaign at the end of the week…



1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward

As is often the case, when preparing for a major event, substantial preparation is needed. Such is the case with the new marketing promotion I’m planning. I am taking all the data we’ve gathered in the 3 years since we started attempting to make any kind of sales at all, including all the time when all we sold PRG Memberships (2009 to 2011), and putting this knowledge to use in what I believe will be our most successful attempt yet at creating a stable sales volume.

The Campaign Formula

The basic campaign formula is relatively simple. It’s designed to guarantee that we find a minimum of 10 new leads each day from the start of the campaign – substantially more than that are possible, but I have to make sure we don’t get more leads than we can reasonably handle. To start we’ll have either one or two full time sales people:  Myself and/or Mark Brady, Account Executive. I decided to only include people in this campaign who wish to work full time at this effort to ensure they do enough work to become proficient at the presentation, the cold call approach, using the CRM database and all aspects of follow-up including some on-going support and relationship-building in exchange for residual commission and bonus.

As I said, the formula is relatively simple and goes like this. We instantly increase the number of leads-per-day by running a voice broadcast campaign using our well-tested script. This allows us to predict with some accuracy how many leads we’ll get each day. We’ll add that to the average of 3 leads per day our first Philippines agent is currently finding. I’ll employ our Philippines agents to transcribe the leads and assign them to Mark and myself. As the next 2 to 3 months proceed, we’ll reduce the number of calls per day made by the dialing system and increase the number of leads-per-day generated by our Philippines agents. By the time we’re done, we should have enough leads per day from the Philippines agents to sustain however many full time Account Executives are working on the project.  Here’s a graphic that represents the concept:

Campaign Strategy Fall 2012

The sales campaign begins with heavy use of the voice broadcast system to generate leads. As we increase the number of Philippines Agents, the need for voice broadcast eventually is reduced to “0”.

Preparation Phase

To prepare for this campaign, i have been working night & day for the past 2 weeks to accomplish the following:

  • Delegate All Tech Support:  Most of my time in the past several months has been eaten up in support issues with Clients, Prospects, Agents and Associates.  We now have a full-time tech support person, my son, Eric. I started training him this week and expect he will take over most support duties within the next week. This allows me to focus more time and energy on marketing our product to create the cash flow we need.
  • Build Marketing Lists:  I’m collaborating with our CIO, Jeff Wilson, to build a series of business lists for various industries who need our services. The goal is to reach out to a minimum of 1.2 million small business owners across America with this campaign.  It’s a difficult process to do the “data mining” required to find the right type of prospects (insurance agents, mortgage brokers, direct sellers of all kinds), but that’s why we have one of the best database programmers in the country on our team (Jeff)!  Target date for completion of lists is next Friday. I’ll let you know the combined size of all lists and whether we’re able to meet that goal or not.
  • Update Website and Modify Branding:  More than a month ago, I moved our website to and we began the process of changing all brand references to GroupCaller™ and away from GlobalTmail™ USA. This process must be completed before launching a major campaign like this. I’ll have the website updates finished this weekend and am working on them most of the day today.  By Monday, when you go to the old website, it will redirect you to the new one.  Next week, I hope to add a few testimonials to the site. It’s really exciting and gratifying to hear our customers tell me they really love and depend on our system now!
  • Change The Entry-Level Offer:  Much study, time and effort has been expended in creating the type of pricing that will maximize our sales efforts. Based on all efforts to date, the evidence points to promoting a low cash out-of-pocket entry point for the vast majority of new Clients. While it’s good and necessary to have the high-end packages for sale ($600 up to more than $10,000 per sale), multi-user licenses, etc. it’s much more important to enable our bread-and-butter Clients to join us (which means small cash outlay for them. One of the biggest marketing errors of the past was attempting to create a price-point that will serve the sales people. To a person, each and every sales person advised me they need to make a certain minimum amount on each sale. I listened and responded. This was absolutely the wrong approach. It resulted in very few sales, and was therefore unsustainable for the sales people and as a result, a dismal failure for the company.  A customer-centered approach makes a lot more sense for the company.  We may find that a sales team is only needed for a small percent of our Clients (the larger Clients).  At any rate, I’m structuring this sales campaign so only skeleton staff of sales people is needed. We may learn that sales personnel per se′ are not really required.  Think about this for a moment:  Each $89 sale is worth $1,068 annually.  My goal is to grow this campaign to a point where we’re getting 5 or more new Clients daily. That’s $5,340 in business each day (and $445 of minimum daily cash flow), or $1,338,400 of annual revenue. History has shown that it’s more important to have a growing number of steady, regular Clients than it is to try and hit a home run for every sale. The Home Run philosophy results in very few sales – and we’re essentially “out of business” each time we make a sale (have to find a new customer right after closing the latest deal).  Whereas the regular monthly revenue stream should result in long term growth and stability. It’s the long term growth and stability that I’m after.
  • Enable Clients With DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) Videos:  We’ll never be able to attract hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of customers as we anticipate without developing a do-it-yourself system. The term “Web 2.0” was coined about 10 years ago when this concept was originally created. This has been our plan since the beginning. We’re finally able to begin deploying our service as the DIY system we always anticipated. Although the complete system is in place and available to our small handful of Clients, none of them knows how to use the features yet or are really aware of the capabilities. That’s because we haven’t had the requisite time and money to develop and deploy all the functions together with online instructional “how to” instructional videos. Now that the system is deployed and we have a tech support “department” in Eric, I’m beginning work on the first series of what will eventually become an entire library of instructional videos. Most are only 1 to 3 minutes in length, but they show our customers exactly how to do what they’re trying to accomplish. The first videos will be deployed next week.  I’ll have links to them in this blog so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about.

