3 Months Of Progress

A lot has happened since my last article. This article contains a brief summary of the improvements to our system since February 21, 2012. More details are available in our Private Blog which is accessible to all paying Clients plus other invited guests. If you wish to have access to the private blog, you can email me at support@globaltmail-usa.com.

GroupCaller Upgrade Deployed

Over the long Memorial Day weekend we deployed our first major upgrade to GroupCaller. The new system allows us to sell multi-user licenses for any number of users. The Client now has manager privileges to view reports, time sheets, call progress and even listen-in, barge-in and “whisper” (i.e. coach) their agents live while on a call!

Full Billing & Reporting System Deployed

Clients can now view their CDR (Call Detail Record), graphical reports of useage, reload their minutes, get low-balance notifications to prevent their account from suspension due to non-payment and a host of other great management features. This new interface has been fully deployed and is being tested this week. You’ll see a lew login link for “Client Account” later this week. This is a very major upgrade and one that we’ve needed badly for the past 6 months.  Now it’s done!

This upgrade is far more important than most people realize. Up until today, we had no method of accurately tracking Client usage of our system, nor were we capable of billing them properly. Beginning tomorrow, this is an automated process, as it should have been from the start.  I’m really excited to have you take a look at it! Starting tomorrow we can take payments through this new portal, but only through Paypal.  But within a couple of weeks, I expect we’ll be accepting all the major credit and debit cards through this same portal.

Staffed Call Center Coming

Due to the requests of many Clients we’ll be opening a fully staffed call center in the Philippines by June 22, 2012. I’ll leave June 13 and return June 21.  Our staff should be trained and on the job by the time we return. In fact, there is a good chance limited operations will begin prior to our trip to Manila and other provinces.  The overseas operations will enable us to offer very cost-effective lead generation to our Clients without the need for them to do any cold calling.  In addition to lead generation we’ll be offering other services such as appointment setting, surveys, collection calls and other related activities.

CRM Upgrade Coming

We’re deploying a major upgrade to our CRM system this week. The new system enables us to create multi-user accounts, offer team-management, better analytics and graphical reports, full Outlook syncrhonization and a much better, easier to learn, clean looking and more intuitive user interface.  You can expect to see us beginning to sell multi-user licenses within a week or so.

Near-Death Experience

Almost 2 months ago we began experiencing a terrible problem. We had received a payment from one of our closest allies, but the payment did not clear the bank. Between the deposit date and only one day later when the check was returned, we created a negative balance in our checking account. The bank promptly put a “hard hold” on the account, not allowing deposits, withdrawals or any credit card activity (i.e. we could not even accept cards from our customers). It took from the beginning of April until last Friday, just before the Memorial Day weekend to fix the problem. It was fixed by taking on a new shareholder which allowed us to make a substantial deposit and clear up the negative balance in that account. If this problem had not been cured, we would have been black listed by all US banks and likely lost our ability to accept debit and credit cards. This would have been a very big disaster but it was averted. Thanks to our new shareholder, we’re making more progress this week than we’ve done all year! Instead of being blacklisted, the silver lining is that I found a new merchant account provider that is MUCH better (and cheaper) than our previous one! In addition to the great improvements above, I’ll be adding a link to our home page that goes to our “NEW” company store. Hope to have that “up” by this time next week.

The End Result: Better Experience For Clients and Company

What this all means is that we’ll have a much easier time providing top service to our Clients now! Our sales people can represent with confidence the fact that “we” have the best, least-cost, and most robust service of its kind anywhere. I fully expect this summer to be our “coming out” time. I already see a growing sales volume. We found a niche, a need, and we’re filling it. In the words of one of our new Clients who uses our system daily: “Your system is a beast! I’m getting at least one or two NEW clients every day thanks to you!”  This is very significant! This mortgage broker couldn’t get one or two new customers every WEEK until he started using GroupCaller! You can look for great progress the rest of this year. Finally!

Gratitude To Others – Optimistic Future

These upgrades have been needed for a long time and they’re now a reality!  I’d like to thank our entire technical team for their hard work and dedication to make these upgrades possible! To stay up to date, see and use these upgrades yourself, please visit our home page so you can see them for yourself.  (Note: Remember, some upgrades won’t be online until next week.)