Back On Monday

OK, ok, ok . . . I said I would be working over the weekend. But you know, I made calls, worked on the mail server and some other technical issues, and tried contacting  several people today, and the result? Zip, nada, nothing! Nobody is “available” today. Maybe they think it’s a holiday weekend?  Guess so – I made the mistake of going to the local Walmart today – OK, I’ll admit the Christmas Season is now officially “here.”

So I’ll follow suit and finish the holiday weekend with some quiet time.  I’ll also doing some planning for next week.  December is almost here and I’ve got some big plans for the last month of the year.  I’ll start talking about them next week. In the meantime, I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you’re looking forward (along with me) to a prosperous December 2011.  See you next week!

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

I’ve been a fan of Rush Limbaugh since about 1991, for most of the 23 years his radio show has been in syndication. One of my favorite stories that he usually airs on his program on or before Thanksgiving Day each year is what he calls “The Real Story of Thanksgiving.”  It shows how the Pilgrims came to the New World and originally set up a socialist commune system, and as a result nearly starved their first winter. The next year, they tried a capitalist system and prospered greatly. The first Thanksgiving was to celebrate the triumph of the individual over the collective,and give thanks to God for His inspiration and scripture that taught them the true way to prosperity and improving their lives.

I would encourage you to read this account.  Just in case you MISSED Rush’s radio program today (and I bet most of you did!), the transcript of today’s message is on his website right here:

And here’s a companion Thanksgiving story about how we acquired Manhattan: 


What I’m Thankful For This Year

The list is endless. But this is my business blog so I’ll stick to business topics. THAT list is nearly endless, too. Despite monumental difficulties, especially during the past year, we have made more progress in the past 6 months than at any time during the past 6 years. It’s truly amazing! Tomorrow marks the 6-year anniversary of the date when the concept for GlobalTmail first came to me.  I’ll tell THAT story tomorrow. But for now, let me just say how grateful I am for all of you who have registered with us (2,734 registered as of today) and believed in us during this lengthy development cycle.  I am so grateful that just during the past month, we finally got to the point where we can install and begin using a truly hosted SaaS and PaaS (See the new company White Paper).  Although I’ve already expressed my disappointment at the current delay, I have to remind you, it’s ONLY a delay.  The architecture and 98% or 99% of the code is already in place and ready to go! It only takes a very small amount of “extra” money now to roll out this great system and then we’ll be every bit as competitive (and more so) as all other voice broadcast and message-delivery firms on the ‘net!  But as you know, our business model calls for so much more than “just” voice broadcast.

New Professional-Level Position With The Company Is Now Open And Available

Keep reading the blog over the holiday. I plan to work through the holiday weekend, except for taking tomorrow off.  And just as a little hint of some new things on the horizon . . . I’ve got just a limited number of professional, commercial sales positions open right now for the right people.  Contact me directly at my cell phone, email, or just by writing to if you want to take a major roll as we introduce our new “MVBL” to the business community. This is NOT part of the standard compensation plan, and is designed for a professional-level sales and marketing professional.  I’ll watch for your calls and emails.


So Close Yet So Far – Milestone Delayed

Well, it happened again. Delays seem to the our fate. I was successful getting a payment from this new customer Friday night.  But the amount we received was only 1/6 of the amount upon which we had agreed in order to roll out the hosted version of GroupCaller™.  I am very disappointed.

It’s so frustrating because 98% of the programming to roll out this huge milestone is completed, beta tested and debugged! All we have to do now is some minor configuration details, fix some issues with the billing system and roll it out by paying the developers. Yep. It always boils down to a lack of money. Although we have a good relationship with these programmers, they will not install, configure and complete this platform until they are paid. There’s is a reasonable position that I support. Lack of cash has been our stumbling block during the past 3 years. But I’m not discouraged! Far from it. We have ample cause for celebration.

On the positive side, we “did” get them on board as our first “real” commercial Client! Monday afternoon, I’ll be at their office setting them up to run campaigns under their new single-user Voice Broadcast License (VBL). They purchased only 50,000 messages to be delivered and agreed to pay for another 50,000 messages on Monday. (I say “only” because an organization like this must deliver 10’s of millions of messages to create an effective campaign.)  I’ll work out a collaboration arrangement with some of their business contacts and wrap them into this same project. By adding more companies, we’ll actually benefit greatly, and so will they.

We only need to receive a fixed amount of $6,000 in a lump sum that can be dedicated toward the roll-out of our hosted system. It’s a tiny sum compared to the amount we’ve spent to date to build our infrastructure. But in today’s business climate, you’d think we’re asking for millions of dollars. I think we’ll be able to find one ore more additional companies to join in this effort through this new Client, so I am not worried.

So today’s bad news is merely a set back, a delay and nothing more. I feel certain that we’ll still be able to roll out our hosted system before Christmas. Sadly, it won’t be over the Thanksgiving Holiday as I had anticipated only 4 days ago. Such is life in the fast lane!  Stay tuned; I’ll let you know how the set up goes after I return from seeing our new Client Monday night.


Bulk Email Server Up & Running

As you know, one of the several applications we’ll roll out for Clients is our very own bulk email service.  A lot of people in business, especially small and mid-sized companies and organizations, don’t realize how difficult it can be to send bulk email. But they quickly discover that doing something as simple as sending an email to 1,000 customers is . . . well, next to impossible if you’re trying to just use Outloook, Gmail, Yahoo! or your ISP’s email client.

