Sale of Message Delivery Service Starts Today

Business is developing at the fastest pace ever these days.  This has been by far the most remarkable summer season since we began the development of our concept.  As of today, I’m announcing for the first time ever that we’re prepared to begin delivery of voice messages for our Clients on a limited basis.  This is cause for real celebration around here because I thought we’d have to wait until closer to the end of the year or the beginning of next year before we could provide real, bona fide services to Clients.

Message Delivery Available Today – With Limitations

As of today, we’re able to deliver Voice Broadcast service to all Clients.  This is NOT the full-featured DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) system that we’ll eventually have in place.  However, we do have full functionality and the ability to deliver crystal-clear voice messages to both small and large Client databases.  The limitations of which I speak are primarily the DIY system.  Other than that, we’re as competitive in price and function with any other voice broadcast or robocalling system out there!

Here are the primary uses for our current voice broadcast system:

  • Lead Generation
  • Mass Announcements & Non-Commercial Message Delivery
  • Message Delivery To Client’s Customer, Member, Student, etc. database
  • Political Message Delivery
  • Surveys
  • Charity Fund Raising

The Difference Between Remote Agent License and Client Message Delivery

There has been a little confusion surrounding the sale of our Remote Agent License and the delivery of Client services.  From the beginning, we have been designed to allow Clients to join us with no charge at all, and determine the amount they wish to spend on their communications, message-delivery and promotional expenses through our variety of services.  The first of those services goes on sale today:  Voice Broadcast.  This is a specialty area and in fact is only one aspect of the Voice Broadcast we’ll eventually do.  The larger part of voice broadcast will eventually be the subscription services.  But general voice broadcast is here right now and we’re excited to announce its availability. This is not a DIY service, and requires interaction with the Company for each campaign.

Essentially, the difference between the GroupCaller Remote Agent License and a Client buying voice broadcast services is two-fold:  (1) The Remote Agent License is a software license that the Remote Agent uses to promote our company and its services during Phase I, and also to promote whatever product or service they wish to sell.  It comes with numerous features not available to Clients.  (2) Voice Broadcast for Clients is a simple yet very powerful voice broadcast system, designed to automate the task of finding leads or generating inquiries for any offer the Client wishes to broadcast.

Here’s a table that illustrates the difference between the two:

Compare Client Message Delivery with Remote Agent License

We’re already in negotiation with multiple clients to use this great new service!

Voice Broadcast Fees = More Income

Don’t forget, these voice broadcast fees are part of the compensation plan.  We’ll pay commission and bonus on all the voice broadcast you can sell! This is one of those products on which we cannot pay commission and bonus on the full amount because the delivery cost is much too high.  Also, to remain competitive we must set the pricing so low that our profit margin is slim.  We’ll announce in the near future what the “Comp-Value” is on these fees. It will be expressed as a percentage of the total, such as “The Comp-Value” of discounted voice broadcast fees is 40%.  That means if a Client pays $1,000 for their campaign, we’ll calculate the 15% commission against $400 (40% of the $1,000 amount added to their account).

If you’re a Remote Agent or an Associate you should be very excited about this news!  There are literally thousands of companies, small business owners, insurance agents, mortgage brokers and the list is endless in every state that are in great need of a better way to find leads to whom they can sell their products and services. We’ve got the perfect answer!

The Pitch

The explanation of how voice broadcast works is extra-simple, especially when compared to explaining our entire system to sell the Remote Agent License.  It’s something like this:  “We’ve got the most effective method of generating leads (sending announcements, promoting your business, etc.) ever devised.  We send your 30-second recorded message to the phones of  as many people as you want.  This generates the number of leads or other responses you need for your purpose. Those who are interested press 1 and leave their contact info. Our transcribers monitor your campaign in real-time and enter  the contact information into a special database to which you have access.  You just log in, get the information and contact them.”  The effect is really great! It’s like flipping on a light switch, and suddenly, people who want and need what you’re selling are asking you to tell them about it.

We’re in a position to deliver millions of messages a month right now.  And as sales increase, we can easily keep up with any volume up to more than 10 million calls a day if needed!

