As 2011 Winds Down, Gearing Up For New Year

The last few days of this year are hectic to say the least.  If you’ve been reading these articles, you’ll know we made our first real commercial sale of the MVBL just before Thanksgiving. But the Client had internal financial problems and even took down their website since making an agreement with us.  Melanie (Sales Director) and I will follow up on them sometime after I return from CES in Las Vegas (mid-January).

In the meantime, I’ve been preparing to ramp up our capacity for the first quarter of the new year so we can handle what I think will be a rapidly expanding voice broadcast segment of our business in 2012. I have also been  making preparations for our two newest Clients so they can each start the new year with a bang. They’ll both be promoting their own companies, but our most recent new MVBL Client will also be promoting our GroupCaller™ services nationwide, and possibly even recruiting more Associates and people who can sell our products. Campaign design, specialty calling databases, multiple campaigns both Clients, multiple scripts written and recorded, refreshing the national DNC database, beefing up the cash deposit with our two VoIP providers, and expansion of hardware to meet the needs of both Clients are just some of the things I’ve been working on during this final week of the year. For instance, I expect to be up a little late tonight (again) so I can finish preparing some information for Jeff Wilson (our CIO) which will allow him to create the calling databases we’ll need to start using in the next 2 weeks.

In addition to preparations for both Clients, I have continued development work on our complete system. We’re continuing to make progress on the technology side while we build the marketing machine and deal with a myriad of problems, largely created by our currently weak capital position.

Since last weekend, I have been working with two different developer groups that are both heavily experienced in bulk email issues. I’ll begin testing both of their systems in January, analyzing their capabilities and negotiating for a working partnership with two overseas development teams to integrate a bulk email system with our other systems. Although bulk email is only one of ten major systems we’re developing, it seems to me this will be the next  enhancement after we deploy our current upgrade which includes the 5 modes of voice broadcast plus text and fax broadcasting as well.

All-in-all the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is filled with work both day and night, but it’s the good kind of work. It shows we’re making the progress we need. It’s altogether fitting that our MVBL and some of the new marketing techniques were developed in the final Quarter of this year, setting the stage for a fabulous 2012! Indeed, we’re at a crossroads. The beginning of the New Year will also mark the beginning of our commercial sales effort, when most of our resources are focused on the sale of our MVBL and VBL products.

It feels good, now that we finally have a robust product available, that solves such an important problem for so many companies: Effective and cost-efficient lead generation. Keep returning here often; I plan to post at least 2 or 3 articles each week.   During CES week (January 9 to 13) I’ll also be posting photos and reports from the largest technical marketplace on the planet! Watch your news programs that week – most major news organizations cover the International Consumer Electronics Show. Who knows, maybe I’ll get on camera?  (wink)

Anyway, that’s where I’ll be, and I’ll be making my own reports to my own audience here in the blog!

Year-End 75% Blow-Out Continued

We’re in discussion with multiple prospects right now, so we have decided to extend the 75% off year-end discount to those with whom we are negotiating. Also, new prospects who begin serious discussions with us with regard to using GroupCaller™ to enhance their business operations will be included in the group who is lucky enough to get these discounts.

The table below that depicts this offer has been modified to reduce the over-all cost by reducing the number of messages delivered in this exclusive package deal. The lowest price is $0.012¢ per live-connected call, so our Clients will still be getting an industry-busting low price for our voice broadcast service. I’ve updated the store to reflect this new pricing and will be emailing the link to new prospects who aren’t yet aware of these incredible low prices.

As I said, the offer has been extended through the end of the year, so everyone who is in serious discussion with us by this Saturday will have the chance to acquire a genuine GroupCaller™ MVBL of a huge 75% off. But that’s not all, they’ll also get a deep discount on their calling fees, down to as low as $0.012 per live-connected call, which I believe to be the very LOWEST price in the voice broadcast industry.

To take advantage of this special offer, you MUST begin discussions with us or make the by this Saturday, December 31, 2011.  To buy the MVBL, just follow this link to the company store and pay for it online.

End-of-Year Prep For New Year

OK, we’re already into the final week of the year and it’s shaping up to be pretty busy this week! Yesterday, our newest Client joined us: Job Nimbus. This company provides a specialty Customer Relationship Management cloud-based solution for the construction industry. We’re very excited to welcome them aboard and view this as the beginning of a great partnership.

