TODAY’s THE DAY – 1,000th New Member In Single Month!

Can you feel it?  I can.  Something is happening here at GlobalTmail and it has been happening all month.

We’ve had some very active months in the past but nothing like what we’ve seen in October 2011. As of the moment I’m writing these words, we’ve had 984 new people registering with GlobalTmail™ from all over the world!  But before I finish this article, we’ll probably reach 990! That’s an average of 36.4 new sign-ups per day on average. There’s little doubt that before the end of today, we’ll reach 1,000 new sign-ups in a single month for the very first time!

It begs the question – how long before we hit 1,000 new registrations in a single DAY?

The graphic below says it all better than any words I can write . . . just look at this chart I just snapped off our admin page of the website, showing sign-ups during the previous six-month period:

On September 30 we had 1,607 membership records. As of this morning’s reading, we have 2,591. Now, it’s time to begin “monetizing” these sign-ups.

Monetizing The New Registrations

What does “monetizing” mean? Simply put, it just means I’m implementing a procedure that will persuade, convince and compel many of these new Members to BUY something from us, thus creating revenue for the company and COMMISSIONS FOR YOU (provided you’re a registered Associate, that is!).  That “something” has already been developed, it’s exciting, dynamic and almost ready to distribute.  We should be actively selling it before Halloween night!

Obviously, there are a lot of people looking for a way to make extra money, replace a lost job or switch careers. It’s time to show them they can and they WILL make money with just a very simple procedure.  These people are ALL signing up to investigate our business opportunity. But so far, it has been a little too complex to explain and persuade people quickly.  That changes in a few days.

Automated Sales Process Coming

Stay close to this blog. You’re going to see a lot of articles over the next couple of weeks. I have been working on a system by which EVERYONE who joins us will be able to start making money almost instantly.  And the best part is that they won’t have to PERSONALLY sell anything at all!

We’ll be harnessing the power of the Internet, voice broadcast, texting, streaming video, hard-hitting sales pages and very simple order-and-product-delivery system so all our Associates can cash in on this new sign-up boom right away.  The price point for the new product is only $27 to $35, but the value is worth hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars! And THAT’S why I expect it to sell very well.

I’ll be introducing this new automated sales system within days. Like I said, you’ll see it before Halloween, so don’t miss any days of reading these articles! ‘Nuff said for now….check back here later today, I’ve got ANOTHER article about some even MORE exciting news.  It will be posted within a few hours.

More Progress On Hosted System

I have been in touch with the Pakastani programmers since yesterday and we’re making progress. The DNC module I mentioned in the previous article has been addressed.  Evidently, they had already completed it but I have not yet seen it. Hopefully, I’ll get a look at some of their most recent work later today or tonight. But the best part is the fact that it looks like we’ll open up the hosted service in the very near future (like … within the next couple of weeks). As I write this article, they are analyzing a lengthy feature request I delivered to them. Development is an ongoing and constant process.

The deployment of our hosted voice broadcast is another great leap forward in our progress toward rolling out all 10 of our applications.  The reason we deployed GroupCaller™ before any other application is the fact that there seems to be a ready market for this type of service.  I think we’ll be able to gather a substantial number of commercial Clients as we continue developing and deploying applications during Phase I.

SMS Service Included

Hopefully, we’ll also deploy the SMS (text-messaging) service at the same time we roll out the new hosted voice broadcast. I’m not yet certain whether we’ll have the correct hardware configuration to support it. But if we can put it in place quickly enough we may just be able to offer bulk and group text-message delivery in addition to the voice broadcast at the same time within the next couple of weeks.


Even though we’ll have these hosted services available very soon, they still won’t be fully integrated into our main website for some time yet. The hosted services have been developed outside our website environment in order to complete them and make them available to customers in the shortest time possible.

Integration of all applications is a core element of our one-stop-shop concept. Unfortunately, not all services will start out as fully integrated. That’s an ongoing project that’ll be completed before we complete our Phase I recruitment period. You can expect to see substantial and continuing development together with a growing sales volume. I know all you readers who are Associates are excited to hear about these new services coming online because it also means a rapid increase in your incomes as well!

New Blog Header / Preparing For Hosted Service

How can you miss it if you come here often? Today’s header graphic is … well… “different”… right?  I went up to the mountains to take some shots of the fall colors recently. Oh. Maybe I should say “take some pictures” since it’s deer hunting season here in Utah right now. Anyway, I survived without being mistaken for a hoofed animal with antlers (whew!).  Anyway I posted one of the photos here.  I actually got several pretty good pictures so I think I’ll publish several of them over a period of time.

