I’m Back After 9 Days!

To those of you who’ve been wondering where I’m at, I’ve been here all along, just absolutely buried in work (except for my trip to Boise the week before last).  Nine days means 9 days of no Blog posts, not 9 days of no work; in fact the work this past week and a half has been some of the most intense of the past 6 years.

The crash of my main system put me behind something fierce, just as i predicted. I’m not yet recovered completely from it, and expect it will take a few more months before everything is completely restored to full functionality.  As an example, i spent about 14 man hours this weekend just trying to re-install all my Adobe web development software together with many 3rd party apps for web development (like software to convert Word docs to “cean” HTML, the security software that allows me to manage log-ins for the GroupCaller website, the video capture software that allows me to make videos of the slide show & post them on the website, Adobe Acrobat X so i can produce high quality PDF’s, and the list goes on). Most of the high-end web development tools did NOT get installed because of conflicts with the installation of Windows 7 that I haven’t yet been able to debug. And how does this affect my work? Enormously!

For example, I wasn’t able to complete the setup for our new Incentive Promotion that I worked on all last week. There are certain high-end security HTML tools I need to complete the job. I can’t complete the job until I debug the installation conflicts within Windows 7.  You see how these little details have big consequences? It all adds up to days, then weeks behind in critical work that I must complete.

Also, all the debugging time has prevented me from catching up on reporting (sorry to those of you who are still waiting for me to catch up on th weekly Leads Report and the weekly Bonus Fund report). I have another appointment with Mary early Monday and will be “incommunicato” most of the day while I help her get a handle on getting these reports out.

It has been frustrating, but during all this turmoil we’ve got some fabulous news! Last week, I spent 4 nearly sleepless nights working until the wee hours on a new Incentive Program.  I’ll describe it in my next post. The bottom line is this:  Saturday we tested the promotion for about 3 hours and set a record! It worked “big time.” The results were almost as good as I had hoped for. Of course, the limited test on Saturday was not an absolute certain indicator of its success, but Keith (the Proxy who tested it), myself and Melanie (Sales Director) are absolutely thrilled with the results. The bottom line is that we believe this will lead to a much faster ramp up time for all Remote Agents in their goal to create an income in the shortest time possible.

Anyway, I’ll have some numbers for you in my next post and describe the new incentive program.  Hint as to what it is:  Same as our current incentive (compensate people for coming to the webinar), but presented in a completely different manner.  It appears the results were as high as 4 times more than the previous promotion! Be watching for news of our “$100 Award Certificate” promotion.

Congratulations, Nathan Tyler – Director

I want to extend my congratulations for a job well done to Nathan Tyler, the 3rd Associate who started from nothing and earned his way all the way up the compensation plan ladder to the top:  DIRECTOR.  Nathan officially qualified as a Director, with all the rights, responsibilities and duties of that position on August 9, 2011.  He is the 3rd fully qualified Director in the company behind Melanie Kightlinger and Joe Yasul.  However, Nathan has the distinct honor of being the very first Director to fully qualify after our own product, the GroupCaller™ was introduced under the standard terms and conditions of the Compensation Plan.

Here you see Nathan accepting his Certificate of Achievement as Director:

Richard Gaustad, Founder, presenting the Director's Certificate of Achievment Award to Nathan Tyler after his August 9, 2011 qualification.

Nathan’s achievement is both remarkable and significant.  Nathan decided to make GlobalTmail his career.  This is his exit strategy from the construction industry. He stated this goal to me shortly after we first met with him last November.  Since then his dedication to the work and to this company have been outstanding in every sense of the word. His stated goal was to simply find a new career so he could get out of the construction industry.  At the rate he’s going this summer, it appears that he’s only a few months away from making that goal a reality; less than a year after he started with us! It appears his part-time income as an Associate and Proxy for GlobalTmail™ will exceed his full-time income in construction as soon as next month!  It’s a very exciting time!

Nathan’s achievement is a particularly proud moment for this company as well.  Although he is the 3rd Director to fully qualify through their sales volume, he’s very FIRST to achieve that qualification from the sale of our very first product, GroupCaller™.  He is also the first Director with a downline organization active enough to keep him qualified for more than just his vested period.  The company believes his qualification to the Director rank will completely change our business model because his organization, perhaps more than any other, will propel the company forward faster than any of us thought possible just a few short weeks ago.

Once again, thank you Nathan for a job well done!