Campaign Launch – Stepping Back To Step Forward

So as you can see, there’s a lot to accomplish to ensure we have a successful marketing campaign. That’s what I mean by taking a step back to take 2 steps forward.  While it’s frustrating to delay the launch of the sales campaign, it’s the only way to stack the deck in favor of a profitable marketing effort. Once the above tasks have been accomplished, I’ll be in position to launch this sales campaign. Currently the target date is to complete all preparations by Friday, August 17, 2012 (next Friday). If we’re not ready, I’ll delay until we are, because starting a campaign like this when we’re unprepared to service incoming new customers can only result in a disaster for the company.  When Eric is well enough trained and all other systems are in place, we’ll be in position to really go after sales.  I feel it coming sooner rather than later!

A Big Week Ahead

There are so many things happening this week, it’s hard to keep track of it all.  It’s after midnight Monday night as I’m finally getting to update today’s progress. I have a major article planned which I hoped to write on Monday but wasn’t able to. I started work today at about 7:00 am and i’m just collapsing now to get about 5 hours’ sleep before starting all over in the morning.  Here are a few upcoming events for this week:

  1. New Tech Support Department. As of today, we have a full-time tech support department of “one”.  My son, Eric, is joining us full time to provide support for client/agent setups, training and troubleshooting for Clients. His contribution is necessary due to my ever-expanding list of responsibilities as we begin to grow a viable sales volume.
  2. Important Contributions to Achieving Recent Milestones: As in most projects, building this company has always been a group effort. I’d like to take a moment to recognize and express appreciation for the important role played by our newest owners. Without them we would not be able to have made the significant progress that was realized especially in the past 3 months.
    1. David Pflum. The substantial seed capital provided by Dave and his family launched this enterprise between 2006 and 2009. His faith and belief in me and in this concept has never wavered and the initial capital he provided during those critical seed years between 2006 and 2009 made this company a reality. Without Dave, this growing enterprise would have been nothing but another good idea. Now, we’re beginning to see the fruits of our labor these past 6-and-a-half years. Thanks Dave, you changed my life and your contribution will change many more lives in the future.
    2. Jose & Roxasita Yasul. Joe & Rose live in Las Vegas and have been an important part off our capitalization for the past 3 years. Their contribution was directly responsible for our initial foray into the telecom world back in 2009, as well as providing the capital that made it possible for us to create our own Private Placement Memorandum which is now providing growth capital to the company. Without their help we would not have been able to make the progress we made the past 90 days because we would not have had the ability to raise capital.  Capital is the engine of progress.  And we made more progress since April than we have made in the previous 4 years.
    3. John Burdick. John exercised faith in our concept on May 22 this year as the first “outside” stockholder who wasn’t part of our inner circle of family and friends. The direct result of his investment was our ability to complete significant development on the GroupCaller system in record time. Between Memorial Day and mid-June, we completed several major components thanks to  his capital. Those components put us on the marketing map (so to speak) and have allowed us to begin selling in earnest. Also, without him, we would not have been able to make the trip to the Philippines and establish a virtual business beach-head there destined to take us far into the future and provide a much-needed service to so many entrepreneurs here in the USA.
    4. Jack & Angela Brady. Jack and Angela have been wornderful to meet and begin working with. They are our newest owners and thanks to them, we’re able now to launch the largest and most ambitious marketing effort in our limited history.  I’m expecting to finally begin experiencing regular, steady cash flow within the next 3 months, largely because of the belief and faith exercised by Jack & Angela.  The next article you read will give some details of exactly what we’ll be doing to begin generating our own sales on a weekly, and eventually daily basis. We couldn’t do that without the funding to conduct the promotional activities that make it happen.  We all owe them thanks for providing us the ability to create the sales that will finally begin to stabilize this company.
  3. Continuing Preparation To Launch New Marketing Campaign. Since we have very little staff, I have had to learn to do a majority of the tasks in this company. But I’m starting to delegate some responsibilities now. The first major delegation is what I already mentioned: Tech Support.  As I write these words, Eric is learning the details about how to set up new clients. It’s a lot more complex than most people realize. But I’m sure he’ll nail it down in short order.
  4. Training Manual For Tech Support.  I spent part of Saturday, all Sunday except for going to  church, all day and most of the night yesterday, and all of today until about 3 pm writing and editing the manual to teach others who to configure accounts and set up new Clients. It’s a completed 46 page manual and will save me untold hours, and make our services far more professional and timely.
  5. Completion of New Website.  A couple of months ago, I decided to switch away from and change to . In fact we’re changing the entire branding on the company. We now refer to ourselves as “GroupCaller” rather than “GlobalTmail.” The reason is obvious: People can’t pronounce, spell or read “GlobalTmail”. But “everyone” can figure out “GroupCaller.” The new website has been up for a couple of months but incomplete. I have to get in there and fix a number of broken links and other miscellaneous stuff. Trying to get it done this week.
  6. First Video Tutorials Added To Library.  Right now, this moment, we have a system that is largely DIY (“do it yourself”). But we can’t promote it yet because we don’t yet have the training materials for customers to teach themselves how to use it. I’m starting a very ambitious project this week to post a whole library of short “how-to” video tutorials showing everything from how to log into your account, to the finer points of creating your own campaigns and loading your own calling lists. One of the big reasons we have always known this company is destined for high profitabilty is exactly that DIY mentality. It’s how the most profitable (technology) companies in the world operate. It’s how we’re training ourselves to operate now.
And with that, I’ve got to run! So much to do, so little time!  Talk to you again soon.