Today I’m researching some of the finer points of the new hosted service. As you know, I’m trying to get enough of it ready to demo on Friday this week.  It seems the programmers may have forgotten the DNC management module. I’m making notes on the project for them so I can discuss everything tonight.  This module is being created in Pakistan, but the guys there are fluent in English so we don’t to have any language problem.

Every element of what we’ve developed so far has been done with great difficulty. That’s just the nature of software development. The moment you think something is “perfect”, you learn there’s STILL something else that needs to be done. This is why programmers will ALWAYS have a job here! Even perfection can be improved!

Hopefully I’ll have something meaningful to show you tomorrow.

Possible Strategic Partnership Coming

The next major upgrade is the installation of the Hosted portion of GroupCaller™ so it can be available to our Clients. Currently, if a Client wants to run a voice broadcast campaign for themselves, we must collaborate with them and set it up manually, run it, then manually report the results. In a hosted system, it’s a complete DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) service. Naturally, for those of you who have followed our progress for years, you know the DIY hosted service is the premise and purpose of our entire GlobalTmail™ system.

As some of you know, we’ve been seeking a strategic alliance with a Client who would be ideally suited to use a system like this. There is a very good possibility that we finally located the right Client for this alliance. Of course, we’ll be giving away a lot of very valuable services and enhancing that company’s marketing capabilities much more than any other Client will receive, but it’s a necessary step in the evolution of GroupCaller™ and and our over-all system, and well worth the long-term investment to ensure this first Client’s success with the hosted system.

Melanie (Sales & Marketing Director for GlobalTmail™) and I met with the President and CEO of Mineral Resources International (“MRI”) on Friday for several hours.  By the end of the meeting, we both knew that we had finally located a company worthy of being our first-ever Client to implement the GroupCaller™ hosted voice broadcast system as a major component of their own marketing system.  This week, my highest priority is to prepare for our follow-up meeting on Friday, during which we’ll present a demonstration of how the hosted system will work for them, how we’ll merge it with their own website, and also demonstrate the features of our call-transfer system, customized for them.

This prospective Client is a 40-year old family-owned business that manufactures mineral food supplements harvested from The Great Salt Lake for use in food manufacturing, preparation and as a supplement for use by consumers.  Their products are fully FDA-approved and formally recognized as GRAS-certified (“Generally Recognized As Safe”).  MRI has been marketing their products through health food stores and directly to food manufacturers for decades. In the past few years, they also established a direct-marketing division under which we’ll install our new hosted system.

While it’s true that we haven’t yet established a formal working relationship with this company, Melanie and I both felt a very real connection with them and firmly believe we’ll be able to forge a solid working relationship with this company in the near future.  Ordinarily, we would not announce a major strategic alliance such as this without first having “inked-the-deal.” But this one is very unique. We’re certain both companies will emerge stronger and better than ever by establishing this close working relationship, and we’re confident that the President of this firm held the exact same conviction by the time we departed the meeting last Friday.

In addition to preparing for this meeting, I’ve got at least two additional important potential Clients to whom a formal presentation will be made this week. Neither of these other Clients holds the same potential as MRI, but one of them does hold the potential of being a large political client for robo-calling in the near term. Ironically, both of the other potential Clients are political Clients. We’ll begin putting significant effort into soliciting political business now that 2012 is getting so close. We know that candidates, political parties, survey companies and other politically oriented firms will be ramping up their robo-calling activities in the coming months, and we intend to attract our fair share of this business.

It looks like we’re going to have a very busy week preparing for all this new business. Especially, the final preparation to implement the Hosted GroupCaller™ is going to take the majority of my time this week. My highest priority is to have a live demo of this system ready to show MRI by Friday morning.  Once we install the system for them and it’s operational, we’ll make it available to all Clients. But we must first launch this pilot program. I’ll keep you advised of the progress here in the blog.

GroupCaller Version 1.3 Now Available

As usual, it took longer than anticipated to complete all the detailed background work to fully roll out Version 1.3 of GroupCaller™.  As of today, we’re ready to engage in a “full-court-press” marketing effort of the new-and-improved version! This article will discuss the new features, new presentations and sales materials, and give a number of links so you can see and experience these items yourself.  I originally started this article on October 9, but I wasn’t able to complete it until today, October 21, 2011,  due to the enormity of detail required to make Version 1.3 truly marketable.  I hope you like what you see!