It’s so simple to use.  All the Client has to do to use our system is this simple 4-step process:

  1. Register with GlobalTmail™ (under YOU of course!)
  2. Go to the company store, buy an opt-in list and pay for the number of messages they wish to deliver (sold in minimum blocks of 50,000 messages each).
    1. Note: No list purchase is required if they buy at least 500,000 messages.
  3. Have the person or people who will be following up get a CRM License for $8.95/month. Leads will be entered into this database in “real time” from the moment the campaign starts.  (So it’s important for sales people to monitor their database and get back to the prospect as quickly as possible!)
  4. We’ll contact the Client, usually the same day, and make arrangements for FTC registration, DNC list scrubbing, script consulting & recording and the launch of their campaign! (After initial set up, the Client needs only to buy more messages when their campaign is running low on phone numbers to call.)
The beauty of this system is that you’ll have commercial accounts and each time they run a new campaign, you’re automatically paid the following week.
If you haven’t already done so, visit the company store to see the ease with which companies, organizations and even individuals can set up to run their own mass marketing campaigns to find the leads for whatever they’re selling, or announce whatever they wish (such as political parties & candidates).  Be one of the first to profit from this great system!

New “CRM License” Now Available, Only $8.95

In our continuing development of GlobalTmail™, we created the new “CRM License.”   The Customer Relationship Management module that’s now attached to GroupCaller™ is a world class system that rivals anything on the market.  CRM’s are the engine that drive the ability of every large organization to keep track of exactly what’s happening on your account.  Every type of organization with a call center uses similar software, like banks, securities firms, online retailers, every large store you can think of, wholesales, direct marketing companies, manufacturers…the list is endless.  Even countless companies and organizations that don’t run call centers use CRM applications.  But the public and most small and mid-sized firms have little idea that this kind of software even exists.  I guess a good way to describe it is to think of it like Microsoft Outlook on steroids.

This is exactly what you need if you’re going to keep track of leads generated by GroupCaller™ and make sure that you don’t “leave money on the table” so to speak.  It doesn’t take very long when you’re generating new inquiries every day to lose track of where you’re at, who you contacted, who you didn’t contact, who you’re supposed to call back, and exactly what you’ve been talking about to them.  Our CRM License does that for you.

The CRM License was created for those who don’t buy a GroupCaller™ license but still want and need leads or some type of response from people to whom they send messages or otherwise communicate.  An excellent example would be a sales leader or perhaps a direct marketing company that needs leads for their sales people.  They can get a Platinum License, and then let their sales people just register for a CRM License. By doing so, the sales people now have the tools they need to track the progress of all their leads.  And they have an automated way of getting leads assigned to them.  Leads generated under the Remote Agent License can be automatically dropped into the CRM LIcensee’s database in the CRM!

At only $8.95 monthly, this is by far the cheapest CRM available.  Normally, this type of software costs anywhere from $300 to $1,200 annually “per user”.  That much of an annual payment isn’t within the budget of most individuals, which is why it’s mostly just the larger companies who use it.  But the truth is EVERYBODY in the business could use this type of software..  So we’re now making it possible for anyone who needs a CRM, to get it and use it.

This is just another of many innovations you’re going to see as we continue to make progress toward our end goal of passing through Phase I and rolling out all 10 of our applications.  Those with a GroupCaller™ Remote Agent License don’t need a CRM License; it’s included.  But for those who just need a way to follow up on their Leads, or even people who don’t use GroupCaller™ or our other services, this is the perfect tool to keep them organized.

Just to illustrate two basic functions that nearly everyone could use in our CRM License, I’m going to give you a brief example.  Most of us have more than one email account, all of us have contacts and we all communicate through email and the phone with those contacts (both business and personal). BUT, so many people use different tools for each of those functions. With the CRM License, you can load all your contacts into the database, connect all your email accounts to the built-in email client (software) and connect the world’s most popular soft phone to it (Skype) and presto-change-o, suddenly all your calls and emails are connected to the contacts. If you want a history of your communication with any one of them, just open that person’s record and voila, there you have it! A perfect history of all the phone & email communications with that person in one place! Emails are connected to the contact upon arrival; when you make a call, you just click a link on their record while wearing your headset and you’re talking to them, and then make notes about that call.  I’ve used this kind of software since the early 1990’s and I got so accustomed to it, that I nearly forgot most people don’t even know it exists or how to use it.  We’re going to change the for a lot of people now.