Why? Several reasons. For one, ISP’s, Gmail, Yahoo! and every other email provider put severe limitations on the number of emails that can be sent on a per-hour or per-day basis. The purpose, of course, is to prevent Spammers from sending email. Of course, the natural result of this is to also prevent legitimate companies, organizations and individuals from sending email to those they wish to contact.  Of course, the legit users outnumber the non-legit users by a very big margin.  But that doesn’t matter because the goal of most ISP’s is to simply shut down spamming. And if that means preventing YOU from sending a single email to all your friends & relatives, your customers, your members, your students, etc., so be it.

Another problem people run into is the fact that blacklists exist and it’s very EASY to get blacklisted by the major ISP’s and email providers. What’s a blacklist when it comes to email? It’s a generally accepted and shared list of email senders (i.e., perhaps “YOU” if you innocently try to send several hundred emails to friends or other contacts) whom the email providers (Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, Your ISP, etc.) have determined are sending spam. Countless people, companies and organizations have found themselves blacklisted without knowing how or why, because they are NOT sending spam. And when that happens, the only fix is to get a new IP, new email, new URL, etc. Once you’re on the blacklist, you can’t get off.  This causes a major expense and hassle for many innocent parties. You can get blacklisted simply for attempting to send “too many” emails at one time.  How do you know how many are too many?  Usually you don’t, until you do it. Another common way is to have “too many” bounce-backs. What’s that? It’s an email you attempt to send that bounces back to you as undeliverable. Email addresses change as often as people change their socks. So if you’ve ever tried maintaining an email list, you’ll quickly learn that once you get more than 100 or so email addresses in a list, each time you send a message to all at the same time, a percent will bounce back.  So the ISP’s and email providers will also automatically blacklist you if you don’t have a “clean” email list and too many emails bounce back.  It’s a problem, right?

These problems gave rise to the many different bulk email companies out there now, some of which are very popular and well-known, such as Sendblaster, Advanced Mail Sender, TrafficWave, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response and others. But these all have something in common: They’re expensive. If you have a list that’s bigger than several hundred, you’re going to pay a LOT for the privilege of sending emails to your contacts. When I see what they charge, sometimes I think people are better off going back to snail mail. Even when you have only 500 to 1000 addresses, you’re paying a significant amount per month for the subscription.

Don’t get me wrong, these services are valuable and needed. And the emails you can send are nice looking and can make a small organization look big because they’re . . . “pretty.”  But for most organizations that just want to easily, inexpensively and quickly send emails to their contacts, this is just another in a long line of hassles when it comes to using the Internet to promote yourself.

These are some of the reasons we decided that a bulk email service is an essential part of our offering. And that’s the subject of this article. We got our own bulk email server up and operational yesterday. So along with our first voice, text & fax platform, we’ve now ALSO got our own email platform operational! It’s amazing to me that we’re making these great strides in technology, FINALLY, as we approach our 6-year anniversary of the GlobalTmail™ development.

Although the server is up and running, we won’t be adding it to the mix of available services for several more months. First we need to alpha and beta test it.  Then we need to build a simple user interface that has the same look and feel of our other services (NOT an easy task.)  As we do these things, however, we WILL be using it for our own marketing purposes.  While we develop the user interface, nice templates and other aspects of the service that’ll make it simple to use for the average Client, you’ll start receiving more emails from us. So don’t be surprised if you start seeing a lot more messages from GlobalTmail™ in your Inbox (along with some voice messages to your phone and maybe even text announcements from time to time!).

Naturally, we’ll use our own services to promote “US” first!  Be watching, more email is coming …

Biggest Milestone Coming Friday

In just 2 short days we’ll begin installation of the biggest milestone ever! Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with a Client and we made a handshake agreement to begin this journey Friday. I plan to meet with them again at the end of the week, get their payment and then we’re off to the races.

Just what is this big milestone breakthrough? It’s our first-ever installation of a completely hosted solution for our core product: GroupCaller™. Once we roll it out (over the upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend), all GlobalTmail™ Clients will be able to stage their own voice broadcast, text and fax campaigns without even talking to us!

I’ll tell you a little more about our new Client later, but for now, just understand that doing business with them provides us the cash we’ve needed to complete this task and roll it out. It will take about a week to install and configure the entire thing, so I expect we won’t be finished until sometime over the holiday weekend. But that’s OK.  It means we’ll be able to set up Clients quickly and easily for the first time, and allow them the freedom to run all their campaigns without having to go through “us”.

Once this installation is completed our marketing efforts to set up clients for GroupCaller™ will be dramatically increased. Not only that, but we’ll notify all Members, Associates and Clients who have been with us for years that FINALLY we’ve got a product they can use! Thanks to all of you who have been so patient and had faith that we’d complete the project. The core functions are within a stone’s throw of being ready to use, so be sure to come back here often during the next week.

Another major accomplishment was just completed an hour ago: Our Bulk Email Server is back online! It has been a full year since we’ve had access to it so I’m relieved that we can now send bulk emails to everyone again! We’re also starting an opt-in email marketing program to help drive traffic to the MMS page (I’m calling the Money Messaging Manual a Money Messaging Subscription now, simply because it makes more sense – I have to do a major re-write over the Thanksgiving Holiday and update all the screen shots and instruction pages to show how to use the new hosted system!).  Prototype improvements such as this have always been part of our culture  here, and they’ll continue and even increase over the next year or two as we roll out many additional applications. Therefore, everyone who buys this manual will have access to continual updates.