Online Store Is A New Focal Point

Until we reach our first milestone in Phase I of recruiting 400 Remote Agents, which allows us to retain a number of new programmers and engineers, we’ll conduct most of the sales transactions (other than RAL sales, Landing Pages and miscellaneous additions to Client accounts) through the Company Store. Eventually, the store functions will be incorporated into the primary website. But for now they’ll remain separate. You’ll see a number of links in this article to various new products in the Company Store.

VBL Hits The Street Today

Our newest product is the Voice Broadcast License (“VBL”) which is officially on sale beginning today, October 21, 2011, with this announcement.  This is the system I announced on September 30, but it has been more fully-defined.  Although we could render the service on that date, we didn’t have an effective means of marketing and selling it. Now we do.

The VBL is the license to use all the features of our Remote Agent License software, but without all the benefits and profit sharing aspects.  This allows us to sell the VBL for a price nearly anyone can afford, $27.00 a month, as a monthly subscription with no long-term commitment. It’s also a fully commission-able item.  With such a low entry point, it’s now possible to sell our services anywhere, worldwide, at a price nearly everyone can afford, not only in the USA.  I’ve posted a new page describing the VBL in more detail.

Voice Broadcast Services

We’re making it possible right now for people to broadcast their message to groups of any size. There are two basic types of voice broadcast available: Mini-Campaigns and Voice Broadcast Campaigns.  The size and type of campaign dictate which is purchased as described below.

We don’t yet have hosted services available.  (“Hosted” simply means a Do-It-Yourself system that allows the customer to enter our website, set up their campaign and run it without any contact with us.) Currently, we set up all campaigns semi-manually by collaborating directly with the customer after they make their campaign purchase. Anyone who wishes to send voice broadcast messages through us must meet the following requirements:

  • Register & activate an account with GlobalTmail™
  • Buy the software license (RAL or VBL)
  • Buy the minimum size campaign they wish to send
  • Record their own script (we have a script-writing service available)
Customers can either provide their own calling database or we can provide one for them.  For those wanting to use our services for lead-generation or advertising to the public, we can provide an Opt-In Database to make calls that are fully compliant with FTC, FCC and State rules. We’re currently providing the full USA business database at no charge with the purchase of any Mini-Campaign or Regular Campaign. All Clients are required to agree to our Terms of Service when they purchase a block of calls. This places the main responsibility for compliance with the Client.


These campaigns are designed for the average user who just wants to send messages to a specific group, especially to smaller groups.  This would include family & friends, small companies to employees, VIP customers, dance clubs, karate schools, trade schools, public schools and teachers to students, churches to their congregations, doctors to patients, etc.  The type of messages they deliver are as varied as the type of group.

Mini-Campaigns are sold in blocks of 50 calls per block, with prices starting at 15¢ per call and going all the way down to 2.5¢ per call as the purchase volume increases. The Client must deliver their database to us for such campaigns. Clients  may also buy an opt-in database or use our business database for these campaigns.  The calling list can be as small or large as the customer wants.  We bill against the credit in the customer’s account, based on the number of calls purchased, and billed at the rate according to the purchase. When the customer’s account balance gets low, they must buy more calls from the company store.

Regular Voice Broadcast Campaigns

Voice broadcast campaigns are generally larger than group message deliveries.  Often, commercial voice broadcast is used for mass message delivery by politicians (millions of calls), charities or campanies to generate leads.  (Please note:  When generating leads or any other commercial use of voice broadcast, strict compliance with FTC rules is required.) To help with compliance issues, we guide the customer through the process of getting their own Subscriber Account Number from the FTC and setting them up as a Client under our FTC registration.

Voice broadcast is available in blocks of 50,000 calls each.  Pricing ranges from 2¢ per call down to a tiny 1¢ per call, which (as far as I can tell) is one of the lowest prices in the industry.  To start a campaign, the customer only needs to buy the calls from the company store and we’ll personally collaborate with them to set up their campaign(s).

Are We Shifting Away From the RAL?

NO! We are simply making it possible for more people to do business with us. In the past, the only items available for sale cost $1,000 to $6,000.  Now, people can buy voice broadcast for as low as $4.50 and the license to use the software can be acquired for only $27 with no long-term contract.