The CRM License is available to anyone.  Just visit our company store and you’ll see it right there on the home page.  At only $8.95 a month, I wonder how anyone can afford NOT to use a valuable tool like this.

2 Blog Pages Updated Today

For those of you who pay attention to such things, I have just updated two of the pages in the Learn More section.  First is the Pricing and Terms.  I added the basic rate chart for GroupCaller™ voice broadcast services.  Since announcing that we’ll be offering that service starting immediately (on Tuesday), we’ve had some requests from commercial Clients so I’m making sure the rates are posted.  Also, for those of you who want to build a solid income from your GlobalTmail™ efforts, I have posted the Compensation Plan under the Learn More heading as well.  In viewing the stats, it seems we’re getting more traffic here on the blog site than we’re getting on the main website so it makes sense to post relevant information here, especially since it’s easier to update and maintain that info on this website as opposed to our main website, which is designed mostly to be an interactive site once all our services are operational.  This blog website is primarily for disseminating information and not for interaction.

Successful “First Day” Using CRM

I waited until late this afternoon before giving you a report.  Nathan is working with the CRM for the first time today during “live” calling through GroupCaller™.  Like any new enhancement, it takes some learning and getting used-to, but he reports back a great deal of success so far.

The first obvious thing he noticed was the fact that all his Leads are neatly organized in one place.  We ran the system, making calls for only a little more than an hour this morning.  He got a couple of good leads from that effort but the more important news is that the system picked up several MORE leads while he was talking to those people.  (The system continues to run and make calls while the R.A. or Proxy is talking.  When an agent is not available, it takes a message.)  Our transcriber, Mary, monitors the system while it’s running, listens to messages left by the called parties, and enters those messages as new Leads.) So by the time Nathan finished his first hour or work, he saw there were several more people he needed to call back.  After his lunch break, he began calling them back.  I just chatted with him and he reports he’s having a lot of success with the call-backs, because for the first time, he’s able to the new Leads back within minutes or hours of the time they leave a message.  He’s having a positive response from almost everyone he calls back. He reported to me that after lunch he created 6 new Leads just from his call-backs. THIS is what we’re trying to achieve by generating these Leads.

There are some new R.A.’s that need training this week, so I have been feverishly learning the CRM system so I can train others how to use it.  Most users don’t need to know a great deal, but I have to be a quasi-expert before I can instruct anyone else.  I’ve been spending a lot of quality time in the system in the past several days.

Preparing Email Campaign

While Nathan is working Leads today, I’m learning the bulk-email portion of this new system.  The bulk email system forms underlying technology that will ultimately be available to all Clients for their own  DIY (Do-It-Yourself) email campaigns.  You may recall that Bulk Email is one of the 10 services we’ll deploy by the time we start Phase II.  Today I’m setting up an email campaign that I should be able to deploy late tonight sometime.

I’m looking forward to this email campaign.  It’s the first time that we’re able to do what we’ve been telling people about since the start of our development:  Multi-Channel promotions.  Multi-Channel simply means using multiple channels of communication, in coordination with each other, to emphasize a message and thereby increase the response rate from the audience.  In this case, the audience is our entire GlobalTmail™ member database.  We’ll send a voice message through GroupCaller™ tomorrow to the same people who will receive an email tonight.  So, don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from me tomorrow.  (It’ll be a recorded message saying “You’ve got mail!” and asking you to go look for the email we just delivered.)  This is the type of coordinated marketing campaign that we’ve been talking about for the past couple of years – delivered for the first time tonight and tomorrow.

4th-Quarter Blow-Out Special

The promotion we’re doing is called our “4th-Quarter Blow-Out.”  I’ll be offering a special deal to all GlobalTmail™ Members.  Our number are still small at this time.  But we do have a respectable 1,604 registered users as of today’s date.  The vast majority of these people signed up strictly through word-of-mouth during the last couple years of developing our marketing systems.  I’m expecting we’ll go into a near-geometric growth pattern during the coming six months as we build success-upon-success with GroupCaller™.