I’ll have another update published Friday night, so come back tomorrow evening so you can see our progress, and learn that today’s prediction was “right on!”  I’m very confident this major upgrade will take place just as planned.

New Sales Page Ready

I finally completed the new sales page designed to sell the VBL and the Money Messaging™ Manual (“MMM”). This page is designed to be used by all Associates, VBL and RAL holders.  You can now send this link to everyone you know and let the page with embedded video make the sale for you.

First Time Automated Sales Tool Available

This is the first time we’ve created a sales tool that makes it possible for our Associates to earn a fully automated income, day in and day out.  To the extent that you teach your downline how to use this link, you can (for the first time), create a flood of traffic to this one page and a small percent of the visitors will buy.

Like anything else, the more you tell people about what we’re doing and how it will benefit them, the more you’ll earn. This is especially true with regard to  generating a word-of-mouth campaign supported by emails.  Just send emails to everyone you know with the link you’re getting right here (or by using the new template that will be posted tomorrow in Associate Tools); call your contacts and ask them to read it; tell them to pass it on and send that same email to everyone THEY know; and ask them to simply repeat the process. This process can grow to a massive number of emails and people linking to the sales page. The natural result is that your downline will become active, sales will start to take place, and YOU will begin earning money when most of the time you have NOT earned anything.

Renewed Marketing Effort

Soon we’ll begin work on SEO, links and other marketing methods to drive traffic to this page. This will also become the primary page to which we drive traffic from our own GroupCaller™ marketing efforts. But most importantly, this new page adds a new opportunity for all Associates who want to build a downline of active sales people who generate REAL sales volume from which they can earn bonuses.

Beginning today I’ll be encouraging all Associates and others who wish to earn money with us to focus on sending people to this web page. We have worked long and hard to develop a winning strategy that can be shared with everyone and mutually benefit all those who want and need to make money. A very basic sales strategy is emerging:  Sell small to start, then upgrade later.

Although we’ve had real success in selling the various classes of the Remote Agent License, this remains a very difficult sale for most people. This sales page is designed as a universal sales page which can be used to sell our most basic commission-able products (the VBL and the MMM). Remember that when somebody buys the VBL they pay $27 each month so it does create a residual income. Also, as VBL holders begin using the system to generate their own leads and sales, we pay commissions on the message delivery fees as well.

International Fields Coming

The products sold on this page can be sold internationally RIGHT NOW! There’s no need to wait. Although we don’t have all the fields necessary yet to add country, international phone numbers, international zip codes and provinces, those are coming.  We’re in discussion right now with programmers to make these fields available so that commerce can proceed immediately and provide all our Associates with worldwide earnings, starting TODAY!

Don’t Wait – Start Today

I’ll begin promoting this page pretty heavily during the rest of this month so you’re likely to get emails and phone messages about it as well.  In the meantime, go ahead and check it out for yourself.

This means YOU should not wait either! Make sure everyone you know gets a link to this page. Encourage others to go their by sending them personal emails and a link. We can track who buys and who earns a commission based on the sponsoring geneology. We have some aggressive plans in the works to ensure that you never lose a commission when one of YOUR contacts makes a purchase from this page. Please be patient while we automate this process over the next 90 days. For now, it will be a partially automated and partially manual system that tracks the new customers for commission purposes who buy from this site.

I’ll be creating a new template and making it available in the new GroupCaller™ CRM as well as under Associate Tools / Sales Materials in the Member Area of the website after you log in.  You can use this new email template with a simple cut and paste into your own email to promote sales through this web page.

Please help me spread the word and send a link to this page to everyone you know.  Here’s the direct link: .  The page does the selling for you!

New Company White Paper Published Today

From time to time we revise and publish a “white paper” that provides a detailed overview of the company, it’s purpose, products and services. This document was revised just before and during my absence since last week and is being re-published today.

The purpose of a document like this (available in PDF format) is to provide prospective investors and/or clients a more detailed view of the company as they are considering whether or not to meet with us and/or do business with us. Providing a cogent definition of the company and its services has always been a high priority. Due to the continual rapid advances in technology, we have had to modify and adapt our development process to keep up with the most current trends even though our development has never been completed. This has resulted in frequent modifications to the development process to keep us on the cutting edge of the technology sector while still developing the same basic concept as was originally conceived back on  November 24, 2005, the official date of conception for our services.

I’ll be posting a 2nd article later today so if you’re reading this early in the day, please check back late in the afternoon or evening for another important announcement with a link to a very interesting new web page that will go into service by this weekend.

Here, then, is a reprint of this newly published white paper so you can see the latest comprehensive description of our company and its services:

Company Overview

(Last Updated November 10, 2011)

Mission Statement
We provide a superior, comprehensive, adaptable and affordable direct sales communications platform with marketing consulting services for all sizes of businesses in all major industries.