We conducted a successful demo for them last week, proving that we can find good, qualified leads for their service. But just as importantly, we’re exploring with them the possibility of a joint partnership in which they provide our VBL to their customers as a Master Voice Broadcast Licensee. Most small to mid-sized sub-contractors don’t have any CRM, nor do they know how valuable this product can be to their bottom line. As Job Nimbus increases their customer database, they’ll be exploring the possibility of setting up their customers with the VBL. This is a hand-in-a-glove fit for them, because we can compliment their service by providing their customers a great method to find new business. It’s a win-win for everyone! We have a few other prospects we’re in discussion with right now for the same purpose – using our VBL as a value-added product for our MVBL Clients.

And speaking of the MVBL, yesterday, we came to agreement with our newest MVBL prospect, Keith Hanson. Keith will be joining us by acquiring his Master Voice Broadcast License next Monday, the first business day of the New Year. What a great way to start the year for both of us!

This week, we’re doing some preparations for him, by creating sales templates, new calling databases and setting up his GlobalTmail™ email account.  I’ll meet with him next Monday to finalize the deal and get him started. Keith is starting with 250,000 pre-paid connected calls in his inventory.  (By the way, to get 250,000 calls to connect with a live party, we have to make about 1,350,000 calls . . . )  He’ll be using the MVBL to promote GlobalTmail nationwide and locate new VBL and other MVBL customers.

For those of you still pondering whether the MVBL is for you, you should consider one very important detail:  MVBL’s receive 100% of the VBL fees they sell! This sets up a terrific monthly residual cash flow for them and gives them some real marketing firepower when promoting either their own company or GlobalTmail™.  So, if you’ve been wondering whether or not your should get the MVBL, wonder no more! The MVBL is our most lucrative opportunity.

As of today, we’re staged for making a record number of calls in January.  Although I’ll be at CES for the entire 2nd week of the month, I’ll have my laptop “command center” with me and we’ll be running campaigns daily.  This week, I’ll do some preparation with our India-based programmer who helps watch over the GroupCaller™ system. I want to ensure that both of these new Clients are ready with their own GC accounts and campaigns before New Year’s Eve, so we’re ready to hit the ground running first thing in the New Year.

I think we can all look forward to 2012 as being the year that GlobalTmail™ finally emerges as a growth company, gathering new Clients consistently all year and completing 2012 as a prosperous firm, well on the way to reaching our Phase II marketing launch.

Merry Christmas!

We’re not politically correct around here, so I like to greet people with “Merry Christmas.” It is, after all, the “reason for the season” as the saying goes. I’d like to personally thank everyone who reads this blog for your faith in the company, your interest in this project, and your continuing support. It’s the collective effort of everyone associated with us that is making it possible for us to build a large, worldwide communications platform unlike anything else in existence today. We’re expecting great things in 2012.  That’s mostly because we’ve surrounded ourselves with great people and as a result, accomplished the remarkable feat of deploying our GroupCaller™ system during the toughest economic year since the project started in 2005.

For me, this has been a special Christmas season. Those of you who follow the blog and know me personally, realize that the past 3 years of software development and keeping the company alive, mostly through membership sales of the PIP, PRG and AMG have not been easy. But during the past 6 months, we all saw more progress than ever before in our software development efforts and for that I am truly grateful. So this holiday season for me, has been one to reflect on all that has been done by so many people over the past 6 years, and how much has been accomplished especially since last June….and express my gratitude to all those who had a hand in making this happen.

I look forward to 2012 as being the first year we can truly deliver a quality commercial service to companies nationwide. After conducting a successful demonstration for a software firm on Monday and Tuesday this week, we have come to agreement in principle about how to move forward with them. Any day now, I expect their first purchase of message delivery services and then we’re “off to the races” as they say, with the first commercial Client to use our services as their main promotional tool for making sales. We have other deals pending in addition to this one, so it looks like we’re just at the beginning of an entirely new phase for the company.

While others are busy preparing for Christmas, we have continued our work here, steadily moving forward and making progress week after week. I expect the last week of the year to yield some of the best news we have had all year with the addition of an important new Client plus other new MVBL customers.



This is the best deal “ever” for our newest product. We’re launching it with a deeply discounted price. For all you Associates who read this blog, make sure your contacts and customers DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE! It won’t be repeated.

New MVBL Video Posted

Today I posted a brand new video telling all about our newest product, the Master Voice Broad License (“MVBL”). This is the VBL with a twist: The MVBL holder is authorized to give away VBL’s (valued at $27/month), anywhere from 1 to an UNLIMITED NUMBER!