Part of the reasoning was simply the fact that we’ve had a tremendous number of people registering with us from foreign countries since the beginning of October. We also have experienced a large increase in USA-based customers.  But very few of these people who recently joined have bought anything from us. To inspire more sales, we simply created new buying opportunities at a lower price point, so that even the smallest of customers can access our sophisticated message delivery system.

It’s beneficial to everyone, especially to those who want to make money from us, to have many items available for sale that will fit small budgets.  From the beginning, our concept has been to make some of the most sophisticated communications tools available to the smallest customers.  This opens new doors of opportunity for people all over the world!

Money Messaging™ Manual Ready To Sell

This e-book and subscription is fully ready for sale now.  It’s a guideline on exactly how to use our services to build an income.  The manual has been updated from the original publication and is now at Version 1.3 to mirror the GroupCaller™ version.

The manual can be purchased at $27.00 from the company store and is available as an instant downloadable PDF.  It’s available for online viewing, download and/or printing.  In addition to the manual, I created a “Combo Pack” that allows people to buy the VBL and get the Money Messaging™ Manual for only $8.00 extra! I expect this will be more popular than just buying the manual alone.

I’ll be starting to promote the Money Messaging™ Mini-Site also.  This is the sales page that gives all the details about this manual.  Once again, this is a new commission-able product, so all Associates can promote the sale and receive compensation from those who buy it in their downline.

October Registrations At All-Time High

Much of what you’re reading here was inspired by the fact that we’ve now started expanding globally.  It’s logical that people all over the world are looking for a way to make more money just like they are here in the USA.  I felt we needed to open the door of opportunity much wider for everyone.  I’m doing that with the series of much less expensive items to buy.  As you know we’ve got campaigns as low as $4.50 and the full license to use our system at only $27.00 per month now.  Because I’ve also made these products and services commission-able, everyone who joins has a motivation to refer others that they know to our system so they can take advantage of it as well.  We’ve even added one more payment method that allows us to send payments internationally for a nominal fee.

And if all this wasn’t enough good news, take a look at the sign-ups we’ve had during the first 3 weeks of October, compared to the previous six month period:

October 2011 Sign-Ups

October 2011 Sign-Ups Compared To Previous Six Months

Need I say more?  It seemed obvious to me that we need to “monetize” all these new sign-ups, both for the benefit of the Associates and Remote Agents who are sponsoring them, and for the company’s benefit as well.

With that in mind, you’ll also begin seeing more promotional emails in the coming weeks.  We’re re-installing our bulk-email server that we set up almost a year ago, but rarely used. It seems the time is right to begin promoting these new products and services to our registered Members, so they can take advantage of the great services that are now available through GlobalTmail™.

International Sign-Up Enhancements Coming Soon!

The vast majority of new sign-ups are non-USA people.  I’m planning to order an upgrade to the sign-up process within the next 30 days to include all international fields necessary to promote the sign-up of new members internationally as well as the sale of our products and services world-wide.  Soon, you will see the ability to enter Country, International Zip format and International Phone format added to all sign-up pages. I see no reason why we should make it so difficult for non-USA people to join this movement and begin to benefit from our services and income opportunity right away.

Conclusion: 4th Quarter Perhaps The Best Yet?

We’re on a launching pad and the count down has begun. If we all pursue the use of our new products and services together, and work hard to refer these services to other people all over the world who also need to increase their income (either by using voice broadcast or by joining our marketing team), we’re likely to have the best Quarter “EVER” in our sales history during this final few months of 2011!


Drop In Call Cost, New VOD

Wholesale VoIP Cost Dropped 44% Today

We tried something new today. I switched to our back-up wholesale VoIP provider and had them bill us on a “metered” calling rate from one of our 2 wholesale VoIP providers.  For those of you that don’t know, wholesale VoIP providers are completely different from retail.  In the USA, we use something called “NPA NXX” rates.  NPA would be the area code and “NXX” is the prefix of a phone number.  There are roughly 140,000 different combinations of Area Code and Prefix in the USA.  Each one has a DIFFERENT price at the wholesale level.  By knowing these prices, we can configure our calling list to hit the smallest cost areas when we need to, and avoid the higher cost areas.  In general, small population and rural areas are very high cost (up to about 8 cents or more per minute).  Metro areas can be much lower.  Our margins are extremely low now that we’re getting very competitive with our voice broadcast rates, so we have to get the best deal possible to control our operational costs.