Preparing To Launch Biggest Marketing Effort

Since July 24, I have been preparing to launch our largest marketing effort to date. This is really just the first of many marketing campaigns I expect to launch during Phase I of our overall marketing strategy. Those of you who have been following us for years understand the Phase I & II marketing strategy. For those of you who don’t, please search this site for articles that explain it.

The marketing campaign we’re launching is comprehensive and takes some time to set up. We have selected 3 sales people to participate. It still isn’t clear which ones will work full time because each of them has other entrepreneurial activities in which they are involved. But I believe each of them is dedicated to our concept and has a great desire to move forward with us and help us grow to the size of company we all envision – and that is a firm that exceeds $100 million in annual revenues.

We’re embarking on a campaign designed to make multiple calls to more than a million of American small entrepreneurs. The most difficult part of this task is building the databases. We’re currently selecting the industries to pursue and in the process of “data mining”. Data mining is an industry term that simply means in-depth database research. It’s not an easy or simple process, and we have one of the best database minds in the country working on it with us:  Jeff Wilson our fearless CIO!   I believe the databases will be created and ready for use by next Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll be giving you details of my progress in developing this campaign during the next several days. Of course, I’ll be working over the weekend as usual.

As I mentioned before, we discovered that training a new Philippines agent takes much longer than we had originally hoped. However, once trained, they are valuable assets to the company. A good outsourced agent can walk through a database and “mine” 10 times MORE leads & prospects than we can ever hope to get by using Voice Broadcast. However, the advantage to VB is its powerful ability to rip through a database at blazing speed, and find those “easy-to-locate” prospects who really need and want what we’re selling right now.

For this reason, we’ll use VB to rip through all our new databases to locate prospects for our sales team. The goal is to ensure each member of the sales team can close 1 to 3 sales every week day on average. While the VB campaign progresses, we’ll be aggressively recruiting and training the people we found on our Philippines trip – along with recruiting brand new talent from the referrals of our existing agents. It seems there is a very real pool of talent in the Philippines who are eager, ready, willing and talented enough to perform for us.

This campaign is designed to last about 2 months. As we walk through the VB campaign, we’ll be increasing our production through live Philippines agents. By the time we finish, the theory is that the Philippines agents will produce as many new leads each day using the same databases as the VB – but with about 10 times as many responses. Live humans will always out-perform an automated message.  Live agents is the only real long-term solution for marketing our services and the Philippines call center still appears to be the best method of accomplishing this task.

In the next few days I’ll be also revealing my plans to beef up this entire campaign with a brand new Internet marketing effort. I’m negotiating right now with an Internet marketing firm to joint venture with us on this project. Once we solidify our relationship and decide on the integration strategy, I’ll report it to you here.  So please stay tuned! I expect to have a deal worked out within the next 10 days.  My initial impression is that our two companies can work well together with services that compliment each other.

More is coming tomorrow.  Please check back.

Loss Of Full Time Sales Director

Our Sales Director, Melanie Kightlinger, has terminated her full time efforts with the company.  I will miss her contribution and wish her the best in whatever she pursues as a new career.  Melanie first started working with us about 3 years ago and made several sales for the company as a part-time independent agent for about a year and a half. Between January 2011 and June 2012 she worked for Comcast full time, and wasn’t able to participate in sales during that time. But she kept her position on the Board of Directors for his company.  In June she decided to leave Comcast and join us full time in our expansion effort as we were adding the call center in her native country.  After two months of full time effort she advised me on Monday that she’ll be seeking new employment. She has not officially terminated her position as a Director of GlobalTmail USA, Inc. nor terminated her previous contract as the Sales Director for that company. But at the moment, her contribution will be a part-time effort.

I hope you’ll join me in thanking Melanie for her efforts and wish her the best in her future endeavors.  Please visit this blog and the public blog frequently, as I am now beginning to post articles again after about a 6-month break during which time I focused mostly on the technical aspects of finalizing the development of GroupCaller as a viable lead-generation call center system.