Be watching for this blow-out special.  We’re going to begin letting selected Clients use the GroupCaller™ under a beta arrangement, realizing that the current version is far from the completed version that we’ll have by the time Phase II starts.  However, we do have the framework required that will allow those with a database of customers, members, students or any other group of people to call them and deliver messages.  We’re also going to let a limited number of Clients use GroupCaller™ to generate leads for themselves by calling a general database of opt-in and/or exempt phone numbers.  This is a much more complex procedure so we’ll have to set these up one-at-a-time.

The blow-out refers to the deeply discounted prices together with additional Port Assignments we’ll be offering for anyone who wishes to

  • Buy Leads
  • Upgrade their Remote Agent License
  • Upgrade their Port Referral Group membership
  • Upgrade their Asset Management Group membership
  • Buy a new Remote Agent LIcense, or
  • Pay for message delivery services through GroupCaller™
The special pricing will run until this Saturday, October 1, 2011.  After that, prices will return to normal.  These special prices are my way of thanking everyone who has joined us and been a part of this company while we’re developing this massive worldwide communications and message-delivery system.

Milestone Reached

This week’s promotion, and indeed, the very technology that makes it possible for me to send the coordinated email & voice message announcement represents another important milestone that we’ve attained.  Despite having lost our primary funding source some two-and-a-half years ago, we have continued making progress and now we’re starting to show the results of that development by actually using our own systems to communicate with Members, and making those same systems available to our Clients and Remote Agents.

It seems every week we make great progress despite encountering difficulties every week.  That’s pretty normal for any company in a development stage similar to our current status.  So I hope you’ll keep checking this blog for new articles.  I’ll bring you some reports from our efforts to deploy this week’s 4th-Quarter Blow-Out promotion as the week progresses, and hopefully, I’ll be able to give you some updates every day this week.

GroupCaller Version 1.2 Released Today!

The first major upgrade to GroupCaller™ is already out of Beta and ready to go!  Although we already know about some of the enhancements we want to include in the near future, today’s release includes a fully operational and largely debugged CRM (“Customer Relationship Management”) module.  This is such a massive piece of software that it takes just about as much code as the basic GroupCaller™ application!

We’re very proud of this enhancement and excited to introduce it to all Remote Agents.  I already started holding training sessions on it and expect I’ll do a lot more training in the near future.  CRM systems are common in large companies.  This is how all tech support, customer service and sales departments keep track of the massive amount of detail associated with hundreds of thousands or millions of individual customers for those companies.  We now have a system every bit as robust as some of the largest corporations in America.  We know this because many of those Fortune 500 companies use the same underlying module that we selected for the core of our system.  It’s called “Sugar CRM”.  This is an open source system that allows us to customize the entire program to fit our own needs and integrate it with our other programs.

I grabbed a couple screen shots so you can see how we’ve started to integrate it into our entire system.  This system will be used as our core CRM and will include all registered Members, Associates and Clients as well as all Leads from all lead campaigns.  It’s truly robust.  In fact, the system ALSO includes the full multi-thread bulk email system, giving us another “core” component of our future user-friendly system that will be available to all Clients even before we reach our Phase II Marketing Campaign. (More on the bulk email function later.)

Here’s a screen shot of the first screen the Remote Agent see’s when they log into the system:

This basic dashboard shows the Proxy or Remote Agent a snapshot of all the most important things in their sales life.  Notice there’s a section for all the leads they are actively working, and an “Activity Stream” that automatically logs the various things the R.A. has completed and/or shows calendar items that are ‘on deck’ right now.  When an R.A. first logs in they can see any calls that must be made or meetings that have been scheduled for that day, week or month.  And if they want to drill down into their Accounts (those who are already their customers) that’s available in a single click too.