We made this switch to a different VoIP Provider and billing system early in the day before starting calls.  I ran an IVR script all day with no agents logged in.  We made about 10% as many calls in a single day today as we made over ALL of the past 90 days.  The average cost-per-call dropped by about 44% over the past 90 days’ average.  “Woohoo!”  I love it when one of my theories actually WORKS! 🙂

Change In Marketing Strategy

Today I also changed the outbound sales script.  I eliminated the incentive program and focused on just using an IVR-style call campaign.  This means, I intended for no agents to be logged in.  Today’s outbound script was designed ONLY to generate leads.

The big change I’m making is the result of an in-depth study of call results over the past 90 days.  Tomorrow, you’ll see a new VOD.  I’m linking it to tomorrow’s blog post.  This VOD is designed to provide all the basic information needed for a new prospect to join us.  I devised a new way for us to sell the Remote Agent License.  Instead of selling it for the 4 cash prices (or finance terms) “only”,  on Thursday, we’ll begin selling a “try-before-you-buy” product and allow people to rent the License on a month-to-month basis for only $27/month.  It’s a limited-use license and only includes voice broadcast (no live-agent transfers) for the buyer.  But it’s cheap, and it provides all the necessary elements for the new Limited Remote Agent to to get lots of Leads, avoid most of the unpleasant phone experiences and for them to begin building an income with many sales very quickly.

One of the things I like about using voice broadcast instead of live-agents, is that for the agent, we’re able to almost completely eliminate any negative comments spewed by the consuming public.  No matter how good our script is, we’ll ALWAYS have many bad people who use hateful speech toward our Agents.  In this business, there are always unsavory people using abrasive and foul language among the consuming public (and a frightening number of them, at that.)  I’m devising a system that will almost completely eliminate the vitriol from called parties, and shield our  Remote Agents and/or Associates from that kind of energy-sapping, discouraging comment.  The goal is to ensure that all Leads we generate are legitimate inquiries only from people with a sincere interest, and that Agents really do get to talk ONLY to people who want and need what we’re selling. This will ensure that our sales people have a pleasant experience.  That’s necessary in order to retain a high-quality sales staff to continue making new sales for the company on a regular and increasing basis.

I’ll show you all the changes and the new “sales pitch” sometime on Thursday, so be sure to log in here and check it out by tomorrow night!

Issues With Email Client

Yesterday I had a great deal of difficulty with our new email Client (that’s the software that drives mass email campaigns). As a result I wasn’t able to deliver an email announcement about extending last week’s offer. Because of this we may have to extend the offer until the 10th or 12th of the month.

Last week, I spent a full 10 hours with one of our programmers trying to work out similar issues. We finally got everything corrected and the email was delivered. But this week, it seems that some of those same issues have cropped up again. I’m not yet sure whether this is a system problem or a user problem.  You know, software and hardware usually behaves in a logical manner. I’m not ashamed to admit that there have been plenty of times when the problem was … “me”.  In other words, this is a new system to me and I’m not as well versed in it as I would like to be. So I’m having to spend a lot of quality time learning the intricacies of this system as opposed to the other technology with which I was quite familiar.

At any rate, we plan to make a substantial number of calls today and enter the new leads into the database all day long.  I’m preparing that campaign as I draft this short article.  If I’m hard to reach today, it’s because I’m buried in technical issues…sorry!

4th Quarter Blow-Out Extended

We had a decent response to my email last week about the 4th Quarter Blow-Out special.  But some people weren’t able to get their funds together for full participation by Saturday night. So we’re extending the terms of the deal until one week from today, October 8, 2011.  After that date, the offer will expire.

Any existing GlobalTmail™ Member who wants to take advantage of these deeply discounted prices needs to send an email to with the words “MORE INFO” in the subject line.  Let us know which part of the offer you’re interested in and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements.

I expect to be sending one or more voice messages to all existing members this week as well as several email reminders to make sure everybody has a fair chance to participate if they so desire.

In the meantime, we’re expecting to begin delivering voice broadcast services for clients either this week or next week for the first time.  I’ll be working with new Clients on their scripts, recordings, broadcast lists, etc.  If you have any questions or are interested in conducting voice broadcast campaigns for your own company or organization, you should take advantage of the deeply discounted prices being offered right now.  Please contact me by writing to for more information.

I’ll keep you updated on various developments of the company here in the blog this week so be sure to check back often!