This license was created to satisfy a need in the market place: Low-Cost (but effective) Lead Generation and Customer Promotions. Direct sales companies, politicians and political parties, real estate offices, mortgage brokers, insurance agencies, employers, retailers, network marketing sales leaders with downlines, and nearly any organization with personnel who need to contact others, now have a great way to enhance their own bottom lines PLUS help their sales teams, Clients and others do the same thing!  This product is for YOU!   Watch the video and you’ll see why. 

The MVBL Deal

MVBL holders have an incredible opportunity. First, they are entitled to the very lowest fees: ONE PENNY PER CALL in many cases (highest is 2 cents-per-call). A “call” is a live human picking up the phone. This is by far the cheapest deal in the entire voice broadcast industry. I’m not kidding…I checked it out and posted the results in a Price Comparison Table.  The MVBL is also one of the best value added services that can offered by many companies and organizations to those with whom they transact business. The ability to give away a software license with so much value is unheard of.

How To Buy

The MVBL is in the company store. The deeply discounted price is bundled with a significant amount of pre-paid calls (unlike the normal MVBL purchase which does not include any pre-paid calling campaigns). Even when paying for the calls at the same time as buying the license, the total cost is STILL deeply discounted from buying “just” the MVBL.

GlobalTmail™ Associates – Make A Killing In December!

Perhaps the biggest news is this: YOU CAN MAKE A KILLING ON THIS SALE! I have a special deal for anybody who wants to make money right now, before Christmas. I am talking THOUSANDS of dollars quickly, not just 10’s or hundreds. Anyone who wishes to participate and earn money on this promotion needs to talk to me personally on this one. You’ll even get paid within 1 business day for any MVBL sales in December. Really, this deal is too good to publish. If you need money and need it now, please contact me directly at my personal email address if you’re serious and want to make money right now selling the MVBL.  Please write to me at and ask for more information. I’ll be watching my emails closely.

First Results of New Campaign

First results are “in” from the new campaign type.  They are disappointing but not surprising. The bottom line: We cannot use this campaign “right now” to bring cash to the company. The test was valuable and we’ll continue to build on it; but we’re going in a different direction for December. In the meantime, my report showing stats, analysis and action plan follow:

Statistical Results

I ran the campaign a few hours on Wednesday, all day on Thursday and a few hours yesterday.  Here are the calling campaign results:

Of the 91,319 numbers dialed, 18,301 people picked it up and said “hello”.  This represents a big 20.04% of calls dialed, significantly higher than what I’ve been seeing recently, which was in the 16% range. Good news! Also, almost 16% of those who received the call actually listened to the message. This is also a very good statistic compared to recent numbers. The hard cost from our VoIP wholesale provider was $66.78 for these calls.  Now, let’s look at how many of these people actually visited the website:

This is a screen shot from Google Analytics which allows us to analyze performance on our campaigns. we had 46 unique visitors from those 3 days (we’ll likely get a few more today & tomorrow).  This represents 1.58% of all those who listened to at least part of the message. That’s actually a very GOOD rate, and higher than I had hoped for! Also, it represents about 0.25% of all calls made, which is also in the acceptable range (0.25% to 0.50% is what we hope to achieve in most campaigns, to be profitable).

However, on the first 2 days, I had people going through a “squeeze page” to get to the sales page. I showed you the squeeze page in the last article. I knew this would reduce the number of real visitors to the sales page, but I didn’t know how much. now I know. Until I changed it yesterday (so people go directly to the sales page and skip the squeeze page), 16 of the 46 unique visitors completed the form and went to the sales page. This means only 34.78% of the people who SHOULD HAVE seen the sales page, did not see it.  Another important indicator is the number of times the video at the top of the page was actually played by visitors:

Here you see “Video Opened” 56 times, which matches the number of visits (“opened” simply means somebody logged onto the web page and the video loaded and is ready to be played). Of the unique visitors, people started it 12 times (26.09%), which isn’t surprising given the fact that for 2/3 of the time they visited this page, those people only saw the squeeze page, so the majority of people visiting didn’t even know a video was there. A more accurate depiction is the 16 people who completed the squeeze page and went to the sales page.  That represents 75% of those visiting the page played the video, and 9 of them actually completed the 2-minute presentation. So more than half of those starting it (56.25%) completed it.  That’s good.  I have no doubt we located a number of very sincere people with this campaign.  Even more important though is the average length of time people stayed on the web page:  1:19 minutes. Of course, again, this is a skewed number because for this test the vast majority of visitors only saw the squeeze page, so we don’t really know the average length of time visitors were on the sales page. We’ll get that number in a future analysis.