When working on a lead, there are so many activities that a sales person performs in the process of going through a sales cycle.  This screen shot gives you an idea of the various activities that are completed before, during and after the first contact with a Lead:

By training all R.A.’s to meticulously enter information regarding each Lead with whom they work, the company can stay right up-to-the-moment on “where we’re at” any time, including the ability to forecast and project pending sales and deals that are likely to close in the very near future.  It doesn’t matter how many active R.A.’s and Proxies we have, this CRM keeps us up to date on all activity in the entire company in one very sophisticated snapshot, with the ability to drill down to the most detailed information if we wish to do so.

I’ll be bragging about (er..i mean “discussing”) the various functions our new CRM brings to GroupCaller™ in future articles so stay tuned.  Right now I have very little time because it’s now time to TRAIN THE PROXIES on their new CRM system!

Campaign Development Continues

Creating a successful promotional campaign is never easy.  But the end result is always worth the effort.  So our efforts to develop a campaign that performs beyond expectations and not simply enough to get by will continue until we reach our goals.

Some Known Weaknesses

Today we’re going to experiment with a new approach designed to bring more consistency to our active Remote Agents and Proxies. We’re focused more on finding a greater number and higher quality of leads each day for all Remote Agent License Holders.  There are some known weaknesses in the system that we’re trying to correct with today’s experiment.  Here are the weaknesses:

  1. Voicemail Leads:  We’re getting more Leads from people who leave their name & phone number on voicemail than from those who are passed through to a live agent. This happens for a number of reasons, some of which are technical issues. When an agent takes a call, the system keeps running and people are sent to voicemail until the agent is once again free to accept calls. All those who press 1 while an agent is busy are sent to voicemail. Some of these people want us to call them back so they leave name & phone number. These are legitimate leads, but we get more of them than from people who actually speak to an Agent.  Sometimes, even if an Agent is free, the system sends them to voicemail. This is a technical issue we’re working on resolving.
  2. Too Much Lag Time In Call Transfer:  In general when a person presses 1, they’re their is too much lag time between the key-press and the time they either get connected with an Agent or the time when they go to voicemail. To correct this, I’m having our programmer remove the recorded message the plays when they press 1 (“Please hold while I transfer your call….etc.”).  And we’re eliminating the music on hold which begins to play just before they hear the voicemail greeting when there are no agents available. Many people hang up during this lag time which can last up to 10 seconds, which is an eternity when you’re being transferred on a call.

  3. Hesitation To Leave Message:  I view this as a cultural/societal issue. It’s rooted in a basic change in the national psyche over the past 15 years. In the past, far more people answered calls without knowing who is calling. Now, virtually everyone looks at their caller ID and decides whether or not to answer based on what they see. Generally, if they don’t know the number from the call they’re getting, they’ll let it go to voicemail or just ignore the call (but not always).  In the 1990’s, about 40% of all calls made were answered by a human. Another 30% were answered by an answering machine. Today it’s only about 5% to15% with a “live” answer.  If it’s a robo-call from someone they don’t already know, most people are very hesitant to leave a voicemail with personal information like name & phone number. When I listen to recordings, I can hear the majority of the people who don’t get through to an agent hang up just before the “beep” asking them to leave name & phone number. This despite their supposed interest in talking to us.

  4. Small Call-Back Answer Rate: When people leave name & phone number, and the Agent tries to call them back, they don’t answer the phone more than 50% of the time and sometimes as much as 80% or more “no answer” is the result. This is very frustrating for Agents.

Possible Solutions To These Issues

I’m conducting an experiment today and possibly tomorrow and more.  The purpose is to determine if we can find people who watch the online video and then follow through to call our Remote Agent after the viewing.  I’m running the system with no agents for most of the time, but will keep it running 10 to 12 hours a day today and tomorrow to see how many inquiries we can generate. Those who inquire are asked to leave name and email address only (no phone number).  We’re transcribing those recordings and sending an email that directs them to the online video and asks them to call us back after viewing it. This video is customized for the agents with the agent name & phone number as the main feature of the last slide, with me asking the prospect to give them a call.  The outbound recorded message, the slide show and the follow-up email all emphasize to the called party that they must view the video and then CALL US BACK before they’ll get access to the $100 Certificate.

I’ll measure the response to this promotion and let you know how it performs.  Of course, there are other issues as well that are very important, such as the quality of our dialing list.  All issues are being examined and analyzed to improve response rates.  I hope to have a comparison ready for you by next week.