The company was organized to provide an integrated communications platform for organizations of all types and sizes. The purpose of our services is to attract new customers as well as strengthen relationships with existing customers.  This is achieved by combining several popular communications systems – voice broadcast, Short Message Service (SMS), email, FAX, Instant Messaging (IM), Cloud-based multimedia and search services – into a single platform in which all systems are controlled with similar commands through a dashboard making it easy to execute and deliver coordinated campaigns that include one-or-several contact methods per campaign.  All services are delivered at a price so low that even individuals or very small organizations can mass-deliver their message through multiple channels and track sophisticated analytics to constantly improve results. The company provides excellent Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PAAS), Consultation and Expertise.

The Problems We Solve

To achieve acceptable results when attempting to attract new customers, members or contacts of any type, and then follow up to retain and improve both existing and new relationships, organizations currently face a dizzying array of unrelated and complex solutions that are both costly and resource intensive to learn and implement.  This is especially true with respect to all of the increasingly popular internet-based marketing, sales and communications systems. We provide a solution that’s both affordable and easy to learn. No technical help or staff is required with our application to execute complex and highly effective sales and marketing campaigns for any purpose. In short, we simplify the complex at a price even an individual can afford, so that even the “technically challenged” business person can use the most sophisticated Cloud-based tools to effectively drive their sales and marketing efforts.

How We Solve These Problems

We are bundling together the most powerful forms of multi-channel mass communication into a single software service that allows those systems to work seamlessly together in a fashion similar to the several applications in the Microsoft Office Suite. In such an environment, the command and control architecture is similar between all applications so when a user learns one, they have learned the basics of all applications.  No complex knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, web design, graphics, marketing analytics or database manipulation is required. Furthermore, campaigns can be coordinated so that several tools can work together in a single campaign.

Local Restaurant Example:
A restaurant needs to attract more business during their slowest months of June & July, so they create a two-for-one promotional campaign to deliver a series of coupons to existing customers plus deliver those coupons to other people within their known effective marketing radius.  So they send a series of coupons to (a) existing customers via text message, (b) provide details of the promotion in an email that (c) links to printable coupons on a web page, and use (d) the manager’s personal 30-second message in a voice phone call to their customers asking them to watch for the SMS coupon and check their email, while at the same time (e) sending a separate voice phone call en-masse to consumers within a 15-mile radius of their establishment to attract new customers by pressing a button on their phone to get a free two-for-one coupon via text message (which is then followed up by the same reminder voice phone call / email / SMS coupon.  All of this can be achieved with almost no learning curve at a very low price because the only payment required is a small per-message fee, charged only for messages that actually reach the targeted prospect.

Other Examples:
Scenarios and possibilities are endless and include 1-to-1 message delivery, appointment reminders, get-out-the-vote phone calls, emergency announcements, auctions, classifieds, search matches with follow-up communications, etc.

Multi-Tenancy Communication Platform
Our application is very well suited to any direct-sales organization that needs a continual source of new sales leads and a follow-up mechanism to track and manage the progress of their sales team. Everything is configurable and accessible from the Cloud.  Multiple companies, multiple divisions, branch offices, and remote agents can all use the same cloud services.  CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is essential to provide the tools to track the sales funnel and follow-up on responses from direct marketing efforts to ensure maximum efficiency of a sales team. But the unfortunate reality is that virtually all CRM solutions are so expensive that only the mid-sized and larger companies can afford to provide them to their sales teams.  We provide a robust CRM solution integrated with our system at no additional charge that allows everyone from a single individual (like an insurance agent, mortgage broker, manufacturer’s representative, or MLM distributor) to any size company to track and manage their sales opportunities through a multi-tier team management system to track sales leads through multiple sales channels and even multiple organizations within a larger organization (i.e. multi-tenant).  While there are many CRM solutions in the market place, ours is the only one to integrate the several communications systems into our own CRM and provide the CRM at no additional cost beyond the cost of message delivery.

Our Products & Services

Several products and services are provided in both a SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) environment. Essentially, the SaaS solutions are the communications systems themselves: Voice broadcast, SMS, email, IM, search, FAX, matching and streaming multimedia.  The PaaS solution ties these communications systems together with a sophisticated and robust CRM solution that enables the manager/owner to track marketing & sales efforts while providing easy-to-use tools for their entire team (one-or-many) at such a low price that any individual or organization can afford to empower themselves and their sales & marketing teams with the most sophisticated tools that are currently only available to larger entities. (And of course, larger entities will enjoy an extreme reduction in cost.) Not all applications listed below are currently deployed. Those that are still being developed are indicated with an asterisk (*).  Naturally, even those systems that are currently available are subject to continual and constant development and improvement. The entire GlobalTmail™ system incorporates the following:

  • Software as a Service
    SaaS has become a buzz word in the industry during the past few years. Increasingly, software vendors are offering their products as a service rather than selling their software to customers. This is proving to be a viable model especially in this day and age where broadband Internet connections and fast computers are available to most of the consuming public (at least in the United States). SaaS has been at the core of our development process since inception.

    • Voice Broadcast (GroupCaller™):
      One of the most powerful communications services ever created is voice broadcast, the delivery of pre-recorded messages through the phone networks. In recent years, this service has been heavily regulated.  But compliance is not difficult and is now largely automated, making it possible for a professional service such as ours to make this service available to virtually everyone who needs to contact specific groups or the public.  Our SaaS GroupCaller™ system allows users to create and manage their own campaigns using either their own FTC-compliant databases or the FTC-compliant databases we supply.
    • SMS Broadcast
      Test messaging will continue to be a fast-growing and ubiquitous form of communication for the foreseeable future. The ability to target and send messages to a specific database is a necessity for those who intend to ensure their message is received by the target audience.