The foregoing statistics  do not support selling a $27 or $35 product on the web page. There is a possibility that we could improve the numbers to a point where it’s economically feasible, but not at this stage of the game. To do that, we need capital which we don’t have. The only way it would be feasible is if the $27 monthly payments continued for at least 10 months or more. That’s something we cannot know without applying at least 2 years of statistics to a campaign like this. We simply don’t have the capital to develop this particular type of campaign for driving traffic to the website at this time. However, we gained a lot by running the campaign.

There is a wealth of knowledge we obtained in the past 3 days. We now know, for instance, that we really CAN get a great 1.58% response rate from cold calling. That’s a very amazing rate, considering the best I saw over the summer was about 0.50% at best. The conclusion I draw here is that we made the response a socially-acceptable type of response method (i.e. visiting a web page). This is far more palatable for most people than actually TALKING to somebody (i.e. “press 1 for a live agent”). I am convinced, however, that some tuning and tweaking should result in a consistent response rate in excess of 1% on most Press 1 campaigns. This is VERY exciting news to me! It will bode well for our Clients as we move forward.

Another phenomenal number is the cost figure. This means that we really ARE offering a fantastic deal to our Clients when we charge them only 1 cent for a “live” connected phone call. Despite the fact that we’re paying for each and every connection, the vast majority of which are answering machines for which we must pay, we’re STILL making a healthy profit when we charge only 1 penny for live connected calls. Most competitors charge by the minute, and those who charge per call include the answering machines, but fail to disclose to their customers that answering machines comprise about 2/3 of all answered calls  (67.22% in today’s example).

Another VERY positive sign from this campaign is the fact that we had 56 visits to the page so far (likely to increase today & tomorrow) and 46 were unique visitors.  This is actually a VERY exciting development! This is a direct marketing campaign on which we got a 1.58% “real” response rate! That’s a substantial response for a cold-calling campaign in which we appealed to the general public and not a specific demographic marketing list. This means we absolutely CAN drive people to a web page using voice broadcast.

Action Plan

I won’t be experimenting with this campaign again for some time. The only reason is the fact that we don’t have sufficient excess capital to “perfect” the campaign. I do believe we could make this campaign work, but as I mentioned, it will “work” only in the context that sufficient people will buy (minimum 2% of visitors) and those visitors must continue paying their $27 monthly payments for at least 10 months to generate a profit. The most important thing to realize on this type of campaign: The product sold MUST be a big-ticket item or it won’t be profitable.

Our own action plan is to immediately begin a B2B campaign with call transfer, looking for VBL, MVBL and RAL prospects. In other words, we have ample evidence to show that we should be able to generate a good and profitable revenue stream when we sell our services by USING our service.  The reason is simple. Even though the VBL is only $27, anybody who runs a lead-generation campaign will need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to make it produce a viable result for them.  Therefore, the profits we make from the license fee plus message delivery fees should earn a decent profit for us.

This represents a shift in our in-house marketing strategy from selling the business opportunity, to selling the one service we can perform right now:  VOICE BROADCAST.  I invite any of you Associates who want to join in this effort to contact me right away. We’ll only be able to fill one or two positions right now as “company” reps, but if you wish to do this as an Associate, RAL holder or VBL holder, the field is wide open!  Let’s get started and bring in some business!

New Campaign-Type Developed

As the old saying goes, ” I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kickin’ contest…”.  As usual, it was a working holiday weekend for me.  I added a 3rd Campaign type to our current capabilities this past weekend. It took virtually all my waking hours from Friday until Tuesday about 4 pm, but I got it done.  Before today, we could conduct 2 types of campaigns:

  1. Call Transfer Campaign:
    1. Outbound call -> play recorded message  -> called party transfers to “live” agent w/Key-Press 1
  2. IVR Campaign:
    1. Outbound call -> play recorded message -> called party records voice message w/Key-Press 1
Now we can do another type of campaign:
  • Announcement Campaign:
    • Outbound Call -> play recorded announcement & hang up.
When done strictly for announcement purposes, this is a very simple campaign. However, when used as I’m attempting to use it, to drive traffic to a sales website and create sales, the campaign is relatively complex.  I am testing it now for viability. If it proves to be economically viable, it holds the possibility of opening a whole new revenue stream for us. This article will describe in detail how the Website Traffic-Building Announcement campaign works and what it’s designed to do, plus give you some links to relevant details about our current test campaign.