Re-Starting Campaign After 11 Day Break

The last time we ran the campaign was Thursday, September 1. As you know we’ve been working on the incentive program and trying to improve the results of the campaign.  It appears that everything is set for today’s re-launch so this afternoon, after Jeff completes his work on the databases, we’ll get started.

We’ll be calling both the business and the consumer database.  The business database provides a better response rate during the hours of 9 am until about 3 pm.  The consumer database generally does better between 3 or 4 pm and 8 pm.  This is one of several technique’s we’re adding in our attempt to maximize the response rate and performance of the campaign.

Also, beginning today we’ll deliver fewer “live” webinars.  Our new strategy calls for spending more time talking to the responses one-on-one and less time in live meetings. This makes sense to me since, during the past 2 months, very few questions were ever submitted by the audience.  The main reason for a “live” meeting is to give people the chance for interaction with the host.  Since that clearly isn’t happening, it seems the VOD format will be much more efficient, especially with respect to my own personal time commitment.  Also, as you saw last week, we discovered that most purveyors of video broadcast have gone with the Video On Demand (VOD) format.  Ours is now posted and ready for use.  I expect we’ll be using it for the first time today.  It seems that audiences have changed over the past couple of years and are less willing to schedule themselves for live events; however, according to our corporate attorney who hosts webinars himself, attendance at VOD events has risen sharply.  We’ll find out for ourselves during the next two weeks.

We’ll try to set a record for number of calls this week also. Call volume has been sporadic since we started with the beta version in June and continued for full operation in July and August.  Today we’ll set a more aggressive dialing schedule and try to stick to it for the entire week.  I’ll let you know next week how it went.

Daily Lead Reports Start Today

It has taken a month, but we finally got our act together on providing a Daily Lead Report to all active Licenses’s.  This report will be emailed 5 days each week and show the current status of all Leads in the system.  This is an important tool for all Proxies and active Remote Agents who are talking to prospects as they inquire from our dialing efforts.  But it’s even more critical for those of you who hold a license and have a Proxy doing the work for you.  Beginning today, you’ve got a new tool available that will ensure that you stay up to date on all of your leads and what’s happening with them as they pass through the Sales Funnel that determines which ones become paying customers and which ones don’t.  You can expect email delivery of these reports each day for the previous days’ sales activity.

VOD For Online Presentation

Two days ago I had a discussion with our corporate attorney.  In addition to his accomplishments as a registered Intellectual Property attorney, he’s an instructor for CEO Space, a 22 year old world wide organization of entrepreneurs, of which I am a member.  He is accustomed to hosting webinars himself and is a frequent attendee of this popular form of disseminating information.  He told me that the whole webinar industry, during the past 3 years has had a paradigm shift.  While the “live” interactive webinar remains a viable forum to get people together for a common purpose, its popularity has declined sharply.  He claims that during the past 3 years, with the rapid advance in Video-On-Demand (VOD) technology, and its wide availability everywhere, the public in general has shifted their willingness to attend “live meetings” at pre-arranged times.  The convenience of attending a meeting at a time that’s convenient for the attendee has an allure far greater than requiring people to show up at a specific time.  He continued to explain that he has had to change his practices, and even CLE (Continuing Legal Education) in the USA has changed significantly.  Now he records everything and makes it available in VOD format; and even his CLE is all done through VOD.  He suggested we add this to our own format and thinks we’ll have a positive result from our prospects.

I think he’s right. We’re not stranger to the VOD format, having hosted our “how to” videos in this format for the past 3 years on our website.  While it’s true that we debated using the VOD format when we started using GroupCaller™ we rejected the concept thinking that the public would prefer the live interaction.  In reality, very few people ever asked even a single question so the interactive part didn’t really come to pass.  It seems my attorney friend has given some good advice once again.


Today I’m rolling out the online version of our live webinar.  I’ll be publishing it on a web page sometime today, but I haven’t yet decided exactly “where” to host it.  I’ll do that after I post this article.  As one of my blog readers, you can get a preview of it right now, before it’s published for general use.  The length of the video is just over 49 minutes.  After you watch it, let me know what you think.