      • *Anonymous Opt-In:  The ability to create a database of willing message recipients is easy with anonymous opt-in. Most people have seen or used this technique but didn’t know it by this term. It’s the process of sending a word or code to a 5 or 6-digit code, such as ‘Text FREE FOOD to 53309 to subscribe to our 2-for-1 offers.”
      • *Short-Code Texting: Using a short-code rather than an entire 10-digit phone number for quick texting has proven to be an effective method of collecting subscribers who want to receive messages. Therefore, short-code texting is an essential element of our over-all SMS strategy.
  • FAX Broadcast
    Just like voice broadcasting, FAX broadcast has been heavily regulated in recent years. Nonetheless, for those who comply with the rules, this is a very inexpensive method to contact a specific database to enhance customer loyalty, make announcements or distribute marketing & sales information.  It’s a “must have” in our toolbox.
  • *Search Marketing Tools
    We’re not re-inventing the wheel here, but instead, we’re giving marketers a way to use search advertising without having to deeply study SEO and other IT marketing techniques. A knowledge of one’s own business, profile of their customers and an understanding of the type of offers to which their customers will respond is sufficient to create highly responsive campaigns through our system, using these proprietary tools:

    • FREE Pay-Per-Click  – Most of our revenue comes from message delivery to the phone system (both land-line and mobile). When text-based messages are delivered online, there is no charge. Therefore, when our registered Members search and located our Client’s offer strictly through their browser, there is no charge to the Client, and there’s a great benefit to the user. However, when a voice file is played through the browser or when the message is received through a phone, a fee is charged to the Client.
    • Targeted Matching – We developed our own proprietary matching algorithm that analyzes the searches and behavior of our Members and allows our Clients access to highly targeted lists of people who have demonstrated an interest in their product or service. This provides the least expensive method of creating a marketing list specifically tailored for nearly any industry.
    • Saved Search – Unlike other search tools, we allow our Members to save any search.  When a Client posts a message that matches the search, the Client is instantly matched with that Member. Both parties are instantly notified of the match so either one can follow up on the other.
    • Instant Notification –  Members and Clients can both be notified of whatever they are following through our system (i.e. saved search). Therefore, Members who want information on any subject or service we offer can specify where they want the message delivered whenever a match occurs. That means they’ll know by phone, SMS, email, IM or social media account the instant a match is made on anything they want, and they’ll get it wherever they specify.
  • *IM & Social Media Integration
    All the services listed in this section are being linked through IM and social media.  For the Client this means their message goes to more than just a phone as a voice broadcast; notification of that broadcast message can also be delivered to whatever social media or IM the Member has designated, thus improving response rates.
  • *Consumer Applications & Tools
    Some of our SaaS systems are designed purely to build a larger database of users and thus provide a more valuable service to our Clients. The following systems are designed to attract consumers to use a number of FREE and valuable applications without any obligation to pay whatsoever.

    • Classified & Auction System:  Our classified system gives people the choice of converting or combining their listing with an auction function. Since we don’t handle money for either the Member or the Client, this system is free for everyone!
    • Match Making System:  We’re incorporating the most elegant and sophisticated services of the best match making systems in the world, and we’re doing it completely without cost to the users. Why? To build an audience and thus increase our database of the singles of the world. They pay for other matching services. To use a better system (ours) they pay absolutely nothing (unless they send messages to the phones of their matches).
    • Coupon System:  The ability to create professional looking coupons is a built-in FREE function of this our advertising system. Distribution of these coupons to our Member database is also free when done purely online. But when a notification goes to the phone of a recipient, a small fee applies. This allows advertisers to distribute their coupon offers for very little money and almost no technical expertise.
    • Discounted Certificates:  Groupon, Deals That Matter, City Deals and others have emerged in recent years as power-players in the IT-based promotional advertising field.  This section of our system is intended to provide head-to-head competition for these other power players. Ours is just as robust, but much less expensive for the advertiser, plus we provide a number of distribution and notification channels that the others will never have.
    • Platform as a Service
      The concept of a PaaS is newer than SaaS, but it’s growing like a grassfire. We’re part of that revolution.  Our multi-tenant platform enables small and single-operator organizations the same robust tools that today only the largest organizations can enjoy. This levels the playing field and enables smaller entities to grow faster and enhance their own incomes without the added expense. It also enables large organizations to re-evaluate their current cost of delivery for these services and reduce some very large expenses to very small expenses by incorporating our robust set of tools with a price-point that for many companies will be the rough equivalent of “free”.

      • CRM & Database Management:
        Customer Relationship Management is now main stream for virtually all larger companies and many mid-sized companies. But it remains cost-prohibitive to the vast majority of small companies, and to virtually all sole proprietors or independent sales people. We’re changing the paradigm for users to make it possible of “all” people who need these capabilities to have them for a price so small that everyone can afford it.