Crash Recovery In Progress

Sunday and Monday were spent from early morning until late night restoring the primary server that drives most operational processes for the company.  There are actually several points of good news worthy of noting in this event:

  • GroupCaller™ operations were not affected. The dialing campaign continues.
  • We had and continue to have complete offsite backups so no data is in danger of being lost.
  • Much of the software I’m restoring is being updated during the restore process, meaning internal systems will be even more efficient when this process is complete.
  • I have created a fast-recovery system with re-installation disks and placed it in the company vault in the event (or should I say “when”) another crash happens. This will allow me to recover about 80% faster.
Please be patient. I am painfully aware that we’re late sending out weekly and daily reports to some of you and that some necessary elements of our service are lagging behind. This is just temporary and should be mostly resolved by tomorrow.  Stay tuned to the blog for updates.

Digital Disaster – In Recovery

Well.  Maybe the 13th really IS an unlucky number after all.  Last night the primary computer system I use for more than 90% of the work that keeps the company operating crashed. Again.  That’s the 3rd major crash since I placed it in service in March.  This was a total system melt-down that required a complete reinstallation of the operating system plus restoration of all files and programs.  It’s a major hassle. Needless to say, I’ll be purchasing 2 brand new systems very shortly.  One as a replacement for the primary system, and one as my redundant backup so when one fails I can switch to the other instantly with no time lost.  (I had twin redundant systems until last December when the back up system died . . . and then the main system went out in March, which is when I bought the current system.)  It’s time to upgrade.

The good news is that I’m serious about redundancy and back ups so nothing was lost.  BUT, there are so many programs I use that re-installing everything takes weeks and sometimes months. Some programs are used only infrequently and so I don’t even remember all of them until it’s time to use them again. And then I have to find the installation key, the original installation program and take the time to re-install and in most cases re-configure.

I expect to lose one or two full days of work time due to this problem.  That will set a few projects behind by a couple of days.  However, I don’t expect to lose any selling time and that’s the good news here! Our GroupCaller™ servers and even this blog are housed off-site so there’s no damage and no interruption. 

The biggest problem right now is that I was almost finished preparing the systems that will provide daily Lead Reports to all Remote Agents as well as the weekly Bonus Fund report. That will likely be delayed another day or two before it’s implemented due to the recovery time from this system crash.

I’m sorry to those of you whom this technical problem will affect.  But keep in mind, the good news is that we have OCD (that’s “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” for those of you who don’t know) about back ups so there’s no danger of losing critical work in progress.  Mostly it’s just a major hassle and time-consuming project to reinstall and re-configure all the software that’s used to run this company.  I expect to post many more articles this week to catch you up on all the recent progress.  August has already been an amazing month!

Free Lead Bonus Reduced Effective Aug. 6

To introduce the Remote Agent program we have been giving away literally thousands of dollars worth of leads to those of you who purchased a Remote Agent license since we introduced GroupCaller™ as the primary marketing tool for our Phase I marketing operations.  The generous policy that allowed us to give away so many leads will end this Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 11:59 pm.  After that time, the amount of leads given away as a bonus for new Remote Agents will be drastically reduced as follows:













The free leads given away with a Remote Agent License is an incredible value! Leads are priced at $6.00 to $12.00 depending on the quantity purchased.  They can be purchased directly from the company store in any quantity.  That means those who buy the Platinum License have been getting $1,800.00 worth of leads absolutely free!  But we cannot continue giving away such a generous amount of these leads forever due to the high cost of generating leads.  However, for anyone who buys and pays in full for their license before the end of business this Saturday, the generous lead give-away will still be in effect.  Don’t miss this chance!  It can we worth literally thousands of dollars in earnings.

New Programmer Boosts Response Rates

Last Tuesday, we hired a new programmer whom we thought was from India. In fact he “is” from India, but was transferred to New York by the American company for whom he worked in India last year.

His skill set is superb. Last Tuesday night, he accomplished in a matter of hours what we had struggled with for 3 months: Fine-tuning and debugging the beta version of GroupCaller™. Having said that, I want you to understand that the fine-tuning and debugging is not completed, but the results were so dramatic that it immediately had a positive impact on our conversion rates.

Some of the most important metrics to our Remote Agents were dramatically affected, especially the “Live Calls” and “Dead Calls”.  Live calls are those which are successfully transferred to a Remote Agent after the called party presses “1”.   We want them to go UP.  A “Dead Call” happens when the Remote Agent is notified of an incoming call, but nobody is on the line. In cases like this it’s usually either because the called party hung up before the call was transferred or because of a technical problem in which the call was dropped during the transfer.  Naturally, we want these numbers going “DOWN”.

Check out the dramatic INCREASE in the percent of “Live Calls”… And the percent DECREASE in Dead Calls:

This is the kind of improvement we’ve been looking for since we started using GroupCaller™.   Now, less than 30% of the calls are in the “unknown disposition” catagory when before nearly half were in that category.  The Agents using the system last week saw an immediate increase in their contacts-per-hour and as a result, we’ve got significantly more attendance at webinars!

Of course, the natural result is increased sales and more recruitment of Remote Agents.  And THAT’s what we’re all about these days, right?