We’re excited to introduce this new format and believe we’ll see a sizable increase in attendance.  Attendance rates at the live events dropped significantly once we started using GroupCaller™ as the primary marketing tool. This wasn’t a big surprise, however it WAS a big surprise to see how low it dropped:  14.29% as of the last reading.  When inviting people simply through social contacts rather than advertising the attendance rate was much higher.


In addition to the new VOD venue, I changed the presentation itself.  Our product and service hasn’t changed at all.  But the emphasis of what people do with their software license is being presented in a different light.  We’ve done this in response to feedback we’re getting from attendees.

Instead of emphasizing the personal use of GroupCaller™ as a marketing tool to find prospects to whom they can sell the GroupCaller™ application, we’re emphasizing the use of the Proxy system as the primary function.  We discovered that, although this is a very powerful and effective media, the act of sitting at a computer with a headset and attempting to sell something to strangers (those who Press 1), sounded strangely like….TELEMARKETING to most attendees.  Most people simply don’t want to DO … “that”.  Of course, there are many good, talented and hard working sales people who are delighted with this possibility.  But to our chagrin, we discovered that the majority of people to whom we present our opportunity are repulsed by the concept. So the emphasis has changed in the new-and-improved presentation.


Now we’re showing our opportunity as more of a means to an end.  It’s more like being the owner/manager of a call center in which phone agents do the actual work, and the license holder provides the facility (i.e. the software, servers, VoIP phone service, database, network management, etc.) and the inquiries from the dialing effort. The licenses  and leads  purchased by the Licensee’s provide the funds to pay for VoIP services, bandwidth, servers, programmers, technicians, transcription services and all the rest that goes on in the background to make the GroupCaller™ application functional.  Without those fees and lead purchases, there simply is no GroupCaller™.

But best of all, we’re able to show in this new presentation, the fact that the license holder free’s up their time to focus on studying the daily Lead Report, watching their online earnings report, continually adding more leads into the sales funnel as they are used up, and in general, building their business rather than focusing on the day-to-day process of making sales.

The new Licensee doesn’t have to go through several training sessions and have a lag time before they can start selling.  They’re instantly “in business” the moment they buy their license.  Of course, we DO also let people know that if they LOVE selling on the phone, have a burning desire to talk to people and close sales, then they’re more than welcome to occupy their own seat for their own license and we’ll be happy to train them as we do for our Proxies.

We tried this yesterday for the first time and the initial reports from Proxies is pretty much as expected.  They had a much easier time and the prospects love the fact that now, they can attend the presentation on their own schedule at any time. This also makes it possible for the Proxy to focus on what really makes money:  FOLLOW-UP CALLS.  On the first call, they now send out an email with a link to the slide show, and set an appointment for the follow up to the slide show rather than setting an appointment to get the to the slide show in the first place.

I’ll keep you posted on feedback to this new presentation.  We still haven’t made any calls since before the Labor Day holiday, but I’m expecting we’ll fire up the system today and begin using the new Incentive Program together with the new VOD presentation today.


New Incentive Program Becomes Official Today

After experimenting with and studying our new incentive program for the past two and a half weeks, today it will become official. We haven’t made any calls with GroupCaller™ since before the Labor Day holiday so today is kind of a big day anyway since we’ll be ramping up GroupCaller™ again today. We have purposefully been holding back and not making too many calls each day to avoid “burning” through our lists and our VoIP budget.  One of the first rules of thumb of any promotional campaign (like this Phase I campaign) is test and test and test again.  And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.  We’re continually creating new ideas to squeeze every last bit of response out of the resources we invest in this campaign. So, don’t think that what we’re doing today is the end of testing. We’ve actually got a lot more to do and I’ll be reporting on those efforts as the next few months unfold.