        • Multi-level Business Intellience:  Any organization of any size is able to monitor the sales, service and marketing activity of their team, customers, members, etc. regardless of the number of teams deployed.  Any organization with different divisions, holding company that wants to track several different entities which it controls or just a department head with several divisions can do so with this multi-tenant tool that allows Team security for database management.
        • Multi-Tiered Team Management:  By allowing organizations to define as many Teams as they want and monitor the activity of those Teams and sub-teams, many organizations will find it affordable for the first time to get an instant snapshot of “where we’re at” whenever they want it by simply viewing built-in reports and graphical analysis tools. Many organizations have never had this ability. Our goal is to make this sophisticated management tool available to every organization or individual who needs it, at a price that even an individual can afford.
        • Most Robust Tools Available Free Or Low-Cost:  The CRM tool is provided without additional cost for Remote Agent Licensees, Voice Broadcast Licensees and Master Voice Broadcast Licensees. For organizations and people who just wish to use it for themselves, an ultra-low price of only $8.95 monthly provides full access to all the most sophisticated functions of this remarkable tool.  That’s unheard of in this industry that is known for charging up to thousands of dollars a year per user for such a sophisticated platform.
        • Integrated Communications Services:  All communications services are integrated into the CRM (voice broadcast, SMS, FAX and email).  This makes it possible for all users to create their own customized campaigns to their contact lists using our built-in broadcast and bulk-delivery services.
      • Consultation & Expertise:
        Use of our system is so easy that anyone can do it by just reviewing the PDF manuals, watching the VOD (Video On Demand) tutorials, or by attending live webinars. But many companies can benefit greatly from personal consultation and the expertise that is only gained through decades of experience and the delivery of hundreds of millions of messages. The founder has such experience and is sharing this knowledge with a competent staff that can guide all Clients to the successful use of our services to enhance their own companies and organizations, regardless of their industry. Personalized consultation and help is an included benefit for those using our message delivery services.

Current Revenue Sources

Our primary revenue comes from the sale of six products which are all available at the time of this writing. We pay commission and/or bonuses on all products.  The commission and bonus compensation plan forms the basis for the business opportunity through GlobalTmail™.  The current sources of revenue are:

  1. Remote Agent License (RAL):The primary purpose of the RAL is to provide a business opportunity for those who wish to promote our services worldwide and receive a long-term profit-sharing benefit with us as an “early adopter” of services.  The RAL holder is able to receive calls at their own computer from people who respond to our own in-house business opportunity campaign, which is designed to recruit at least 2,500 RAL holders by the time we complete and deploy all the applications described in this white paper. RAL holders are also entitled to share in a percentage of our gross message delivery revenue for a term of up to 6 years after all applications are deployed (defined as “Phase II” of our marketing strategy).  Four different classes of license are available, priced between $1,000 and $6,000 as follows:
    1. Standard:            $1,000.00
    2. Silver:                    $2,500.00
    3. Gold:                     $4,000.00
    4. Platinum:             $6,000.00

Sale of these licenses will be discontinued and no more people will be accepted into the profit-sharing system after all applications are deployed and we officially declare the start of Phase II. RAL holders may also use their license to promote their own products or services if they so desire. RAL holders may buy Leads from the company to use the system. The CRM is included with the RAL.  The RAL may be purchased only by those who register with all 3 roles in the Company:  Member, Associate and Client.  The purchase page is available through the Member Area of the website after the user logs in.

  1. Voice Broadcast License (VBL):  The VBL delivers essentially the same service as the RAL but comes without the major value-added component of sharing in company gross revenue.   This is a month-to-month subscription without a long-term contract. The VBL is available at a drastically reduced price of only $27.00 monthly (see ) for a subscription.  Users can promote and sell this company’s business opportunity by purchasing leads through the company store ( see ) and earning a commission and bonus on the sale of our products and services (the RAL, VBL, MVBL and Money Messaging™ Manual).  They can also use it to promote their own products and services by delivering messages through the VBL service.  The full CRM is included with the VBL. This is a single-user license.
  2. Master Voice Broadcast License (MVBL):  The MVBL is available to any size company and makes it possible for the company to issue an unlimited number of VBL’s to their sales team.  The MVBL allows for multi-tiered Team management, making it possible for management to track all marketing, sales and service activities through the CRM using an unlimited number of subsidiaries and/or departments. Team-level data security ensures that lower level team members can only view data available to their security level, and upper level team leaders can only view those teams assigned below them.  All features of the VBL are available to the MVBL holder as well as all of their sub-licensees.  The price of the MVBL is a one-time fee of $28,000 regardless of the number of sub-licensees.  There are no recurring monthly fees as all services are supported by the revenue earned from message delivery.
  3. Money Messaging™ Manual:  This is both a technical user’s manual and a sales and marketing guide to show all who buy it how to earn money and maximize their profits by using our services. It sells as a downloadable annual subscription (e-book) for $27.00 through the company store (see ) and is also available in a “combo-pack” for only $35.00 ( see ) which includes the manual plus a first-month subscription to the VBL.
  4. Message Delivery Services:  All RAL, VBL and MVBL (the sub-licensees) users must pay for messages to be delivered through our system.  Voice broadcast messages can be delivered for $0.15 to $0.01 per message depending on the number of messages purchased in advance. We charge only for messages delivered to “live” recipients (i.e. a person must actually answer the phone for the fee to be charged).  Messages are sold in blocks of 50 (see Mini-Campaigns at ) or 50,000 (see Voice Broadcast Campaigns at ) messages at a time.  We pay commissions on all messages delivered, however when a customer pays $0.02 or less for a campaign, we assign a Commission Value (CV) to the purchase and pay the commission and bonus based on a reduced value which is expressed as a specific value per message delivered, and is less than the full amount paid. This assures that the company maintains a sufficient amount of Gross Margin to pay its expenses after paying out commissions and bonuses. The CV is necessary for us to remain competitive in a very price-conscious market place.
  5. Leads:  Anyone who holds the RAL, VBL, MVBL may purchase Leads through the company store ( see ) . The Leads are people to whom they can present and sell the company’s business opportunity.  The business opportunity consists of registering as a an Associate (free) and selling the RAL, VBL and MVBL and/or buying one of those licenses and using it to further promote the sale of other licenses in exchange for commissions and bonuses.