Step 1 – Content of the Message

The message is very critical (as it always is). I make some very basic, but logical assumptions that make this campaign theoretically viable:

  • Most people who are interested in responding will NOT be able to instantly write down the information (no pen, and not sitting at the computer when they get the call)
  • They also will not remember it even when interested ( how often do YOU remember detailed info that you hear in a 30-second message only ONCE?)
  • The vast majority of call recipients will have Caller ID (absolutely true)
  • Those who are interested will want to call back to get the information again (if they like the concept, they remember they LIKE what they heard)
  • Call results will not be seen instantly. It will take 24 – 48 hours to see the results of each days’ calling activity
  • Most VBL and MMS customers do NOT want to be salespeople (they just want more money)
Therefore, the message must state very clearly the URL we want them to visit, repeat it several times, and end with a very important tag line: “If you can’t remember the address, just call us back with the number you see on your Caller ID.”   I would expect the majority of people who liked the message will definitely call back. We already know that 10% to 15% of the people who pick up the phone and get a call from us will call back on our Caller ID number (today it was 11.6% call-back rate, for 1,397 calls coming into the Caller ID number). So in my way of thinking, it’s logical to assume that most people who are actually interested in the message will call back to refresh their memory about the web address. If you wish to hear the recorded message yourself here’s our inbound call-back phone number:  1-307-696-2011.

Step 2 – The Incentive Program

During the summer and fall, we documented in this blog that the incentive program I created increased response rates by about 3 times but decreased attendance rates. However, if you recall, the net attendance (i.e. actually attendance at webinars) was UP by about double! So we’re using the same incentive program, but I re-wrote the information page about this incentive so it fits better with this promotion.

Step 3 – Lead Capture Page (Squeeze Page)

We could just let people go to the web page, read it and wait to see how many sales are made. But if we do that, we’d have to rely only on Google Anyalitics to give us general information about the web page visitors. At best this information is generalized and won’t show us enough detail to analyze the dialing campaign (and cost-to-revenue ratio). Therefore, I created a common marketing tool called a “Squeeze Page.” This is just an information-capturing page. Anybody who wishes to view the information needs to fill in the blanks on the form and click on “Submit”.  Check out the Squeeze Page for this voice broadcast campaign and you’ll see what I mean. Squeeze pages can be very helpful in tracking from which different campaigns (dialing, email, SEO, variations of them) the traffic came. I plan to send traffic to this page from voice broadcast, email and possibly even some SEO (not to mention word of mouth).

Step 4 – The Sales Page

This is the sales pitch. It sells the business opportunity. If this test works OK, i’ll set up a different one to sell our services to direct sales companies and other commercial prospects.  This page also contains information about the incentive we’re using in an effort to boost the response rate. I am hoping for a conversion rate at about 2% of the unique visitors that show up. It’s a daunting task to get hundreds and then thousands of people visiting this sales page. However, it can be done, and the theory is that a well-structured voice broadcast campaign can make a valuable contribution to the traffic, and consequently the cash sales resulting from that traffic.

Step 5 – The Order & Download Page

The goal is to sell the Money Messaging™ Subscription & Manual (“MMS”) as well as the VBL (Voice Broadcast License) which is a $27.00 monthly fee. If you read the sales page, you saw I have 2 graphics at the end of that page. The first one sells the MMS for $27.00.  It links to the company store where this item is sold.  The second graphic sells the “Combo Pack”. This is the MMS plus the first month’s subscription to the VBL, which is sold in combination for $35.00, a savings of about 35% from buying each item separately ($54.00).  You should also take a look at the order page for the Combo Pack.

Step 5 – After-The-Sale-Follow-Up:  The Automated Marketing System

Once we have a new VBL customer, that person needs support. Here’s where another assumption comes into play:  I believe most people who want the business opportunity and the income it provides, do NOT want to sell over the phone or in person. The majority aren’t sure WHAT they want, but they always know they need more money and they do NOT want to “sell.”  Discovering this fact from the past couple of  years working with the sales team (the attrition rate is very bad) had a direct impact on my decision to create this system. I call it the “Automated Marketing System” or “AMS”.  This is a system that anyone can use to earn money.

The concept is fairly simple:

  1. Replicate/Duplicate everything we’re doing
  2. Customize it for each sales person.

Simple idea. Not so easy to implement. But I got it done!  The end-result for the Associate is this:  To make money, you just need to:

  • Buy the VBL,
  • Buy the AMS set up (you really SHOULD study that linked page), and
  • Buy AMS Campaigns. You just decide the size of your campaigns and we’ll send your messages automatically (in your own voice – that’s part of the AMS set-up)
After that, sales are automatic. As in all independent sales, we make no guarantee as to the actual number of sales or amount that is earned. However, this is designed to be a standard, company-tested campaign so we’ll post the statistical campaign results from time to time so people can evaluate their prospect for earnings before they buy.