The theory going into this campaign was simple truth that more people respond to advertising when they’re given an incentive. As originally reported in my August 29 article, this new incentive program was implemented to increase the conversion percentage (and ultimately, the closing percent) and as I just reported yesterday, it did the job. The incentive is simple. We are offering to pay $100 in cash and giving another $40 gift to people simply for attending a webinar and thoroughly considering participation as a Remote Agent.  We can afford to do this because of the terms of the $100 give-away.  Although I’m not going to provide details of the terms of payment here, suffice it to say that each $100 payment we give away is already built into our overall budget as a part of the Port Referral Group.  To qualify for the $140 Incentive, the prospect has to meet certain conditions, including attendance at a webinar including all follow-ups.  Once the conditions have been met, the prospect is given a link to a secure password-protected web page where they can download their $100 certificate for redemption.  They’re also given the same kind of secure password-protected link to download our $39.95 Money Messaging book, which is free of charge for everyone who meets the terms and conditions.

As a registered reader of my blog, you can view the award information page that gives our prospects more information about this $140 award before they attend the online meeting.  This page is simply a confirmation page to the new prospect that we encourage them to read before attending the meetings. It’s designed to pique their curiosity a little, give them more confidence that this Award Incentive is “real” and to let them know a little more detail about what is required to qualify to receive it.


For a limited time, all  readers of this article will have access to this certificate.  You may download it, print it or view it online and read it for yourself so you’ll know the detailed redemption requirements. However, once the page is password protected, only those who are authorized will have access.  Authorized people include any prospect who meets the conditions of the Award Incentive Program, all Remote Agent Licensee’s, all Port Referral Group Members, all Asset Management Group Members and all Port Incentive Group members. (And of course, Company owners, employees, specified independent contractors and other authorized personnel.)  If you belong to one of these groups and want to view this certificate after the page is password protected, you’ll need a username and password. If you belong to one of the foregoing groups, to get one, please request it by writing to and we’ll send your login details within a few days of the request.  Today I’ll also be recording and posting a new video for use in this promotion.  When those Remote Agents who are authorized to offer this promotion to the Leads generated by GroupCaller™ schedule a prospect to come to a meeting, they will deliver an email to that prospect.  The email contains a link to the Award Certificate information page (linked above) and another link to the new video being posted today. (I’ll give you a link to it in the next article.)

The purpose of the video is to encourage the prospect to attend the webinar after being scheduled.  One of the requirements for  redemption of the Award Certificate is the entry of 2 Promo Codes on the Certificate.  The first will certify that they attended the webinar and is given at the end of the online meeting.  The second is given by the Remote Agent after the prospect completes discussion with them regarding whether or not they wish to buy our software.  The new video provides additional motivational reasons to attend the webinar and reiterates the fact that without the Promo Codes, they cannot redeem their certificate. To redeem the Certificate, each person is required to enter the correct Promo Codes as certification that they actually attended the entire Webinar and followed up with the Remote Agent.


Another change coming as a part of this promotion is the reduction  Ports for those who buy the license. This is actually being done so we can offer a “closing incentive” to encourage new customers to buy within 10 days of the webinar. We’ve been providing 250 Ports for Platinum, 100 Ports for Gold and 50 Ports for Silver and 20 Ports for Standard licenses.  Beginning today, those are all reduced to 100 Ports for Platinum, 50 Ports for Gold, 25 Ports for Silver and none for Standard licenses.  However, in the closing process, Remote Agents will be authorized to use additional Ports as an incentive to close within 10 days. An additional slide with this 10-Day offer has been added to the current slide show.


Starting a new promotion like this is NOT an easy or simple task. It involves many steps, which we have been working on for the last two weeks.  We had to modify many web pages of the website such as the Policies and Procedures, all 12 Contracts on the order page, change the slide show, create and publish the new video, write and record a new outbound script for GroupCaller™, write a new response script for the Remote Agents when people want information, create a new email with links to various web pages, write & publish a new web page with detailed information for the public giving disclosures about the Award Ceritifcate, train the Remote Agents and a host of other activities before we could really start this campaign.  Most of these modifications and newly created web pages, contracts, etc. have been done. What hasn’t been finished will be completed before the close of business tonight.

I expect to do analysis on this new promotion beginning tomorrow and continuing through the month of September. I also expect many changes and modifications as we learn how people are responding to it. As I said before, test, test and test again is the only way to create a successful promotion. And that’s what we’re doing.  I’ll let you know how the campaign is going during the rest of September and October.