Target Markets

We have three target markets during the Phase I of our marketing strategy, ranging from big-ticket sales to micro-sized sales as follows:

  • MVBL Sales: Relatively Young, Rapidly Growing, Direct Sales Companies:  These are companies to whom we will sell the MVBL.  This is the product that can most likely propel us forward faster than any other and contains the highest near-term cash profits. Since we are a young and fast-growing company ourselves, access to cash is a very high priority and necessary to sustain our growth. Direct sales companies in this category are ideal targets because they
    • Have sufficient cash from growth to pay the licensing fee
    • Have a continuing need for leads to support and sustain their sales team
    • Need a sophisticated system like our combined SaaS (Communication systems) and PaaS (CRM) to effectively manage rapid growth and prevent losses through mismanaged opportunities.
    • Need a value-added system such as the free VBL & CRM for their sales team to retain sales people and reduce the common problem of rapid turn-over in the direct sales industry
    • VBL Sales:  Small Independent Direct Sales People:  There are millions of independent contractors in the USA, who are trying to find new customers each and every day. At best this is a difficult and expensive problem for most of them. At worst, it’s a dilemma with the potential to drive them right out of business. Our combined VBL/CRM has the capacity to simplify this task and make it possible for them to quickly and inexpensively locate good leads to whom they can sell their products and services.
    • Money Messaging™ Manual Sales (“MMM”):  Business Opportunity Seekers:  There are millions of people worldwide constantly seeking a viable method of earning more money from home. Conducting marketing campaigns to sell the Money Messaging™ Manual (MMM) or our other products is the ideal home-based business.  The investment is very small to start – only $27.00 to buy the manual. For those with no money at all, the cost is $0.00, because no purchase is required to acquire the right to sell our products and services for a commission.  We have a fully tested sales script that was developed in the summer and fall of 2011.  It’s used to sell the MMM and the VBL with our GroupCaller™ system. We have a companion sales page with embedded Video On Demand ( see )   that sells this product, thereby reducing the amount of face-to-face, over-the-phone and direct selling that must be done by our Associates.  Some Associates can earn money simply by referring people to this VOD sales page.

Marketing Strategy

The strategy for each of the foregoing target markets is different, as follows:

  • MVBL Sales:  This requires professional sales personnel who preferably have pre-existing contacts with direct sales companies. If they don’t have pre-existing contacts, they must have the ability to cold call on companies that meet the profile and follow a standard commercial marketing and sales approach. Naturally, we expect these people to use our CRM to forecast and track opportunities as they progress through the sales funnel to a closing.
  • VBL Sales:  Our own GroupCaller™ system is the best method to locate those in need of the VBL. We have access to the entire USA small business list and can use it to locate the best prospects and contact them, such as insurance agents, real estate agents, very small direct sales companies (1 to 4 employees), etc. Our existing and experienced RAL’s will handle the sales from leads gathered from our proven voice broadcast campaigns.
  • MMM Sales:  A combination of voice broadcast together with internet-generated leads that are located by our existing RAL’s forms the core group of leads needed to make these sales. Each Lead is directed to the sales page. If the Lead fails to visit the page or fails to purchase, the referring RAL or VBL holder will contact the Lead to further discuss the merits of our system with the prospect.
  • RAL Sales: Experience has shown us that this is the ideal item to up-sell to existing customers. A significant percentage of the sales we have made of this product were made to existing customers. Therefore, the best leads for this product consist of our own active customers. The people selling the RAL are primarily other RAL holders.


There are numerous competitors in the crowded fields of voice broadcast, CRM and lead generation. But there is no other competing company that has assembled the unique do-it-yourself, one-stop-shop concept that we have! The competing services are successful companies who fill a need in the market place. We seek to improve on their services and make these valuable services widely available due to our lower price structure. Below is a table showing some competitors in the voice broadcast and CRM fields. None of them provides the combined multi-broadcast SaaS and CRM systems as we do. Below are comments about most the voice broadcast companies. We did an analysis from our own dialing efforts in October 2011 and compared them to the prices charged by the competing companies. The detailed price comparision is avalaible in another document.

Voice Broadcast Companies:

Company/Product Comments
Voice Logic Product Name = Voice Mail Courier.  Live person answers, then plays voice message. Since 2004. Legal Compliance is easy. VoiceCasting – will NOT ring phone but delivers voice directly into the voicemail through backdoor process (cool!).
Voice Shot Free account, just charge for calls, no set up fees, call many countries, prices listed for each country.  Record with Mic, phone or upload. Visual call campaign designer.  Database management tool allows simple list editing. Text-To-Speech merge.  Live phone support.
YTEL Built-in CRM but ONLY for call center operations.  This is a call center solution for outbound predictive dialing
LeadNetPro    – Webscraper
– Voice Broadcaster
– Bulk Email

This tool is primarily designed for use by small distributors for MLM and Network Marketing companies.

Voice Broacasting Corp No good info on site.
CallFire Good, commercial quality VB. All standard features, cloud-based dialer.
IfByPhone All standard features
Database Systems Corp. Appears to be SaaS PLUS will sell the software & hardware
Voice Broadcasting Power player = 15 million daily call capacity
Uses fiber optic not VoIP
Global Connect Not focused on lead generation – group calling.
Dial My Calls All standard features Advertised as “Penny Voice Broadcasting”
Mostly political calling.
Lead-gen Lead-gen for MLM

Our Advantage

We’re uniquely positioned in the market place to provide much-needed services to small and mid-sized firms who never had the opportunity to use professional-level software and systems such as ours.  The concept of making our services available to the millions of people who are either small business people, independent contractors or who work for small firms is a major advantage to our marketing and sales efforts. Furthermore, as we develop large numbers of small Clients, we expect to start attracting the larger companies and organizations, if for no other reason than the fact that we deliver a product that’s just as good (and we think, ‘better’) than their existing solutions, but we can do it at a greatly reduced cost.

Traveling To Boston – Back Next Wednesday

Well, I arrived in Boston last night.  I’m here on family business and won’t be doing much for the company until I return home. I should be back on the job next Wednesday as my return flight will arrive in Salt Lake City next Tuesday night the 7th of November.

Depending on whatever spare time I may have I may catch you up on a few things through the blog while I’m traveling. As usual there’s a lot happening in the background. But for the moment, I have to run because I’ve got a full day planned here in Massachusetts for Saturday.

Check back here Sunday night. I think I’ll have a few more items posted late on Sunday evening.

Record Month: 1,124 New – a 70% Membership Increase In ONE MONTH!!

Well, October 2011 has certainly been a banner month for new registrations! As of today, we have 2,731 records in our membership database, of which 1,124 were created JUST in the past month! Of those, 474 (42.17%) activated their accounts instantly.  This is also another record! When compared to the 1,607 records we had on September 30, only 31 days ago, this is really amazing!  It represents an increase of 69.94%!

But there’s a downside, too:  We received $0 as a result of all these sign ups.  And fixing that problem is the real subject of this article.

You’re going to see my plan to monetize these and all other new sign ups very soon. I’ve been working on a new marketing system to maximize our GroupCaller™ campaign efforts for the past month and I’m just about ready to “go live” with it. It’s designed not only to help the company convert many sign-ups into paying customers, but it’s also designed to help those of you who really WANT to make money, to do so in a more automated and reliable fashion.

So, What’s Coming?

It’s really a fairly simple concept and one that has been used all over the Internet for years. That’s exactly why I’m implementing it. Because it’s a strategy that works. The basic concept is simple. We drive people to a sales page designed to result in a sign-up AND  a sale.

In this new campaign, the sales page starts with a video at the top. This will replace the current VOD where we send those who respond to our voice broadcast promoting ourselves. I actually started putting this together BEFORE I knew October was going to be a record month.  I did it because although we had hundreds of responses during the summer, the sad truth is that only one of all our many active Associates & Remote Agents really followed up aggressively enough on these Leads to make a difference. As a result we wasted and dwindled away most of our cash resources needed to create sales (and thus make it possible to CONTINUE the promotion).  Since the company invests its own resources into the calling effort, we had to either make a significant change, or stop dialing altogether. Naturally, I chose the latter.

This week’s main project is to implement this new marketing strategy. The same opportunities will still remain available to our Remote Agents as they have in the past. The difference will be seen in the company-sponsored campaigns. I’ve decided we simply cannot afford to invest our resources in the former system upon which the follow up and closing of sales is dependent upon independent Associates, only a few of whom actually follow up aggressively on their Leads. This new system depends only upon the activities and follow up by the company (or whoever is working their own Leads, having paid for those Leads themselves).

The Best of Both Worlds

Having said this, please don’t think we’re leaving our Independent Associates, Remote Agents and Voice Broadcast Licensees out in the cold. Quite to the contrary. This new system is infinitely easier for them as well! The sale and the follow up are much more simple and affordable for the end-user customer. Also, it’s a self-contained sales strategy which reduces the amount of personal contact needed by any Associate to close a sale. By making this change, all those who wish to actively pursue their GlobalTmail™ income should be able to do so much more effectively than in the past.

Outstripped Our VOD Capacity!

One of the natural results of the greatly increased sign-up volume was the fact that so many people were watching the VOD and other online streaming content that our commercial provider of streaming services cut us off 2 days ago. Our service has been restored, so all online videos are now still available, but our cost increased 10-fold. This is ANOTHER reason it’s essential to monetize all this effort. With such a heavy cost increase, we simply cannot afford to stream video content unless we’re making a robust amount of sales resulting from the Video-On-Demand system.

I hope to have this new sales page ready tomorrow and will post a link to it here. You’ll be able to use that link immediately and send interested prospects to it. Some of those people will buy, and that will create commissions & bonuses like never before!  Please stay tuned, I hope to show you a dynamic new sales strategy tomorrow.